The Entirety Of Dark Souls In One Single Image

How do you sum up Dark Souls in one image? How do you reflect the pain, endurance, skill and technical achievement that goes into a playthrough of one gaming's most notorious experiences?

How about you just take a screenshot every two or three seconds and create a massive moviebarcode. This is every single moment of a Dark Souls speedrun in order in one image.

This is the work of Elguapo1991, a Dark Souls speed runner. The above image is a visual representation of his latest all-bosses run, which he completed in 1:21:55 using the Optimelle route. A pretty sound achievement.

It might look weird. But this is Dark Souls. This is what 90 minutes of Dark Souls looks like.


    And that also sums up my perception of Dark Souls - inscrutable, mysterious, and totally baffling.

    I want to know what the blue line that's slowing going down like stairs is....

      If you watch the video, you'll see that there's a list of all the bosses, with a blue box over the current boss he's working on. Every time he beats a boss, he "splits" to see if he's currently ahead or behind of his previous run. So they're referred to as splits.

      Last edited 02/03/15 1:45 pm

    We've already been through this.

    Meh, I'm more a fan of the Crapplemage Route. My PB is around two and a half hours, which I guess is ok for a console!

    Last edited 02/03/15 7:26 pm

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