The Big Question: Would You Buy A Console For One Game?

Bloodborne is out today and plenty of people have been asking me: "is it worth buying a PS4 for?"

I don't know. Depends how much money you have!

Is a single game ever worth buying a console for? I don't know. I think not. But in my experience I've tended to buy consoles for a certain game and then found myself enjoying other games. I bought a GameCube for Wind Waker, for example, then found myself loving all different sorts of games on that console. I bought an Xbox for Halo and ended up enjoying Morrowind and Splinter Cell. Long story short: there are usually a ton of surprise games on consoles that surprise you.

So I'm going to go with yes. It's worth it in the long term. But only because there are other games out there.


    I would say the PS4 is worth buying for it's library, but I have purchased Nintendo systems for 1 or 2 games. Sadly when I got my 3DS the only game I wanted for it was OoT.

    Sure, there were lots of games on PS3/PS4 that I would like to play, but I barely have time for the games one one console, let alone two. I've had Dead Rising 3 for months, and only played about an hour or two (and even that was a few months after buying the game).

    I have in the past.

    It is a great excuse to buy the console in the first place, then continue to add only quality games there after.

    I bought the GameCube to play Rogue Squadron
    I bought the xbox & 360 for Halo

    I own a PS4 and Wiiu, but I don't think i'll buy the xbone

      I bought a PS3 just for Journey.

      I played Uncharted afterwards... but I wouldn't have bothered without Journey.

    Nope. I tend to have a five* game rule when buying new consoles - only buy the console if you can name enough games you want for it such that the cost of the games outstrips the cost of the console.

    *Not always exactly five, but five games has usually been a good rule of thumb.

      This is pretty good rule I think. I went through a similar thing for the 3DS - I wanted to play MM, OoT and Smash Bros, but my 2DS was good enough to play everything else, so I couldn't justify the upgrade

      I like your rule but I wouldn't follow it. I bought a launch PS4 without that many games I wanted but I felt safe in my purchase simply based on the fact that Sony have released consoles that eventually had the best game library (IMO) three times in a row. It's hard to bet against that happening again.

      I'm sure Nintendophiles would use similar logic.

        It's not a strict rule, and even I'll admit I bent it a little for my PS4 - I bought it with four games, but I can't say I bought it for any of them. And as a result, the first 10 months it saw very little use. It's been exclusively used for Destiny since September, tho starting to use it for Netflix and will be playing Bloodborne by the weekend.

        Anyway, it's more of what you'd call a guideline than an actual rule. Every time I've ignored it, the console has had little activity for months on end before either seeing an interesting new release (as was the case with my PS4), or getting sold (as was the case with my Wii). It always works for me when I follow it, and I know and accept the risks when I choose to ignore it.

    Yes, mainly for the reason Mark outlines in the article. I want to get a Wii U for Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 but there's also tons of great stuff I can get afterwards too

    did that, got a Xbox 360 just for Banjo kazooie Nuts and Bolts only other games i ever got for it is the remake of Banjo Kazooie and Tooie

    I bought my PS3 to play Metal Gear Solid 4, everything else was just a bonus! But that was the next addition to one of my favourite series, so that sort of made the decision for me. As for would I buy an Xbox now? I agree with Karachiking, I don't have the time to put a new console to good use after fitting in PS3/4 and PC games. Plus, most of the Xbox 360/One games I want to play also come to PC, so there's that.



    Like, I bought a 360 Slim in 2010 or 2011 that was bundled with Red Dead.

    For Limbo, though.

    It was after a period of being one-console only (Wii) and eyeing off what the other two were getting (a lot).

    I never finished Red Dead.

    I had this dilemma with the Wii U and now with the PS 4. Bayonetta 2 was the game that had me umming and ahhing over the Wii U, however, there were a number of VC games along with Monster Hunter 3U and Wind Waker HD out at the time so I knew there were other games to justify the purchase in the long run.

    The PS4 is a little different though. There's a lot of interesting indie games on it, but nothing that I'm super interested in or can't already get on PC/Vita. Other than that, there's Bloodborne and nothing else lined up so far that justifies the purchase in the long run. I'm thinking maybe once Disgaea 5 is out I'll indulge, but it's still a tough sell even then.

      Yeah the best set up atm in my opinion is a PC and Wii U. There are so few compelling exclusives that the other consoles just aren't that interesting (mind you, this is coming from someone who owns all the home consoles)

        I guess it depends on where you draw the line. I have a PC, PS4 and WiiU. (And handhelds). They all get fair use but not enough for me to justify an xbox as well.

        I'd find it really hard to choose between the PS4 or WiiU. The WiiU offers the most unique experiences and games that aren't like ones on PC, PS4 or XB1... but the PS4 sees the most polished cinematic type games that (IMO) you don't really see done quite as well on other platforms (At least not as often), but the other platforms offer similar titles anyway, and obviously they have all the multi-platform stuff as well.

        So I guess it depends on how many systems you can handle lol.

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    For 1 game? Nah. Two or more, depending on their length and how much they mean to you? For sure.

    I bought a Wii U for Mario Kart and Donkey Kong. NO RAGRETS!

      I bought a Wii U when Mario Kart came out (bundle). That we could still play our Wii games made it an easy decision that came down to timing rather will we / won't we though.

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    Generally not, although I went VERY close to buying a PS3 just for The Last of Us towards the end of its lifecycle (in the end I just borrowed a mates).

    I want to play Bloodborne but I won’t be buying a PS4 specifically for it. It sounds like the kind of thing that I’ll want to put down for a while (to chill) and there’s not much else on the PS4 that I’m interested in right now.

