The Adam Sandler Video Game Movie Looks Terrible

Surprising absolutely nobody, I'm sure. Here's a trailer for Pixels, that movie where aliens mistake video games as a declaration of war, and Adam Sandler breathlessly says the names of a couple of video game franchises:

Hey, at least Pac-Man and DK look pretty good in this — the voxel-like graphics are a nice touch. Everything else though? Kiiind of cringeworthy.


    An Adam Sandler movie that looks terrible? Stop Twitter, we have a new trending hashtag.

      Easy mark. I don't like much he has made apart from Happy Gilmore, Punch Drunk Love and Billy Madison, but this actually looks okay. Stupid, but okay. I'd pay to see the graphics on a big screen.
      I do wish someone else had made it, but hey, it looks alright.

        Pretty much. There's no way anyone could have expected some deep, oscar-winning level of movie, it was always going to be a popcorn 'switch off the brain and enjoy the effects' movie. And that's exactly what I'm planning on doing.

        Well, not with popcorn. Movie-popcorn costs a god-damn fortune and sucks.

        EDIT: Forgot to add: Tōru Iwatani. They actually got the actual creator of Pac-man to play himself in this.

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          The person playing Tōru Iwatani is Canadian actor Denis Akiyama.

        Punch Drunk Love is so so good - you can't classify it as an "Adam Sandler movie" though, you know? It's a Paul Thomas Anderson film.

        That said, I still watch Happy Gilmore and junk if it's on tv and I'm bored.

          Well yeah, it is a PTA film, but AS carries it. Just a shame he doesn't let other people direct him more.

            That's true. There's a few "comedy" actors who I'd like to see really test their chops.

    This looks so bad it might just turn out to be bad.

    Seriously though, I will give it a chance cuz classic video games. I know I will regret it.

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    Well.. I wouldn't say it looks 'terrible'. IMHO it looks to be on the cheesy side of average, no worse than the majority of movies that come out these days.

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    I suspect the entire budget was spent on FX and Peter Dinklage's hair piece, hence Adam Sandler.

    I actually kinda want to watch it after seeing the trailer.

    To be fair out of all the movies that revolve around classic video games in some form or another being made right now Adam Sandler is probably one of the few people making them that's actually old enough to have been a teenager when these games hit.
    I actually like the core concept of an Adam Sandler alien invasion comedy but the game side of it turns me off. I guess I would have said that about Grandma's Boy before I actually watched it so I might give it a shot on DVD.

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    I know this is an Adam Sandler film and therefore is most likely going to suck, but the trailer for it makes it look like a lot of fun. I like the 3D pixelated design of the classic video game characters and, although it is a Sandler production, I feel like going to see it.

    As an avid gamer, I just hope it doesn't suck... fingers crossed.

    You know what's dumb?
    Not a single pixel.

      Voxel = volumetric pixel.

    Futurama did it.

      You say that like it's a bad thing. Feature length Scary Door and Tales of Interest would be awesome.

      And I am also fairly sure that it has more laughs in it than 2 hours of film with Adam Sandler.

    "Gee, a game reviewer bashing something they havn't seen; how swell"

      They said it looks bad based on the trailer. That's what trailers are for.

        "The Adam Sandler Video Game Movie Looks Terrible... Surprising absolutely nobody, I’m sure."

        It's an over generalised statement based on not seeing the final product. Its as worse as saying "critic X thinks this product is not good therefore I will also hold the same viewpoint without forming an informed opinion".

        Trailers are a pretty poor indicator of a films final product. Go view some "classic" film trailers on VHS or YouTube and see how out of step they are.

          Sadly we aren't in Ye Olden Days. We're in the now. If the trailers crap, why would I even bothered with the movie.

    This looks like one of those trailers for fake movies you see on YouTube, like the Rooster Teeth fake trailer for the Angry Birds movie, or the College Humor fake trailer for the Dora the Explorer movie. Except it's real. D:

      You mean like... THIS fake trailer?

      I hope Adam Sandler is paying royalties to whoever made that.

        Would assume so seeing as the movie is credited as being based on that short film

    I wonder if Billy Mitchell or Steve Weibe will make a cameo.

    Controversial statement time: I still like Adam Sandler movies..... :(

      50 First Dates is probably the last one I really liked, but before that I can think of eight other movies of his that I love enough I could sit down and have a great time watching right now. That's pretty good.

      I still watch most of them. Except Grown Ups 2 because Grown Ups was just God awful.
      The last I saw was Blended which I actually thought was okay (not great, but okay).

      You are misusing your opinion rights. They are going to have to be revoked.

    This will do well. Why? Because it's old school video games, lots of pop culture references and it's a it looks stupid fun. Also, I see this as being more a cult film. I'll see it. Adam Sandler has made some ok movies in the past and this looks like one of them.

    There's an advert for the movie's 'video game' website embedded in the trailer at the 1:38 mark.
    It shows an image of a blonde lady and says "unlock lady lisa at"

    movie can't be much worse than nearly everything Patricia writes on this site...

    *says quietly* yeah well screw you guys i wanna see this! *then runs away form all the hate*

    The movie looks fun, but the context of an alien response to Voyager would be awesome in a more serious form.

    Replace the main 4 characters with Roy, Moss, Jen and Mr Renholm.
    Actually just replace Adam Sandler with Moss and I'm super happy

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