The Logo For This Android-Powered 'Warchief' Console Is Strangely Familiar

Today I became aware of a Xiaocong's "Warchief", a gaming console designed for the Chinese market. The machine makes use of an NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip, running Android as an operating system. Nothing too out of the ordinary so far — it even looks like a Wii, if it decided to venture to the Dark Side for the Force. Except for the Horde logo slapped on the front, which Blizzard may have problem with.

Israel-based Extreme Reality just put out a motion control peripheral for the console, pushing the Warchief into the news last week. I couldn't go past the logo though, which looks pretty much like the Horde symbol used in Blizzard's Warcraft franchise.

Here's the original (via Wallpapers Wide):

And a close up of the console's logo:

Are they identical? No, but it's close enough that Blizzard might want to have a few words with Xiaocong, the manufacturer. Given the name of the console is "Warchief", I first assumed some sort of official link or cross-promotion between the two entities, but a search online turned up nothing.


Extreme Reality Partners with Xiaocong Networks and Qihoo 360 Bringing Motion Control to New Android-Based Warchief Console [PR Web, via Liliputing]


    It wouldn't be Chinese if they didn't blatantly rip off everyone else.

      yep and its not like blizzard will beable to lay claim to it if the company that makes this are related in a way to the chinese government, otherwise say good by to all blizzard games in china

        yeah i was just about to say this too

        Blizzard: You guys stole a tiny insignificant IP part of a major franchise that nobody gave a shit about until Kotaku noticed it

        XiaoCong: Lmao, come at us bro. What are you going to do. PULL OUT OF THE WORLDS BIGGEST MARKET IN PROTEST?

        Netease have a JV with blizzard, and they are the company responsible for basically running all of blizzards games in China. If blizzard truly wanted to they could probably raise the issue through Netease which is a pretty sizeable company. I'd doubt they'd have any issues really.

    alright guys, I have this great idea, lets get a Wii and paint it black, slap a playstation EyE on top of it, plug in a Wii Remote and an XBox controller and slap a PC gaming reference on the front of it. This way everyone is happy

    has Tegra K1, can play Portal and Half-life 2, not so bad

    EDIT: what the....? the wii remote knockoff has playstation type buttons and the controller has xbox buttons

    Last edited 01/03/15 9:42 pm

      lol I noticed this too - except its still looks like Xbox controls its just in the wrong order.

    Where's Ashens when you need him?

      i would suggest tweeting this to him, but he might find this useful

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