The EB Expo Returns to Sydney In 2015

EB Games was hardly going to turn its back on one of its best concepts ever, but just in case there was ever any doubt, today it was announced that the EB Expo is returning to Sydney in 2015.

The official date is October 2 until October 4 and tickets go on sale 9am AEDT on April 16. You can purchase them on the EB Expo website, at EB Games stores or through The event will be held, once again, at Sydney Showgrounds. It is, admittedly, a pretty cool venue.

If you've been to previous EB Expos you'll know what to expect: early looks at upcoming video games, some event-style panels, and my personal favourite: a Waluigi made out of balloons.

Most major publishers seems slated to attend. PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo, Activision, Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are currently confirmed.

“EB Expo continues to set the standards by celebrating the video game industry and embracing pop culture. We’re boasting the most unreleased games of any exhibition in Australia this year,” said EB Games Marketing and Events Director Debra McGrath.

A couple of cool things to note: John Robertson, of 'The Dark Room' fame, will be performing at the show. Turns out he's bringing his critically acclaimed show The Dark Room to the event. I've been super keen to check that out, so this is a positive.

Also — bizarrely — The Umbilical Brothers are also going to be performing. That's cool. I guess? What does it have to do with video games? No-one knows (or possibly cares).

“Every year the EB Expo team will continue to add fresh new elements to the mix and we’re really looking forward to wow-ing our existing and new crowds with original content," said Debra. I guess that might explain it.

I've always enjoyed the EB Expo and it does manage to get its fair share of top notch exclusive content. I played Titanfall there for the first time. That was cool.


    Entrance tickets are $99 dollars, but you can buy them from $79 from JB or $69 on a Dick Smith sale..

      But you need to preorder from EB Games to secure your limited edition lanyard.

        from what ive seen the 3day gamers pass gets you a black xbox lanyard. the "limited edition lanyard" this year is a green xbox lanyard that you get with your express or UGP pass, and im pretty sure they have the same amount of limited edition lanyards as they do express/UGP passes.

      Will they price match though?

      Last edited 31/03/15 4:44 pm

      I'll wait and buy somebody's used ticket for $94.

      actually the general admission pass will get you in. $39.95 per session. the only 2 passes that are $99 are the weekend gamer pass which gets you into 3 sessions, or the sunday express pass which gets you into one session but allows you some added extras like the express queues.

    Sidoneee? I always thought these were in QLD.

    I am always pretty cynical when it comes to cons and EB, but credit where credit is due. Media industries are flocking to this sort of interaction with their fanbase all over the world and it's bearing fruit for everybody involved. Fans get a say in how their favourite entertainment goes, companies have shown to be noticing and taking on board the reception they get from these events.

    Rather than make a joke about yellow stickers or pricing tiers you definitely should go and directly share with X, Y or Z on how they can improve.

    Really wish it was feasible for one of these to be outdoors or open-air, once in a while.

      First year was in QLD but then they moved them interstate...the bastards!

    This expo is set way too late in the year to make it worth going. The big AAA games start coming out in late Sept and this expo is set in early Oct. Just save your money and wait out the extra week/month to buy the game you were only going to spend 5 minutes on.

    Last edited 31/03/15 4:39 pm

      Some people will come for other reasons, like for the cosplay or the shows. There is more to EB Expo then just playing unreleased games.

      people go for other reason than just to play a game for 5 minutes. its a massive expo covering way more than AAA titles. every year the indi devs get better and better and they have some really awesome panels that run as well as cool booths. also GG live is a fun experience each year :)

    They had the Dark Room there when I went a couple years ago. I found out afterwards there was a youtube of it. The live show was pretty good :)

    "The event will be held, once again, at Sydney Showgrounds. It is, admittedly, a pretty cool venue"

    Are you kidding? It's an okay venue that they use for EVERYTHING else including Supernova. It's the same venue the Easter show has except without the fun rides.

      actually most years they have had some amusement rides there that are fun :P

    Surely it would be better having this expo in Melbourne.
    PAX is in Melbourne - having a gaming expo at a very similar time of year in the same state would make sense.

