Tell Us Dammit: Games You Love That Everyone Hates

I'm sure we've done this one before, but why not do it again. What are some of the games you love that everyone else seems to dislike?

My list is mostly full of under-appreciated (I think) sequels.

Like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty. This game tends to get a bad rap among those who love the Metal Gear Solid series. It's the one after the original that everyone fell for. It's the game before the quote-on-quote 'best' Metal Gear Solid, Snake Eater. It's also the most self-indulgent Metal Gear Solid. It's the one with the most ridiculously long cut-scenes.

But despite that. Despite that...

It's still a remarkably clever video game with some interesting (admittedly ham-fisted) things to say about digital culture. The Tanker level may still be one of my favourite video game sections of all-time. Back then it felt like a revolution.

So Metal Gear Solid 2 is my choice. What's yours?


    Train Simulator.
    Actually, I get mocked for liking any simulator, and I LOVE a good simulator game.

      I like it. I like trains. People who like simulators though seem to not like the most recent editions as they haven't really been adding a great deal of new features. I'm keen for this years edition of TS though if it's the one in the new game engine

      Is that the one with the Christmas train set scenarios? I love that shit!

      Same - I downloaded a Tangara set, ran it at full speed and laughed manically at its derailment. It was a good thing my cousin was also into it. We both had fun with TS.

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    Red Faction: Armageddon. That gravity gun was worth the price of admission. Not as good as Guerilla but still plenty of fun

      I liked Armageddon for about two hours, then I was bored and didn't care about the characters or story enough to continue.

    Assasins creed 3 and Watchdogs.

      Agree on AC3. Played it through twice. :)

      Watchdogs is lurking in Pile Of Shame.

        I really enjoyed them both Watchdogs gets a bit weird for a while but i loved it. If only they had of been released before i had kids i would have probably smashed them a few more times than i did though.

      I took a long break from Assassin's Creed after getting annoyed with Revelations and had ACIII on my pile of shame, having picked it up in a 2 for $40 sale at JB. When I finally did play it, I loved it! I had a couple of weeks off work and spent most of my free time playing ACIII doing all the side missions etc. before moving on to Black Flag. So glad I didn't skip it - my wife got fed up about 8 hours in but I convinced her to go back and while she didn't love it like I did, conceded that it definitely wasn't the worst of the series.

      I love Watchdogs, mostly for its inventive combat and the 1v1 hacking interruptions

    Everything by Quantic Dream. I genuinely get defensive when people diss them.

    *cue inevitable dissings* :P

      Quantic Dream games are great. Though I think my favourite of them would still be Omikron: the nomad soul.

      They're good at the niche they're trying to fill. It's just a niche that I have no interest in.

      More like bored games, amirite?

        That's a totally reasonable position. But why do most criticisms of QD games boil down to "QD sux lol!"?

          At a guess, because QD games get a lot of praise from the people who like them. If you don't, it feels undeserved. Not a good reason.

      I liked Heavy Rain. It wasn't flawless, but I enjoyed it. I'll probably pick up Beyond: Two Souls one day. I hope I have a PS4 before whatever Quantic puts out next, because I'm sure it'll be interesting.

      Mash X to feel. Which I do a lot (feel, not mash X, although I do that a lot too).

    I think back when it was first released, MGS2 was hated way more. These days see alot of people say more good than bad about it.

    For me, I'd say anything with a "Warriors" suffix. Those seem to always be regarded as mediocre, but I love them all.

    Others - Clayfighter 63 1/3, and Resident Evil 6.

      Dynasty Warriors is a fantastic series.
      It's the game equivalent of a bad-on-purpose action movie. It's stupid, over the top to the point of being hilarious, and almost entirely nonsensical. But it knows all of this and revels in it. It does exactly what it sets out to do and is delicious popcorn.

        My first was Dynasty Warrios 4: Empires and I think I only really liked the "Empires" aspect of it because I felt really let down by DW5.

        I don't plan to revisit the series anytime soon but I had a blast DW4E while it lasted.

    I seem to have a few.

    - Assassin's Creed Unity
    - Assassin's Creed III
    - Splinter Cell: Conviction
    - Splinter Cell: Double Agent
    - Watch Dogs
    - Batman: Arkham Origins

      SC conviction was pretty great. Didn't play double agent though

      I loved Arkham Origins, while the map was not as fun to explore and the combat not quite as good the story was excellent. Great game that a lot of people dismissed and are missing out.

        I probably had more fun playing Origins then City. The boss battles were well done, and the shock gloves didn't seem too overpowered. The Mr Freeze DLC was also quite good.

