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      I just checked my MightyApe order, and it's got an Australia Post tracking number and the words "We expect to process this shipment today"!
      No details recorded against it yet, but still *lets out Ned-Flanders-purple-drapes-scream*

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        Don't know if mine's shipped yet or not, I can't track it because for some stupid reason I decided to pay with my PayPal account and that has a different email address attached to it than my Mightyape account. It asked me to make an account after I'd finished the order, but I tried and it wouldn't let me.

        Don't think we'll get it by Wednesday, from memory the quickest I've got something from them is like 4 business days. As long as I get mine by friday I'll be happy.

          So you're saying I should wait until Friday before telling my wife that we should take a break...

      “Yes, there will be a New Game Plus mode. We’re having trouble beating it, though," -- Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki.


        Yeah, pretty crazy if true.

        Though if it's true, it'll almost certainly be patched down, though.

          This. Ugh. This is what worries me.
          I loved my stable Demon's Souls run on the ANZ release.
          Got Dark Souls on release, played about 60% of the way through, got stuck, took a break.
          Came back a few months later, game patched, removed a bunch of the enemies in the way, added stunlock to the remaining ones, and I pretty much just waltzed through the rest of the game and felt nothing about finishing it. It felt cheap. Hollow.
          Dark Souls 2 had some goalpost shifting in the early days as well.

          So... Based on this, I don't know whether to hold off and play once it's at a stable version, or try for a complete run before any major patches drop...

            Dark Souls 2 had a ridiculous amount of goalpost shifting. Just ask @freezespreston about the Shrine of Amana.

            I'm just gonna play it, and if stuff changes, it changes. Patches might improve the experience, or take away from it, or (more likely, as per other games) some combination of both.

            Edit: there's also a day-one patch that's already been announced. Apparently, its purpose is to optimise online play, but there might be other stuff in there too.

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              Yeah, I got to the shrine the day after that patch.

              At least Easter might give a decent timeframe to do a full run. Hopefully.

                Yeah, I didn't get there until after the patch either. But I watched some pre-patch Let's Play vids and they looked insane.

              They nerfed the Royal Giant too. Apparently his attack lost the big AoE it had when it hit the ground and is now just the club itself that hits.

              Which, good. He was nigh impossible as melee. I ended up having to respect to magic just to beat the damn thing. Felt like I cheated somehow.

              Last edited 23/03/15 9:26 am

                I beat him pre-patch (I'm pretty sure) as melee. From memory I stood on the upper platform, and since he'd always hit at it, roll off it whenever he went to attack, kick him in the dick (calf, actually, but shh), run back up, rinse and repeat. Was super cheesey, so I can't say I'll miss him.

                Big thing that moo'd a lot at the end of one of the tree sequences?
                I think I remember declaring it somewhat impossible in the first few runs but getting in behind it for long enough to land a bunch of two handed hits... Couldn't say about the AoE in my hazy recollection now.

            Or you could just play offline, so it won't update. But then there won't be any invasion shenanigans (assuming they're back). Personally I think the idea of invasions is kinda cool, but at the same time extremely annoying, whenever I play a Souls game and someone invades me I hate it, it's like "hey, piss off I just want to play the game". Seriously considering playing Bloodborne offline for this reason.

              I don't mind the online thing, since I can be a bigger jerk than the invaders if necessary.

      I am super sad that that weapon doesn't allow you to wheely skeleton roll.

      Oh well, I can dream that the best enemy in Dark Souls will make its triumphant return in Bloodborne. (cc. @strange)

      I have so much work to pack into the next couple of days so I'm free all day for Bloodborne on release day! Gotta finish two quilts in two days. I can do that right? Right?! :P

      Oh, and hey @the_foreigner, this is the current TAY. This is where all the Bloodborne action will be this week. :D

        Assuming you quilt anything like my mother, you have time to start six more projects. :P

        Thanks for pulling me in here, I can't wait! Good luck with the quilts :)

      I just saw a reddit post about the Chalice Dungeon and it sounded amazing. New armor sets, new bosses, maybe even new weapons, it'll truly be a great addition to the series. Now the question is, do we know if they need PS Plus? I hope that creating your own Chalice Dungeons doesn't need PS Plus, I've read somewhere before that only uploading your own dungeon requires the service.

