The PlayStation Store Has Slashed Rockstar Games By Up To 80%

The PlayStation Store Has Slashed Rockstar Games By Up To 80%

Here’s a deal that any GTA fan would be silly to ignore. For a limited time, the PlayStation Store is offering up to 80 per cent off a wide selection of Rockstar Games’ greatest hits, including Red Dead Redemption, The Warriors, Canis Canem Edit/Bully, Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V. Prices start at just $2.99!

Doubtlessly a lot of you already own most of these titles, but if you’re stuck playing old PS2 discs, this is a pretty cheap way to bring them all to your PlayStation 3. There are also a handful of PS3 originals on offer, including GTA V which has been slashed from $109.95 to $38.48.

Other noteworthy deals include GTA IV for $5.99, Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition for $7.59, Canis Canem Edit for $2.99, The Warriors for $2.99 and RDR Undead Nightmare for $4.99. Hell, for $11.99, we’d even consider snapping up the much-maligned L.A. Noire. Click here to see the full range of deals!

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  • Warriors is one of the few RS games I’m keen to play and I actually have a secondhand copy of it handy. Worth it?

    • Totes worth it. I’d pay $2.99 just for the side-scrolling Double Dragon easter egg by itself.

    • I had a ball with this when it first released. It expands on the movie quite nicely in my opinion.

      • I love that movie – I should fire up that game I have the Xbox prime version sitting here – that’ll work on the 360 right?

    • The Warriors game is, as far as I’ve seen, the only time ever that a video game adaptation of a movie has been even better than the movie it’s adapting. Full campaign co-op via split screen too, as it’s from the good old days when developers still catered to players who like to sit in the same room and play games together. Just talking about it is making me want to plug in my old PS2 and bop my way back to Coney all over again.

    • Awesome game, definitely not one of those movies-turned-video-game that turns out to be bland or awful, lotta value there. Plus the coop is the tits!

  • Watch out. The ps2 ports of Liberty City and Vice City Stories run crap on ps3. Like 20 fps tops

  • Methinks I’ll be needing Chinatown Wars and for less than $4, it’ll be well worth it.
    I loved it on DS back in the day and you can never have too many rainy day games for c a Vita.

  • Much-maligned L.A. Noire? I thought it was fantastic and I seem to remember the critical reaction being the same, as well as word-of-mouth… If there was a hate train for that game it’s news to me.

    Buy L.A. Noire if you didn’t play it when it came out. It’s awesome. Although I’d recommend the PC version, personally.

    • Doesn’t appear to be there, which is a shame. The PC port controls are nowhere near as good.

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