The Leviathan Is An Awesome Sci-Fi Short About A... Giant Space Whale

The Leviathan Is An Awesome Sci-Fi Short About A...Giant Space Whale

This is The Leviathan. It's probably the best way you can spend four minutes of your time, at least for today.

It's by Ruairí Robinson (director of The Last Days on Mars), and is a pitch/proof of concept. One that shows, yes, the world might be ready for Moby Sky Dick.

Fingers crossed this gets turned into a movie! Or comic book! Or, even, a video game.


    Heh.... totally missed the word 'Moby' in that second sentence for a second there, turned it into a completely different sentence.

      Bastard. You've just guaranteed I'll henceforth only refer to this as 'Sky Dick'. lol

    I am just left wondering what kind of tactical genius starts with the advantage of being behind their target in relative safety and makes the active decision to overtake it and loiter in what Floating Moby Dick likely calls the "Munch Zone."

      Maybe he played too much Mario Kart...


        Everyone knows you get better drops from last place. A blue shell would have cleared up that entire kerfuffle.

    I wonder if they had the ghost of Sigmund Freud as a creative consultant on this.

      I really want to say "Sometimes a giant space-wanger, is just a giant space-wanger", but Freud never actually made that statement (about the cigar). So, you know... tits! :(

    SPACE WHALING BASTARDS!! Leave the leviathan alone...

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