        Interesting question! I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

        But this site seems to have some answers:
        Right hand column says "YES" PS+ is required.

        Chalice Dungeons are split into two types: normal and randomly generated. Both can be played offline and online, but random ones require connecting to the internet once in order to connect to a server and download data. Players’ Chalice Dungeons can be publicly accessible and shared online

        So if the dungeons can be accessed offline, I can't see how PS+ would be a requirement. Is that logic or just silly?

          The way I understand is that there are preset Chalice Dungeons, sort of like the bonus dungeons from Dark Souls II(which were all tougher than the main game areas). To make your own Chalice Dungeon, you just need an internet connection because their Chalice Dungeon level generator is online. This is without PS+ mind you. Now if you want to upload your own Chalice Dungeon data for others to download, then you need PS+. Check here( under "Bloodborne & Playstation Plus". I guess this says it nicely: "Sony clarifies that PlayStation Plus is required for co-op and player-versus-player, but not required for downloading updates and getting the necessary data to generate a Chalice Dungeon."

          And one more thing, I read that there are four preset dungeons, each harder than the last. The person that posted that reddit info was only just talking about the first Chalice Dungeon, so there are three more left unexplored.

          To be honest, when I first learned about the Chalice Dungeons I wasn't that into them, but when I read the reddit post about them, I am suddenly really, really, interested with them. They sound amazing.

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      Holy smokes, I've just been texted by my local retailer(remember I'm not from AU) that my Bloodborne pre-order is ready for pickup! What do I do? Reviews aren't out til tomorrow! All my money!


          I don't even have a PS4 to play it yet, debating with my mind if I should get the basic bundle or the camera bundle(I'll have to ask an officemate to lend me some cash to make this a reality). Then again. I'm so torn. But this is Bloodborne, this shouldn't be this hard. Any which way, if I get the console today, I'll call in sick tomorrow :D

      Thought you might be interested

    I came second in yesterdays Warmachine/Hordes tournament. I won a cheese grater.

    During the tournament my older brother called me to tell me that he has booked the family dog, who's about 17 years old, to be put down today.

      Sorry to hear about your pooch man. I've never had a pet die on me/put down (other than a budgie), so I can't imagine what it feels like.

        Hope you're ok mate. Sorry to hear about your old friend. Well done on the placement

    G Rank unlocked!

    The real Monster Hunter starts here...

      So many G Rank ranks now!

        I think I did that last urgent about 10 times just to be nice and help others get there too.

      You'll have to come online with us again soon.

        Yes. The pointy end of HR gets boring if I'd nagged you guys for help too much there, but should be more interesting to jump in on the G rank list now.

      I'm only HR7...

        Two urgents to change from 7 to G - one to unlock the level, then one to open G. Can be ... interesting trying to get a party together for those though since everyone needs the urgents and doesn't want to stay around much after that.

    Telltale has announced that Chapter Three of Game of Thrones will be out this month.

    That basically means sometime in the next week. So that's a bit of exciting news, and so soon after the Borderlands chapter dropped! \o/

      And Minecraft: Story Mode and Walking Dead Season 3 on the way, so much Telltale goodness. Hopefully they drop straight after the end of GoT and TFtB.

        I cannot wait for TWD season 3. I'm probably anticipating it as strongly as I am Bloodborne. As much as I'm enjoying all Telltale's work at the moment, I just replayed Season 2 of the TWD, and just bought into that world so strongly all over again.

        Spoilers for ending:
        And I can't decide which ending is better: my original Clem-by-herself ending or the Clem-and-Kenny-stick-together ending I got this time around. They were both so excellent, and totally fitting.