      Given that they're catering to exactly the same market with much the same content, it would make zero sense!

      Tell you what, you give us PAX and we'll give you EB Expo. Stupid EB Expo...

        How about we give you the birdman rally instead for EB expo?

          Sorry. No deal. Birdman Rally should be in West Australia's shark infested waters... But I've also heard that Darling Harbour has sharks. Is the deal back on?

    Will Good Game be there? Because I really don't like them.

      GG are there but your not forced to see or interact with them they do a live show on saturday night normally.

        Oh, good. I couldn't see any mention of them on the site, but I was worried.

          Good game will not be doing a live show this year. they will be doing a brief Q & A only this year. as a result, EB got the umbilical brothers instead for a live show.

      What do people have against Good Game? I've been trying to work this out lately.

        Is it because there is so much better material on, and Bajo and Hex are quite rubbish at their jobs.

        Watch the original episodes. There was a goofy quality to them that made them appealing. But now Bajo and Hex just try to make each other laugh as opposed to the audience, which is what the old episodes did, even the super awkward first season.

        Not that I hate everything that comes out of the show nowadays. Dave, Goose and Darren are enjoyable, but they have criminally little air time, and the audience is forced to watch the two alien impostors creating mating sounds towards each other.

          I misunderstood you. I thought you were referring to the chain stores Goodgames. I haven't seen the television program.

          I don't mind the silliness, but some of the reviews are criminal. Did you see the one they did for Bloodborne? Hex decried it as 'a Dark Souls mod' and lacking variety in its environments. Bajo admitted that they'd played for somewhat less than 20 hours, hadn't finished the game, and had not tried any online components(!) I don't really care what score they give it, but using that as the basis for a review and expecting it to be taken seriously?

          They also did away with the 1 to 10 scores in favour of a star system. When they introduced it they said that they would only be giving half-stars in rare cases. They immediately started giving half-stars and have continued to do so, making the change from numbers to stars absolutely pointless.

          Anyway, I don't have anything against Hex & Bajo (although I do take your point) but some of the stuff on that show drives me bananas :-)

            Watch Telltale's Walking Dead review (that is arguably the one that made me quit), then keep in mind that the Walking Dead won lots of praise and game of the year awards, and watch the 400 Days review and watch them try to cover their own arses. It's hilarious. Hilarious in a "I-hate-them-and-hope-something-bad-happens-to-them" kind of way.

            I have too much hate.

            bajo and hex often get given the cheat codes too so they can power through more of the content in less of the time.

    After 2 years of the Indy loving PAX in Melbourne, I'm thinking of heading to Sydney for EB Expo this year and see some actual developers. Anyone got a couch I can crash on?

      Sure. In the Inner West suburbs of Sydney, there's always people throwing out couches onto the side walk.

    Looking forward to this years EB Expo, last years was a life-affirming experience. trailer does look a little less gaming focused this year though due in part to pop culture expansion.

    It was great to cosplay, i didn't win anything and I didn't make it onto the trailer like I did last years, but still looking forward to it.

    ill be going UGP again this year. a lot of people get all negative about the ticket pricing or the content or the location, but its doesn't take a genius to put 2 and 2 together, if you cant afford it don't buy it, if whats on offer doesn't interest you dont bother attending, and if its too far for you accept it instead of wishing it was somebody else problem (PAX is too far for me, and im ok with that), that said, theres a good reason its permanently in Sydney now. its about the same amount of time to fly to Sydney as what it is to drive from their head office to the nearest suitable venue, Sydney show grounds is larger costs less and is better equipped to handle the event, there is an abundance of public transport and enough hotels within a relatively short distance to accommodate anybody travelling a long distance, and it ends just before the NRL Grand Final and is right next to it so if you got the tickets you don't have to choose between gaming and footy.

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