The Amiibo Rap Knows Your Frustration

Video: This song is for anyone who has made a beeline for the video game section of their local retailer and cursed loudly at empty shelves. Musical comedy group Hot Chocolate Party apply their lyrical mastery to the Amiibo phenomenon, singing the praises of immobile plastic married to computer chips, at least until they try to go buy one for themselves.

Of course in real life the shelves aren't empty — they just only have the ones you already have/don't want. As far as I'm concerned, that covers all of them. Charmed by the initial wave, I soon realised that A) I don't play Smash Bros. enough to care about AI fighters and B) in most other games they are just glorified DLC unlock codes. Bleh.

Hot Chocolate Party [YouTube]


    Ive had no frustration because ive pre ordered every amiibo i want.

      It does surprise me when I see someone who desperately wants a specific Amiibo but didn't pre-order. I suppose the variation in quality between two of the same character can be pretty wide, but considering how painful finding them can be the odds of getting more than one to choose from in-store are pretty low anyway.

        The quality difference is specifically why I haven't preordered any of them.

        Still haven't had any trouble getting every single one (and in good quality) though, just gotta get in quick.

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