        I'm less hype for Minecraft Story Mode, but I'll still buy it, because these guys are on fire these last few years.

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          Can't wait for Orphan Black Season 3 that shit's gonna be intense

      I picked up Broderlands when it was on sale last week when chapter 2 dropped, I hope Game of Thrones has a similar sale when episode 3 launches. I'll probably pick it up anyway, but saving money is nice.

        I used my 10% apology PSN code for these games. Got them for about $20 each for the PS4.

          I stick to PC gaming for Telltale. My wife prefers to play them with mouse/keyboard and I feel like Steam does a better job of managing episodic content than the Xbone, not that I've tried as yet.

    Good morning.
    It's raining. :(

      Blue skies here!

        Is there a bigger New TAY 'holiday so far' summary on the way to fuel my jealousy of the awesome holiday you're now having?

          Don't think there was but there is now.

          First though, I have to go to Universal Studios to see the Attack on Titan and Evangelion experiences.

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        Blue skies here too, after a rainy and cloudy weekend. Typical Sydney

          It's been blue skies with slightly overcast occasionally here since we got here but I don't know if that's typical Osaka or not.

    Hola Tay

    Quiet weekend. Went to the magic prerelease on Saturday night to play 2 headed giant, ended up in a 4! colour deck so I could play a sweet dragon and a sweet planeswalker. Lost two, won our final game.

    Sunday I spent playing tech support over the phone with my grandfather. Failed miserably, so going up to his on Tuesday.

    A Monday Morning question: Magic has 5 colours, which are broadly linked to different principles:

    White: Order/justice
    Blue: Knowledge/cunning
    Black: Ambition/ruthlessness
    Red: Chaos/ aggression
    Green: Strength/nature

    If you had to put yourself in one or two colours, which would they be?

      In terms of principle, I always felt I could relate to Black more than anything - shades of Red as well.

      In terms of play it's the same. I love the way Black works - so many ways to undermine/diminish your opponent. And Red is always fun for just straight up blasting things. Good old Disintegrate.

      I always found Blue to be the most infuriating to play against.

        "Ha, you thought that spell was going to resolve. How cute"

          It's like Blue exists just to troll the other colours.

            I have a (still untested) Commander deck that's "Talrand, Sky Summoner" and like 45 counterspells

              'A man was killed in Adelaide yesterday over a game of MTG. Early reports indicate the victim was using a Blue deck at the time.'

                I have someone in my playgroup who, while being a good mate, doesn't realise that multiplayer magic games are as much about the politics as anything else.

                This talrand deck is supposed to be an abject lesson in that. You WILL attack other people if you want anything in this game to resolve.


      Which coincidentally is the style I most enjoy playing.

      Red/Green or Black/Red; interestingly also the decks I like to play; could never get myself into Blue or White though I did dabble in a Blue/Black deck for a while.

        Red Green in the upcoming set is gonna be a lot of fun. played it (primarily) on Saturday, there's just some brutal beaters on-colour.

          While I haven't looked at Magic in almost 2 years; initially Red/Black used to have pretty weak board presence being backed by spells/abilities, once I mixed green into the mix it just provided some solid stability against some of the wild card abilities that come with Red and sometimes Black. That said my most recent deck which was again 2 years ago was exclusively Black; I guess its very mood dependent =P

          Too bad none of you TCG Tay's are in Syd; would be cool to get back into this stuff again.

            I do prereleases, draft (poorly) occasionally, and am starting to get into commander with my group as a repository for all those silly draft cards.

            Good way to play while still keeping costs down.

      Purple: Tired/bored

      I always favoured a green/red deck when I played Magic back in the 90s. I feel that personalitywise I oscaillate between those two quite readily. I can be quiet and harmonious as long as my shit's in order, but throw me off my game just enough and I become fairly aggressive and temperamental. Sometimes with positive results, other times not. I think this is best expressed in one of my favourite cards, from the mirage expansion, Final Fortune.

