Tell Us Dammit: Favourite Games Of 2015 So Far?

I threw out an open question on Twitter before I went to bed last night. That question was, "what games have you played this year and loved? I'd like to throw the same question out there today.

There was no snark intended, I wasn't trying to claim that 2015 has been a bust for gaming or anything like that, I was just curious. Mainly because I feel like I've spent most of 2015 replaying old games. I've been playing Grim Fandango, Metroid Prime, stuff like that. Nothing released this year has really captured my imagination. Not yet.

I skipped on Dying Light. I'm sure I could get a hold of Hotline Miami if I tried, but it is effectively banned in Australia. OlliOlli 2 seems like the kind of game I could fall in love with, but it never clicked with me like I expected.

I'm just sitting here waiting for Bloodborne to come out basically.

What about you?


    Life is Strange. Absolutely love this, flaws and all.

    Ori and the Blind Forest, hands down. Maybe that'll change when I go pick up Final Fantasy Type-0 later today, but Ori is such a beautiful game. There was a bit of a hiccup that I forced myself into leading me to have to restart the game entirely (mostly my fault though), which sucked, but the gameplay and visuals are just that enjoyable that I didn't mind.

      Can't wait to play this. Might hold off until I get an Xbone, though. Platformers never feel satisfying to me on the PC.

        Not coming to PS?

          I think it's an Xbox exclusive. (Atleast for now.)

            I'll pick it up when I get Tomb Raider 2 then XD

            Xbox and Windows I believe

        Wireless controller adaptor for Windows and wireless xbox one controller \o/

          There's still something funky about it. Running that sort of game from the desktop/Steam feels weird, and then sitting in a computer chair with a gamepad is always a little strange. It's like playing with a keyboard and mouse setup on the couch. No matter how well you make it work there's always something off about it.

      First game in a long time that I've enjoyed the visuals & the fact that it's a platform game, not much of a fan but this one is goooooood!

    Monster Hunter 4 Ulimate, easily so far. Hotline Miami 2 hasn't grabbed me like the first one did, but that may be because I'm so balls deep in Monster Hunter its not funny. Hopefully Bloodorne will tear me away enough I can give HM2 a better chance, but the soundtrack isn't nearly as pumping so far.

    Cities Skylines

      god I want this very badly. havent got it yet.

        Doooo itttttt.

          I just know I will lose so many hours of my life to this....

            I lost my whole weekend! :D

      This! So much!

      Traffic management and optimisation owns my soul! I'll quite happily sit for hours and watch how my traffic moves and flows, and tweak different parts and watch the changes cascade throughout my city. Love it!

      Last edited 19/03/15 1:05 pm

    Cities Skylines

    I think Dragonball: Xenoverse is the only 2015 game I've purchased this year, so I guess that gets my vote by default. Having said that, it's the best DB game in a looooooong time, but not without its flaws. I'm hoping the inevitable sequel can fulfill the potential of it's mechanics.

    Edit: I purchased DmC on PS4 last night but can't really count this because it's technically a 2014 release (I think?). Also, I've finished it before on previous gen. The 60fps improvement is fantastic.

    Last edited 19/03/15 11:39 am

      I dunno if they've enabled Remote Play for that yet. No good reason it doesn't have it & I'm annoyed :(

    Tales from the borderlands part 2 and assassins creed rogue pc.

    The only game I have played this year is The Great Gatsby.
    I've been busy.

    My first big game for the year comes out today, Final Fantasy Type 0.

    Otherwise yeah, been using the time to catch up on old games etc.
    Discovered Yakuza 4 this year, so fantastic!!

      Yeah FF Type 0 is the first major game for me too. Then Bloodborne a week later...

    The Order: 1886. Despite being a short game, it was one of the most enthralling and gorgeous games I have ever played :)

      Agreed. The Order 1886 is absolutely awesome! My favourite game of 2015 might change though when I get my copy of the collectors edition of bloodbourne.

    Haven't played any games from this year yet. Just started Skyrim on PC. Played (or tried) it when it came out on PS3 but it was an absolute mess so gave up after about 10hrs.
    Loving it with a few mods added on.

    The games I've been playing this year have not been released this year. Played through both the Witcher and Witcher 2, and been playing a lot of Smash. No 2015 games in my playlist as of yet.

    Released this year, I have bought:

    Resident Evil HD
    Saints Row Gat Out of Hell
    Majoras Mask 3D
    Resident Evil Revelations 2

    But I'd probably only rate Majoras Mask as "favourite". The rest are just good, although I haven't played much of REHD yet.

    Cities: Skylines, clearly. The mod support is out of this world, and it's only a week old. If it is already this good, imagine what this game will be like in six months.

    As an aside, other than Disney Infinity for the kids, I haven't touched my PS4 in over five months...

      Can I also give half a vote to the first DLC for Assetto Corsa? The Nordschleife track is simply *amazing*...

      This game, it has made me so unproductive. All I care about now is effective sewerage pipe distribution.

    This past week I've been slightly addicted to Hand of Fate. It's a compelling roguelike hack-and-slash and definitely worth the $20, but I doubt I'll replay it much once I've beaten the final level.

      I played this during Early Access (and this is pretty much the only early access game I've ever tried) and it was great to see it mature into the 1.0 release. As a random roguelike, it's still quite a bit of fun just to play even after you've finished the game - and unlocking all the cards definitely takes some effort.

      Great to see a little Aussie developer putting out something so good.

    I'm currently enjoying Oreshika a lot. This year's kind of been a bit "Meh" so far. There are some titles I'm really looking forward to later on, but so far the best releases have mostly been re-releases of old games for me. (eg. Suikoden 1 and 2)

    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.
    I played all of the stages and bonus stages, it was just such a fun game.
    and to keep up with the fun inspired mantra I am now playing and loving Earthbound

    Dying Light caught me off guard. The legacy that Deep Silver had with Dead Island, and the fatigue that has been brought on by the endless line of zombie games had given me less than average expectations for the game, but then I started playing it and found it to be surprisingly fun.

    The parkour, combined with scavenging, fps melee combat, the day & night mechanic, and the exploration has made it consistently fun and engaging for me. GIVE IT A SHOT MARK. DON'T MUG YASELF.

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    Finally finished Final Fantasy VII this year! But to actually answer the question, Monster Hunter 4 is grabbing me more than I expected. Haven't played any MH before, and it's only been a few hours so far, but I think I'm going to lose some time to it.

    I guess Game of Thrones since it's the only new release I've played this year. It's ok, nothing amazing but I guess I'm starting to get over the interactive story games.

    +1 for Dying Light.
    I haven't played either of the Dead Island games but found Dying Light to be heaps of fun. In fact, it may have revived my interest in playing story driven games.

    I really enjoyed The Order: 1886 despite it's length. It was some good fun for a couple of days. However, Dying Light currently has the top spot on my list. Spent so much time finishing it and getting trophies. A total blast despite zombies being so overplayed.

    It will have a hard time holding out for the rest of the year though. Games like Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, and Witcher 3 all look fantastic. Should be a good year.

    Grow Home. Brilliant little gem of a game.

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