Talking Toasters, Pop Rocks And Other Fun Stuff Cut From Fallout 2

The sequel to Interplay’s legendary post-apocalyptic role-playing game was bigger and badder than the original Fallout, which translates into more space on the cutting room floor for discarded storylines, abandoned features, unrealized non-player characters and a fully-upgradeable, completely drive-able vehicle.

VG Facts‘ Leftovers series returns to the Fallout series once more, plumbing its grimy depths for the bits cut or lost from the sequel’s release.

Among notable changes from development to release include two different dropped central plots, one involving an intelligent computer that took over a town (sounds like tabletop RPG Paranoia to me) and the other following the mutant army from the first game.

There was to be a peaceful counterpart to the Brotherhood of Steel, monks preserving old technology for religious reasons.

The Environmental Protection Agency building sounds like it would have been a magical place, filled with Pop Rocks (drink them with cola and you explode), a little weed and several NPCs, including a talking toaster straight out of British science fiction comedy series Red Dwarf.

I’m not sure which lost feature I regret the most, the ability to drive and upgrade a vehicle, or Ron Perlman insulting me. I suppose the car, as there’s still a slim chance I can piss Ron off enough for him to go all Hellboy on me.


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