      Is this in terms of how I am in real life, or how I approach games?


          Well, then I wouln't have a clue what to put there. I know myself worse than anyone I know.

            If I was a guessing man, based on what you post here, White or white/something.

            Things in order.

              That's actually pretty accurate now that I think about it. I am an absolute stickler for the rules. Almost unbearably so.

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      Bounce, bounce c'mon bounce. I said c'mon bounce.

    Morning all. Last week at work before a bit of an easter break. Unfortunately that will mostly mean uni assessments, rather than gaming. Hoping to sneak some hours into Bloodborne though.

    FFXV seems pretty amazing. Apart from the camera, I love the combat and it really does seem like a totally new type of Final Fantasy game. After what seems like a decade the hype is real!

      I'm so old, I cannot believe it's almost Easter. But yessss four day weekend.

        For you maybe, that's my weekend on, so I'll more than likely only get one day (Good Friday) and that's only because we're closed.

          Oh really? But you'll get like, double time or days in lieu, right?

            Pfft, yeah right. But with my job I get paid my full time wage every week no matter if I do 20 hours or 60 hours, so I guess it all works out in the end.

      What was your issue with the camera?

      Apart from scripted scenes I had no issues.

        I find during fights its a bit all over the place. That said I've only played it for about an hour and a bit, so could be I just need more time with the game

          Either way, I'm in love!

    Buy Skyline: Cities - it'll be great, they said.
    Get it cheap, use a VPN, they said.

    Oof, fuck a VPN. At least I'm getting a refund. Gonna buy the straight up code next weekend. Or not.

      Who said use a VPN?

      Use greenman and that 20% off code.

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        I don't know. The internet probably said it.

          The internet says a lot of things.

            If the internet told you to jump off a cliff Invest in bitcoin, would you?

              True story: I nearly did, a few years ago. But I didn't have the funds available to invest, so I wasn't able to pull the trigger. But the "if I had the spare cash this would be interesting to take a punt on" thought was there.

                Have to admit, I very nearly took a leap and got some Dogecoin when that started out if only for the name.

              One of my best friends works for a BitCoin company! I still have no idea what it all means, but if he asked me to invest, I would. Only because I trust him implicitly.

                I'm sure there are people making money off of it, it's just highly speculative as an investment.

                  I still have no idea what it is. I have no plans to find out :D

                  @janexo Think of it as a currency that, instead of being backed by a resource or government, is backed by digital puzzles. Only so many are made but people can make their own pieces if they devote the computing power to it.

                  Actually using and trading bitcoins is a bit more complicated but I think this works as a lie that gives the shape of the truth.

          Don't trust them, Jane.
          Trust us, the TAY Hivemind.

          Buy Cities: Skylines - it'll be great, we said.

          We'll be the only voice you'll ever need to listen to, we say.

    Good morning all. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. South-east Queensland was just a bit wet over the weekend which was perfect for RPGs! So yeah, I played them and not much else aside from some World of Tanks.

    Dark Heresy session summary for those who are interested:

    The players did a whole lot of nope and, in true Inquisition style, ordered an orbital bombardment to kill millions of people who were confirmed as being corrupted by Chaos. They also unfortunately pissed off a few influential Mechanicus Magi which will likely come back to bite them.

    On a side note, having a bit of fun mix-and-matching elements from Dead Space with 40K lore. Papa Nurgle is pleased.

      It's always worth when you do a bit of Exterminatus :P

        It's actually funny in a way. The main bad guy of the campaign is a Nurgle psyker (who off-screen just got his Mark of Nurgle which makes him really powerful) who was gradually cultivating the destruction of the local planets. If I was one to monologue, I'd have him say things like nurturing a fine wine or something like that. The players coming through and wrecking his plans actually helps in a way because it brings the timeline forward which is a case of win-win for Nurgle. Death and destruction are the end goal for Nurgle and it doesn't really matter if it's by his hand or the Imperium's.

