Ten More Things You Probably Didn't Know About Super Mario Bros. 3

Ten More Things You Probably Didn't Know About Super Mario Bros. 3

Redditor TestZero posted a list of ten bits of Super Mario Bros. 3 trivia from Imgur this weekend. And even after watching basically every DidYouKnowGaming and spending entirely way too much time on the internet in general, I didn't know most of these.

Here are my favourites:

  • The Koopa Kids are named and based on several influential musicians. Lemmy Kilmister, Ludwig von Beethoven, Roy Orbison, Wendy O. Williams, Iggy Pop, Larry Mullen Jr. and Morton Downey Jr.
  • The item you get from chests is generated when you enter a mushroom house, so which chest you pick makes no difference.
  • Chain Chomps can escape if he tugs on his chain 49 times.

Check here for the full list.

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    I swear Dan Starky is The Count, every article is just number related.
    I'm not complaining, it's just a theory.

      I'm secretly hoping it's some hidden code for some big reveal, and not just really lazy journalism

        yeah thats what I am thinking. all these number related articles and pictures are a bit weird these last few weeks.

    Everyone knows the fact about the Koopa Kids being named after composers etc.

      Or at least we did when Mario Kart 8 was released.

    didn't know about the coin ship, I got it a few times but could never say why or how

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