      I was gonna come on here and post about Conviction too - that game really made you feel like a bad-ass! I'm hoping for a remastered version cuz the split-screen Face/Off mode was the most split screen fun since Goldeneye

    MGS2 is great.

    I also absolutely adore Shin Megami Tensei IV which was polarizing to say the least

      I've been thinking for a while to get Shin Megami Tensai IV. Why do you like it so much?

        I love JRPGs with turn based combat, I love the music , I love the art, world & costume design.

        I really love the concept.

        It's hard for me to say exactly why without spoiling but the alignment system is ace & it scratched an early 90s horror anime itch I didn't realise I had.

        Good place to start Shin Megami Tensei because it's stand alone & has an easy mode.

    Sim City, The Sims 4, and LA Noire.

      Upvote for Noir. I still pine for what coulda been with the rebirth of the open world Police adventure genre.

        If only they could make a game where the progression is tied into your skill as a cop/detective rather than being tied to the linearity of the story. I think LA Noire was a very good game but after awhile you felt disconnected. You can do the bare minimum and screw up every case but still become the best homicide detective who ever lived. Then you have a random cutscene where your character gets involved in a scandal and you're busted down to Joe Nobody on the arson squad. The characters and story stop mattering at that point.

        I still really enjoyed it though. I would just like to see it done better next time.

    Halo 4

      Halo 4 is one of the few games in the series that I don't think is actually kinda bad.

      1 was a solid sci-fi game. Um... ODST was kinda fun? 4 is the best in the series.

        Now that is a strange opinion.

        Halo Reach is last for me, with Halo 4 close to it.

      Halo 4 (campaign) is also my favourite out of the MCC. I didn't think it was crash hot at first and found the story confusing but after my 3rd playthrough I was sold.

      Campaign was great, can't wait for Guardians.

    I can't help but feel that all the games I like have a pretty solid fan base. Sure, things like Spelunky and Trauma Centre are niche but they're not hated.

    Dota 2 is the closest to being hated and that's still played by millions. Quite a few of the players hate it too but they still love it. Damned divisive games.

      I'm the same.

      Games like Dark Souls or Uncharted 3 or Metal Gear Solid 2 or Catherine or Arkham Origins have their share of detractors, but also a very strong fan base. I'm firmly in the fan camp for all these.

        Who hates Catherine? Where are ya? Put up yer dooks!!

    30 yo male - playin me some Pokemon Omega Ruby.
    (leave me alone, i was brought up on Pokemon Red on the GB Colour)

      A large portion of pokemons audience is 20-30 year old men I imagine

        Actually you'd be surprised how many women play it. I am the only guy I know who plays Pokemon, and I know at least 11 girls who play it every year and are in their early 20s. Including one of my friends' gf who is currently running a Pokemon DnD campaign...

      Hey, 25 year old getting married next month, and instead of wedding planning I've been trying to complete my Living Pokedex on my copies of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (yeah, I bought both)

        Also 25 year old getting married soon (July) and putting off planning for gaming, high five!

      GB Colour? Luxury! I had a GB Pocket and loved it. Even matched my Blue GB Pocket with Pokemon blue version!

      My problem is that I was also brought up playing Pokemon Red on the Gameboy... and then Pokemon Gold... then Pokemon Sapphire... then Pokemon Leaf Green... then it starts to get hazy. I bought Pokemon X, got a few hours into it, and realised that nope, I've played this enough times before. I'm done.

        I had the same kind of thing, but for some reason I had the exact opposite versions to you. I do remember I played Pearl to the elite four, and I gave Black a crack and gave up. Until Omega Ruby. Which I loved. Not quite complete-my-pokedex love, but enough to get through all the post game content and still occasionally boot it up to check out new mirage islands.

      Yeah I'm doing a run of Fire Red at the moment.

      30 in 2 months male who is some 60% through completing a living pokedex. Don't feel bad for liking the franchise. It is still a great game with some pretty deep mechanics

    People always seem to give shit to the later Mega Man games, but I think 4, 5 and 6 are just as good as 2 and 3, and definitely better than the first. I also think the X games got better as they went, until the third one at least. I'm not a fan of anything that came after X3.

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      Did you ever play Megaman Legends 2? I seem to be the only one I know who ever played it lol

        Yeah I remember loving the legends games when they came out and I was younger, but I can't say I would ever go back to playing them. I think the Zero games on GBA and the ZX ones on DS are very underrated too. I've never met anyone that had the patience to actually complete any of the Zero games, and I've never met anyone who has even played the ZX games.

          I didn't even know they existed :p on DS the only one I've played is the Battlechip Network.