        Suffice to say, the players are going to be pissed if they find out they've accidentally been helping the enemy. At any rate, their actions so far have actually caused more harm to the residents of the various planets than Chaos has. The death toll comparison is something like several thousand to tens of millions of people as a result of the player's latest orbital bombardment. :P

          Yep that definitely sounds like the work of Chaos hehe

            Not going to lie, it feels good to be bad. :P

              Yeah see this is the kind of villain I absolutely love to RP as one day, the heroes thinking they're helping foil the villain, they're just playing right into his/her hands

      For some reason I spent a little bit of my weekend creating a Pathfinder character. Not sure why because it's not like I am starting a new RPG. I'm having trouble taking part in the ones I am already in. =P

        It happens all the time with me which is a little bad as a GM. I keep thinking of new ideas for games but have to stop myself and actually finish the ones I'm already running. :P

          Time to start a new RPG?

            Don't tempt me Nob. :P I'm already this close anyway, I don't think I can afford another one at this point. For the record, I'm currently either playing or running six different games with however many others on the backburner waiting for a return. So as much as I would like to, I really don't have the time available to do so.

              Only 6 RPGs? There are 7 days in the week. =P

              Last edited 23/03/15 12:24 pm


              Just set off a couple of TPKs and start a new one :)

                I wouldn't be that mean. Or would I...?

                That said, I'm getting two different RPGs coming in the mail in the next few weeks based on the Apocalypse and Dungeon World systems. One's about fighter pilots in WWII and the other is about kobolds having to survive in a world that hates them. And then deluxe Numenera box comes in about late April/early May which would be good to play around with.

    New week, new TAY...

    Still suffering from the operation I had last week to repair some retinal tearing. Feel very ordinary as sore gloopy eyes are a fount of misery. However, despite horrible poor vision managed to continue my great expedition in Elite:Dangerous. I'll put a couple of screenshots up tonight.

    Went out to 3000-ish LY from Sol. Realised that even my Lakon type-6, even rigged for a really good range, still won't get me to the system I had in mind. So I've aborted, and I'm heading home. The profits from this expedition should get put me well on the way to a maximum-range Asp (as I'll be able to sell-and-buy-back a lot of the type-6's equipment). Mostly Harmless, Dealer, Pathfinder until I get home...

    Last edited 23/03/15 10:28 am

      I am pretty chuffed to finally have achieved my rank of Baron!
      Now I just need to gather enough monies to get my clipper, then it's time for my pilgrimage

        Must try Wings out also. I'll head down to your location once I'm back in inhabited space and tooled up, say Hi.

        How much monies do you need? The Clipper is around 22 million...

        Remind me, you planning on heading to Sag A* and the Great Annihilator?

        Last edited 23/03/15 11:23 am

          From Achenar to Sag A*... The great Emperial pilgrimage that I've just made up... It's a thing I swear XD

            Nifty. That sounds like it should be a Thing. Although you'd think an Imperial Pilgrimage would just be getting to Achenar... it's a permit system, no?

            I still haven't seen a black hole. Well, not seen exactly. Scanned. Seen the event horizon distortion. Whatever. YKWIM. I haven't found one, anyway. I know where there are some, but I want to find one on my own dammit.

      I got my type 6 last night before I logged off, leaving my Cobra at Witchhaul. Fitted a decent FSD and upgraded the cargo space a bit, and took it for a couple of trips along my rares route. Nearly drove it into two stars along the way, once so bad it malfunctioned and jettisoned all my cargo :'(, and got interdicted twice by the AI. It definitely doesn't handle like the Cobra, but it's liberating to be able to jump 17Ly at a time - cuts the number of jumps on my route in half.

      Will have to go looking for a shield generator for it, tho - none of the three stations I've visited in it stocked them... one would think it'd come standard with the ship. I'm a little concerned about regularly prying the bullets out of my hull :P

        Mine came with a class 2 shield gen. That'll teach you for buying from Honest Harry's Hardly-Used Haulers...

