The Legend Of Zelda Wii U Delayed Out Of 2015

The Legend Of Zelda Wii U Delayed Out Of 2015

Briefly: Bad news, Zelda fans. The next game won’t be out this year, Nintendo just announced — it’s “no longer making a 2015 release [its] number one priority”. Series producer Eiji Aonuma announced the bad news in a video message on Facebook, where he talked about how the team has “discovered several new possibilities for the game”.


    • Well I’m glad I do have one and having Zelda U delayed is somewhat of a blessing in disguise because I’ve got so many games to get through yet. Splatoon is less than two months away as well and that is sure to keep me busy for quite some time.

    • Mariokart, smash bros are worth the price of admission alone.

      And I’ve been loving playing through SNES classics as well. But it depends on what you’re into.

    • I guess I’ll just have to keep playing Mario Kart and Smash Bros, and Xenoblade Chronicles X and Starfox U when they come out then, while I’m waiting for Zelda.

      What a shame.

      • Yeah, too bad that we’ll have to run around in Xenoblade’s awesome world and beat our friends in Smash Brothers and Mario Kart while we wait for an IMPROVED Zelda game.

    • While I was totally expecting this delay, there are at least 5-10 exclusive must have games on wiiU. it’s a brillian console.

  • I was pretty much expecting this, so I don’t mind. As long as the game works out of the box with no Day 1 patch, I’m happy to wait.

    • Where the WiiU version will be super hard to find (I could not find TP anywhere for GameCube in South Australia. Wound up finding it on a holiday in Brisbane some years back) and the NX version will be everywhere?

      • I preordered mine after hearing they were going to be a limited release. Was worth it, the GC version was much more enjoyable.

    • I reckon you’re right – pissed me off too because I had no intention of getting a Wii but good luck finding GC Twilight Princess anywhere.

      This time though a WiiU is off the table till it hits $99 (learned that lesson the hard way on the Gamecube) so by that time I’ll at least know what the NX is

  • how the team has “discovered several new possibilities for the game”.
    Soo Zelda U is now Zelda NX?

    It’s starting to feel like the Wii U is being killed off already..

      • 3 years? Where did you get that from?

        Officially we know nothing about it other than it’s a gaming device (could be handheld, home console, both or neither) is that it’s called NX (for now)… and being made by Nintendo.

        Realistically though, they’ve been talking up their the next ‘game-changing’ device for the last year or so and we just got confirmation of it (with a working title) and promised more about it next year.
        I find it very hard to believe they will now drag it along for another 3+ years.

        • we got a passing comment it. no name, no reveal, nothing, just a codename. Historically, how long between the mere mention of a codename for a new console and the actual hardware being released? Hmm around 3 years. It’s no surprise nintendo are working on a new device, sony and microsoft would be too. I know the Wii U lauched before their latest consoles but if they mentioned a codename for the new console they are working on tomorrow would you assume a release date anytime soon? doubtful.

          • Except that’s not quite all we got. We were also told to look forward to hearing more about it next year, which likely means an official reveal of it next year (When have Nintendo ever spoken about new hardware before it’s reveal – outside of saying ‘it exists’ like they just did?)

            And going by Nintendo history, a reveal next year would mean a release sometime between then and the end of 2017 (maybe early 2018 but I’d still bet they’re going to push it out as quick as possible).

            There’s also the obvious business reasoning that with the Wii U already selling fairly poorly, announcing a new console (even just the codename) is essentially just going to kill Wii U sales but it gives investors confidence that Nontendo are working to move on. Nintendo could’ve talked up big releases they had planned to bring in Wii U sales but instead they mentioned a new console that will likely replace the Wii U.
            They wouldn’t do that if the Wii U still had years left to go, or after the meeting they’d even assure people “it won’t be here for a while, buy a Wii U!”

          • Zelda could become a launch title for the NX but even so I think it will be a Smash Bros situation where the WiiU version will be released before the NX version. There is also the possibility that the NX is handheld but that’s unlikely considering the release of the New 3ds.

          • late 2017/early 2018 … we are currently march (early) 2015. So around three years. I agree on most points but you may be overthinking it a little. Also Zelda U has been pushed back from a late 2015 release to an early 2016 release (not late 2017 or early 2018) which was the point of my initial comment – likely won’t be on the new console.

  • Well, at least we know that with Nintendo this delay is actually to do more work on the game rather than an attempt to increase preorders.

      • Because all pre-order money goes straight to Nintendo /sarcasm

        The simple fact that EB Games started offering preorders for a console that had (only) it’s codename dropped is preposterous.

        • It’s their main sales model. They can get the best markup off the limited editions

  • That’s annoying. Totally expected, mind you.
    I always thought that it seemed way too early for Zelda to come out this year.
    Problem is, that leaves a massive gaping hole in Nintendo’s Christmas lineup. This was going to be THE game to get at year’s end. What’s WiiU going to have now…? (Ten bucks says they delay Starfox so it can be the big Christmas game)

  • Surprised exactly no one. 2015 seemed crazy ambitious from the moment it was announced.

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