The Madness Of Skyrim Mods, Captured In Three Minutes

Watch as one man tries to see how far he can push Skyrim before everything crumbles into complete chaos.

You've got your typical wacky Skyrim mods here — Thomas the Tank Engine as dragons, Tommy Wiseau horses, Sonic. But it doesn't take long for you to stop being able to track all the mods videogamedunkey activates — the entire game just becomes bananas.


    I love the Thomas mod so much, I just can't fight regular plain old dragons anymore.

    This video annoyed me way more than it should have.

    Couldn't watch whole video voice over was too annoying. Is that what people like these days?

    I don't normally watch these videos, but a friend linked me to it yesterday, and I giggled the whole way through. So stupid.

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