        But yes, they do not handle much better than a breeze block. I have a reminder pinned on the bottom of my monitor, which says Throttle To Zero When Jump Countdown Begins. Prevents a lot of rapidly accelerating into stars... :) Nice range if you fit all D equipment and a big fat FSD. Mne's doing 29 unladen... I'm still 120 or so jumps from civilisation though.

        Last edited 23/03/15 12:54 pm

          Note to self: Find Harry and bop him on the nose. :P Tbh, I'm still getting used to the concept that it actually makes a difference where you buy stuff - I'm so used to vendor A == vendor B == vendor C in games, and "shopping around" isn't something I do much of irl, either.

        My Cobra is worth more then my type 6 at the moment XD... Just love my Cobra too much and can't let go of it... Mostly A fitted at this stage, but thinking of downgrading enduring but fuel scoop and FSD to D grade and use it for my pilgrimage

      Whoa, that's some hard core stuff with your eyes. I hope you feel better, friend.

        Thank you kind sir. Yeah. Shit eyes I've lived with all my life. I'm just glad they can do this stuff these days. Even 10 or 15 years ago it would have been a terrifying and high risk operation with weeks of sleeping on your side, now it's day surgery and 10 days of sore eyes and a week off the bike.

    Pillars of Eternity HYPE!!! I've already booked my days off this week to be wiped off the face of the earth soon as this game comes out =O

    Been waiting over a year for it!! ^^

    @piat let me know if you're interested in heroes of the storm cos I've got 4 beta keys to give out after playing too much last week =P Same goes for any other TAY's interested in checking out the game but don't wana shell out $45 for beta access.

      So keen for that, but more keen for Tides of Numenera

      I've got beta access, just nobody to play with, I have heard it's a lot better in a full group than going solo, even more so than other MOBAs

        Yeah it's very team based to the point where you'll know if your teams going to win or not based on how often they rally together for battles within the first 5-10min. Hence me trying to round up a few peeps for it =P

        Let me know when you're free this week and we'll jump into a few games!

      They've not said when they're releasing the keys for backers yet have they? I'd sooner preload it if I can

    Still haven't received an email to say Bloodborne has shipped :'(


    So this weekend I bought a new guitar, I'd been trying to learn left handed for about 3 years and had been struggling. So I bit the bullet and bought a right handed one and have made more progress in two days than the previous two years....

    I also made my first game, it's really simple and like asteroids (not as good admittedly) but it was really fun to do and I've learnt a lot.

    Craaaaap. OzGameShop sent me an email threatening that one of my vouchers was about to expire, and so I not-really-accidentally just pre-ordered Dark Souls 2 for PS4.

    That's it. I'm putting my foot down. No more game buying for... at least ten minutes.

    Last edited 23/03/15 11:01 am

    Dammit, thought the Easters was this weekend.

    I downloaded OlliOlli 2 last night. It's pretty damn great. It feels like the first Tony Hawk game with the challenges, but with the controls from the Skate series. So. Much. Fun.

    I feel like I can't stand going to the footy anymore.
    It's overpriced and underwhelming.

      Which footy? :)

      Sat through ANOTHER Melbourne Rebels home loss on Friday. We're so so so close to winning these games. It's very frustrating.

      If this is AFL, they hardly ever check the tickets, they just scan it.
      Hence get a child ticket

    Went to see Chappie on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. I have to do a presentation for one of my classes tomorrow on Neill Blomkamp so it's cool timing his new movie has just released. I mean, I'm the one who chose him for the presentation, and I would have done it about him even if Chappie hadn't just come out, but still.

    I just woke up from a dream where an attractive woman was looking through my internet history. Possibly the worst nightmare I've ever had.

      Pffft, Incognito Mode exists for a reason. :p


    Just remembered that I previously couldn't play Monster Hunter (3U) and Demon's / Dark Souls at the same time due to differences in button mappings.
    How will I Bloodborne and MH4U?

