The Big Question: Tea Or Coffee

I'm sitting here, exhausted, in need of some sort of caffeine hit. I'm thinking, 'what should be today's Big Question'. I see someone making a cup of coffee. I venture my opinion: coffee sucks. A huge argument ensues. I think to myself, wouldn't this be a good question to put to the Kotaku readers?

So what's it to be folks? Is Kotaku a coffee community or a tea community?

Here's my deal? I like tea. I like the variety of tea. I drink green tea, white tea, peppermint tea, nettle tea, plain old english breakfast tea, rosehip tea, camomile tea. That's a lot of choice.

What do you coffee drinkers have? YOU HAVE NOTHING.


    Tea. The choice of kings.

    Coffee is just dirt water in a mug.

      And tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!

      Delicious hot leaf juice.

        You both make excellent points. Dirty Mud Water or Hot Leaf Juice.

        I like both.....why cant i vote for both? Coffee in the morning (or whenever Im eating dounts) and tea at night (or whenever Im eating biscuits).



            MR. TORGUE IS AMAZING! and i have to go on the battery acid side

      The choice of MAD kings with their teeth falling out and delusions of grandeur!


    I have a drawer absolutely packed full of loose leaf tea varieties. It's pretty damned amazing, even if I do keep falling back on the same staples (The Tea Centre's Stockholm blend is kind of rad). We also have a tea call Glögg. It tastes of Glögg.

    On the other hand, I really need my morning coffee to get through the day. A good flat white is a beautiful thing. While living in Dubbo, I became slightly obsessed with the local cafe's cold drip coffee. Hell, the variety you can get with good coffee may not be as diverse as with tea but I'm willing to spend a lot of money at any place that does a decent long black.

    So, why not split the difference? Let's all sit back and enjoy a nice cup of cascara.

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    I'm English, I should drink tea, I do not. Coffee is minging as well.

    Put me down for a nice hot chocolate instead

      "minging". Yes, you're a Brit. LOL

        'Mingy' is different to 'minge' you bogan.

    Tea. Milk and one sugar please, stirred 17 times anti-clockwise, thrice clockwise and the teabag squeezed of all its delicious juices.

    Tea makes my teeth feel like crap. They tingle and ache and I can feel it staining them in a way that coffee doesn't.
    Also, it's weak. It just doesn't get the job done.

    I dig both I didn't spend $2000 on a coffee machine to drink tea. Although I do have that option haha.

    I'm an at home barista so I love coffee but I also love tea I did my cappuccino and my English breakfast. For me of tea isn't strong it can go home

    If I am out and about, I'll have coffee, often mocha but usually flat white without sugar. At home I mix and match between tea and coffee based off my motivation to wait for a bag to steep in a cup, but be it instant coffee or a cup of tea, it is usually loaded with enough sugar to kill a diabetic.

    Just have some toffee. That always works fine when I can't decide.

    Coffee drinkers have so much choice! Origin, darkness of the roasted beans, preparation method etc. I for one can't stand coffee made from Ethiopian beans or any other area that produces really floral and citrusy coffee beans, but really like Brazilian and Indian coffee, and I don't like dark roasts so I avoid them. So much choice!

    I still prefer tea though.

    Where is the option for Scotch?

      You want to click the coffee option. You can ask to Scotch or Irish up a coffee and they'll know what you're talking about, but no-one ever does that with tea.

        I did that the other day actually. It was horrible until I added honey and cinnamon.

        This. I hardly ever have coffee, but I always would up at my Nanna's place. Big mug, black, whole lot of sugar, a teaspoon of ground cinnamon (for some reason whatever variety she had up there was better than whatever crap we have in the pantry here), then a generous helping of some kind of liqueur. Licore strega and fiore d'alpe were the best ones, but sambuca, amaretto galliano, kahlua, tia maria, or a number of other ones I can't remember were also good.

        Maybe if the coffee shops supplied those as options I would've been a coffee drinker at work :P

          If you work in the CBD there's plenty of places'll do that after 10am. :)

      Works for every occasion.

      Scotch to wake me up in the morning.
      Scotch to help wash down my lunch.
      Scotch to calm my nerves before I drive home in the afternoon from having a bit too much Scotch and finally a Scotch to help me fall asleep.

    Only voted coffee because I use it more often than tea to keep myself awake at work...

    Otherwise I do enjoy tea a bit more than coffee on the whole. But drink it a bit less often.

    I like both, tend to lean more towards coffee.
    I'm not sure what it is though, I don't get people who like tea with milk and sugar....

    I actually really hate coffee. Always been a tea person, but I normally only have it white with sugar. I feel like I should try more variety though... What are some nice, safe, choices of 'different' tea to try?

    I like both, but as a migraine sufferer, caffeine intake is something I have to keep an eye on because it can trigger migraine episodes. I used to drink coffee once a day but ended up with caffeine hangovers every weekend and migraines every month, but since switching to green tea, I rarely get migraines at all any more.

      It's tough. I've been a coffee and tea drinker for many years, but only in the last year or two I've been getting caffeine withdrawal headaches if I go without coffee for more than about 36 hours. I then went without coffee for three weeks. The headaches stopped after about a week, but then the instant I had another coffee, boom! The withdrawal symptoms started again. I am now resigned to drinking one cup of coffee per day, no more and no less. I drink tea whenever the mood strikes - it seems not to have the same effect as coffee.

      Try taking L-Theanine when you consume caffeine.


      So difficult to make correctly, though. Which is 8-10 tablespoons to saturation point and then some, chowing down on the granulated mush that hovers on the surface after you've sufficiently infused the liquid.

        So much this!...i really want to use half my milo tin and then just fill the rest with milk :P

    $1 coffee from 7/11. I am a man of high class taste.

    I don't mind a black tea every now and then, either.

    Green tea is filthy bong water.

    Earl Grey bitches!

    OLDTOWN™ 3 in 1 Hazelnut White Coffee

    "A rich fragrant Hazelnut flavoured white coffee blend.
    Creamy, nutty and unique, it leaves a tantalizing mouth feel."

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