          I finished the Zero games on GBA. They were really good

    Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning is one of my favourite characters.

    Honourable mentions:

    Remember Me - I really liked the combo system and the combat gameplay.
    Castlevania Lords of Shadow - seems to get hate because it is a God of War-like.
    Enslaved Odyssey to the West - I thought the combat was satisfying and the story was compelling.
    Knack - on hard difficulty it was very challenging and the enemy types in combat made it fun and varied.
    Thief (2014) - atmospheric and challenging. The mini-map was almost useless but that was OK.

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      FFXIII here too... I'm currently replaying it on PC, enjoying it for the 2nd time around :)

        FF13 is much better the second time through. You approach the battles so much more intelligently that it doesn't drag nearly as much

      I came to FF13 series; I really enjoyed all 3, however 13-2 was my fav.

      Enslaved is a fantastic game. I wouldn't put that is games people hate, I've never heard anybody say bad things about it. Certainly under appreciated.

        I've heard people slam it for being boring with repetitious combat, poor platforming, uninspired writing etc. The only thing people usually agree on is that it looks beautiful (which it does!) I do agree that not enough people have actually played the game though :-)

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          Who can believe in a loving god who lets such horror exists

      I agree with you on FF XIII. The series was so panned but I love it so much.

    I always liked MGS 2. Couldn't care less about what other people said, I made my own opinion on having a great deal of fun.

    My guilty pleasure? I've played 1 or 2 candy crush esque games to pass the time on the train and enjoyed them for what they are.

    Metal Gear Solid 2 is fantastic. I think it's the most cerebral game in the series. I think each game in the series excels at one thing above its bretheren:

    Metal Gear Solid: tension, high-stakes storytelling
    Metal Gear Solid 2: metaphor and intellectual flimflammery
    Metal Gear Solid 3: emotion engine engage!

    I'm yet to complete playthroughs of the others, though.

      4 is the nostalgia puller

    I do have some strange tastes so can generally understand reasons that people might not like the things I like, but there is one game I just cannot for the life of me understand why it is so underappreciated.

    FFXII was absolutely amazing. A huge and gorgeous world, addictive combat, amazing music and environments, and an engaging storyline with far less of the usual childish faffing about seen in most FF games. It truly felt like an FF title that evolved the series.

    FFXIII was just such a step backwards after that :(

      Ditto FF12 was fantastic, ps2 died on me before I could complete it and the back compatible ps3 did the same so never finished. Hanging out for a remastered of that. FF13 spent the whole time playing it going so when does it open up? MGS2 I loved it, sure Raiden criticisms are fair but didn't bother me at all, tanker level thrashed a demo from a PlayStation mag. That was a staple till the game dropped so I have a soft spot for that level. Star wars masters of Teras kasi, man I loved that game. Hired it every weekend over holidays until some jerk scratched the disc up.

      Yes to 12 as well. My biggest issue was that you could take vaan and penelo out of the equation and the story would have probably continued on mostly unhindered. The voice acting, especially Cid's maniacal ramblings were incredible.

    Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD.

      Nothing wrong with liking HoMM III, it's a classic game no matter how badly Ubisoft fuck it up.

      If you like the HD rerelease MORE than the complete GoG version, though, you are deviant and must be purged.

    Dunno this is a tough one. I liked Ryse and the gaming media hated that? I used to like star wars episode 1 on playstation and I think a lot of people hated that game. I also prefer the sega master system to the nes which isn't a popular opinion.

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      Nintendo was only really popular in Japan and North America, anyways. Sega was more popular in PAL regions.

        I played both growing up and still play both on emulators and I still prefer the master system though.

          Yeah same here - love both Sega and Nintendo. I Definitely was on Team Sega though ;)

    I like Witch and the Hundred Knight despite people's (sometimes valid) criticisms. Other than that I'm not really sure what I play that people hate as I tend to tune that noise out given how often people will hate on things that aren't made for them.
    Edit: Oh, Final Fantsy XII!

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    Dead Island. This, Dead Space & Borderlands are the only games that I've instantly started again as soon as I finished. I got it on 360 a while after it came out so maybe I missed most of the bugfest that occurred on launch...

    Mafia 2 is the only thing I can think of atm. Copped a lot of flack in the forums and it's not anywhere near the standard the first one set but it was still fun.

    Myst. Nothing more needs to be said.

      I have this weird thing with Myst, where I was introduced to it about the same time Uru came out. I loved it. I then played Riven, and it was awesome. Then Exile and I still loved it. Uru was mediochre, but I knew that going in.
      The weird part is I've gone back to try and play them again and... They're rubbish. I can't play any of them. I don't even know what happened.

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