The Most Complex Besiege Bomb Delivery System

The Most Complex Besiege Bomb Delivery System

The Besiege community never disappoints when it comes to building deliberately over-engineered siege engines to perform the simple task of eliminating a few knights. David Mcl's Rube Goldberg machine-like bomb delivery system is no exception — it's one of the finest creations I've seen so far.

You can follow the bomb's path in the video below.

But like every creation in Besiege this one has flaws too. Just wait for it...


    What an amazing build up to a whole lot of fail! :D Got a good laugh out of it.

    I spent the entire video up until that part thinking why? why go to all this effort if the payoff isn't the effort itself. The idea is to destroy a target not go through all this hullabaloo (totally not flagged for spelling, go figure). Then at the end I realised what an ingenious piece of work the video was drawing us in like this.

    I have this game but never manage to do anything so grand as some of these videos show..

      I'm the same, I see these vids and want to play, load up the game and then I remember... I have the imagination of a retarded gorilla.

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    Makes me want to play mousetrap!

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