      You've still got two days to finish off MH4U. #helping

    Just to jump on a different HYPE train:


      If I'd remembered this was out this week, I'd have told Mr. Strange to put his JBHiFi vouchers towards a proper computer instead of a dishwasher. Would be perfect to go in the other room and play that in the evenings while Mr. Strange played Bloodborne in the loungeroom.

        You could probably play this on a computer from 1998; given they've stuck to ye olde Baldur's Gate feel in terms of graphical representation. It's part of its charm imo.

          Yeah, the problem is that I barely trust my laptop to even run an internet browser these days.That's even if it will turn on. It's probably on its last legs.

          I do have a computer from 1998 lying around here somewhere though.... :D

        I dunno how good your comp is, but my impression is it's not going to be super processor intensive

        Dishwasher is pretty great, though. It's the promised land of no more dishes! D:

      Really can't wait to play that, Red. Love Obsidian's games so much. (Except for Dungeon Siege III. :P)

    So got Helldivers in the end. Gotta say, really impressed with the sound design of the guns, god they sound good.

    So many different hype trains this week!


    Netflix too.


        That seems a bit unnecessary. I don't go meh at your Bloodborne excitement. :P

          Fair enough.

          I apologize.

          It's good that people enjoy it, but it's not my thing, regret buying the season pass before I even knew what it was really about. Pretty much the only reason I have to play through the rest of it is for easy trophies.

            That's too bad. :( It's really weird and cool how varied people's tastes can be. I played it and was captivated for every second. One of my favourite games in a long time. But yeah, if it's not your thing, it's not your thing. :)

              Like I said, it's good that people enjoy it, and it's great that developers are making stuff other than the usual shooty/stabby games, but I just wasn't feeling it.

              You never know it might pick up for me in later episodes.

      Will definitely need to pick that up, it looks good.
      Think I might get Tales from the borderlands first though

        My sister's doing the same thing. Limiting the amount of episodic games she plays at once. This will be great to mainline though when all the eps are released. Very Quantic Dream-like. (Flaws and all.)

        TFtB is great, totally recommend it.

          Yeah, probably my favourite Telltale series since TWD season one.

      More GoT from Telltale by month's end, too! And I know you've been looking forward to Bloodborne.

        Game of Thrones hasn't really hooked me. I don't hate it, but not invested in it either. :D

    Guys, I just found out about this bar of chocolate that has little pieces of popcorn in it and I'm going to get some tonight and I will report back and I am very excited to try this.

      Chocolate covered popcorn is pretty awesome, so is chocolate covered Pretzels.

      Is it the Lindt popcorn one?

      Because I bought some of that the other day, and it was pretty cool. Stupidly overpriced, but I guess that's true for all chocolate these days.

        Yeah! The Lindt Hello.

        It's expensive, but I'm okay with spending more on higher quality that will leave me more satisfied. Trying to cut it all out again.

      If you're in brisbane city on Wednesday's goto the Jan Power markets up near the casino.

      A guy does sweet and salty popcorn and it's the bomb diggity.

      Could eat an entire bag for lunch if someone let me...

        Oh, Strange used to get pretzels at those markets when we used to have lunch on Wednesdays.

        Brisbane! Such a small city!

        Sweet and salty popcorn is really easy to make.

        1. Cook popcorn in 1 tbsp of oil of your choice (coconut oil is tasty). (Here is an excellent tutorial)
        2. While still hot, sprinkle with 2 tsp of caster sugar, and 1 tsp sea salt, and toss well.
        3. Eat it all up.

        I really don't make it often enough. It's such a good snack.

        Last edited 23/03/15 10:02 pm

    I bought a Chromecast. I almost bought Tragedy Looper.

    Oh and I finally submitted our application to ACAT contesting the Notice to Remedy over Alice. It's going to take 4-5 weeks to resolve but I imagine that will speed up if a Notice to Vacate is issued next week.

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