    I’d guess that a console needs at least 5 games that I really want to play before I’d get it as a “secondary” console. It’s generally easier with Nintendo machines because (apart from the WiiU) their exclusives are generally AAA and differentiate themselves enough from the other machines to make them worth the purchase.

      The Wii U has some great games, especially since they are exclusives. An easy five would be:

      1. Mario Kart 8
      2. Smash Bros 4
      3. Wind Waker HD
      4. Bayonetta 2
      5. Super Mario 3D World

        Each to their own, but to me:
        1. Mario Kart 8
        Another very good Mario Kart is another very good Mario Kart. I’ve played 1000 of them and I’m not buying a system for it even though I’m sure it’s a lot of fun. Plus it really needs 3 extra (decent) controllers to get the most out of it so that adds to the cost of the system as a “system seller”, I won’t play online because I don’t know anyone who owns a WiiU and Nintendos’ online infrastructure sucks ass.

        2. Smash Bros 4
        See above except without the controller issue (because of Wavebird support).

        3. Wind Waker HD
        I bought a Gamecube for this game (I’d wanted one already) but I’m not buying a new machine for a remake, especially when I know I’ll be paying full retail price for it 3 years after a brand new Xbone/ PS4 game released at the same time would have had its price cut in half.

        4. Bayonetta 2
        Not a system seller personally for me but I’m sure it is great. Maybe not my style of game.

        5. Super Mario 3D World
        A “new” Mario game more that’s more of a “version 1.5” that Nintendo loves to pump out to fill holes in their terrible release schedule. I’m sure it’s fun, but it’s not a NEW Mario in the style of 64, Sunshine of Galaxy. I did enjoy 3D Land on the 3DS but I won’t buy a new console for it.

        Honestly I would probably jump onto the WiiU bandwagon if they sold consoles in a decent bundle. I have no idea why it’s not that hard to find a $499 bundle with the more powerful Xbone/ PS4 and up to 5 AAA games but $399 will struggle to buy you a WiiU with Mario Kart and a mini-game collection.

        I’m really skeptical about it for a whole bunch of reasons, but I will say that if the new Zelda IS actually as good as Nintendo is capable of making it then that would sell me a WiiU for just the one game.

      I was in the same boat with The Last Of Us. In the end bought the game but borrowed my housemate's console. When he moved out, I gifted him the game.

      Now I own a PS4 and re-bought TLOU Remastered, and I'm damn glad I didn't drop the cash on a PS3 for one game. So to answer the original question, no.

    I'm seriously considering buying an Xbox One for Rock Band if they manage to support Xbox 360 instruments. I need my updated fix! But I'd never buy it in anticipation of this - the game and the adapters would need to be already available for purchase too.

    I bought a Vita for Persona 4, no regrets.

    I think often one standout exclusive acts as a gateway game to other experiences. A game comes along that makes the purchase of the console happen and then you look sideways to get more out of it. I recently bought a Vita just to play Persona 4 Golden but have since found enjoyment in other games as well that I otherwise would not have played.

    Not anymore. Did one time in the past. Gamecube for MGS: Twin Snakes.

    I bought a Wii U for Bayonetta 2 but there's so many other great games on the system.

    i did it for the original halo, i did it for halo 3 and dead rising, then i did it for RDR when my 360 crapped out and i now have a ps4 for that rumored THPS remake

    Edit though the ps3 was used alot more as a blue ray player

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    I just did.


    As far as *the* game goes:
    PS3: Demon's Souls
    X360: Guitar Hero
    Wii U: Monster Hunter 3U

    This is still an improvement, since prior to that I got Nintendo consoles up to the cube/Wii (Wii is debatable since it was a several months late birthday present) because Nintendo.
    Deciding based on one game has worked out just as well as previous decisions based on zero! But gotta be more responsible these days, so the count needs to be at least 1.

    I cannot justify buying a PS4 just for Bloodborne but I really, really want to.

      You could always buy Bloodborne first, and then justify the PS4 puchase because you at least already have one game to play on it :-) And before you ask, the Bloodborne purchase is justified because you will be using it to justify your PS4 purchase. It's a delicious chicken and egg argument... mmm... Bloodborne :-)

        Can't make an omelette without breaking open a few wallets.

    Absolutely. I bought a 360... JUST for Forza and Gears of War. Best thing that I ever did too. I absolutely loved both of those games. I guess if you have enough money to, not to mention the time and you love gaming - why not?

    Yes. I got a 360 for Gears of War.
    Its more a question on your disposable income to be honest.

    Many years ago I bought a GameCube just for Metroid Prime. I new Wind WaKer was coming & others, but it was really Prime that inspired the purchase.

    These days I have too much responsibility, otherwise I'd buy a Wii U for The Zelda Scrolls.

      Fuck you autocorrect, really, FUCK YOU.

      I think The Zelda Scrolls would probably be a really big seller.

    I believe I did this with every next gen console, brought the Wii U for NSMBU, got Xbox One so I could be ready the following march for Titanfall, and I got the PS4 because of Infamous.

    If the question was only for one game i'd say no, I purchased these with full intention of adding other titles to the collection.

    I'm a PC gamer at heart but for Bloodborne I would most definitely buy a PS4!! (Which I did so yesterday) As an added bonus, I'll also be able to enjoy other PS4 exclusive's like The Last of Us and Uncharted, so win!

    Myself and a couple mates are also taking tomorrow off to hopefully sink a few hours in to Bloodborne!

    I had a ten game rule for the PS4 purchase, but honestly, it all boiled down to Bloodborne.

      That's the spirit! I picked up my copy this morning :-)

      Heh, exactly. I could lie to myself about whatever number I can come up with, but the truth of the matter was always just Bloodborne.

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