The James Bond Film They Will Never Make

The James Bond Film They will Never Make

The producer behind last week's gritty Power Rangers deboot is back with a rough animated look at a retired 007, scrounging for purpose in today's internet-obsessed society. Is it dark? Well, he's trawling Silk Road for work, so...

Warning: In Service of Nothing isn't a slick finished product like Power/Rangers was. This is a pre-visualisation (essentially an animated storyboard) for another entry in Adi Shankar's Bootleg Universe project, one that sets up camera angles and pacing. It takes a while to get going but the story's all there. And, yeah, it's depressing. James Bond getting flashbacks to his glamorous world-saving past while people take selfies at the latest hot club may not sound like much, but once you see where he goes to get the old thrill back, it will be hard to forget. Now, I understand why the people in charge of James Bond — who've signed off on some pretty grim films in the official canon — don't let him get old. They probably won't like this short either.


    They probably won't like this short either

    Seeing as it's been blocked due to copyright grounds, apparently they didn't like it.

    I find it strange which companies let fan fiction go through and which don't. In the gaming world, 2 of the developers which you would say are quite stringent on what they chase for copyright infringements, Bethesda and Square Enix, allow a lot of fan fiction videos to be made as long as they're not making money off them, in fact Bethesda encourages them from what I've seen.

    I guess it's different though when you're a film studio and someone does some fan fiction in the same medium. People are more likely to believe it's an official product which could be more damaging.

      MGM has some very specific copyrights pertaining to Bond, and after 50 years of McClory attempting to remake Thunderball again and again I don't blame them for aggressively protecting their rights.

      IDK, maybe it all depends on whether they feel it serves as 'free advertising' to raise what they feel is 'good' awareness for their brand?

    Seeing as the link won't load, I'll assume he's just basically Archer.

      Old Archer... which is basically a male version of Malory....


    I'm getting the feeling that Adi is a media whore, or is looking to make some kind of point about copyright.

    So, we get like 20 GIFs on a game or something that we could view any time, but get one static image of a movie that is likely to get a takedown?
    here it is.

    He bastardised the character. Bond would never turn into this. Do not like.

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