The Silliest Summary Of Final Fantasy VII

The Silliest Summary of Final Fantasy VII

I almost forgot about those pesky little frogs in Final Fantasy VII that transform party members into frogs, thanks videogamedunkey for the reminder.

Even without the frogs, dunkey's new clip must be the silliest take on the game and its story.

It's Final Fantasy VII so watch out for all the spoilers. Even a crazy trip like this will have some:


    Aeris dies.

    Seriously, this game is 18 years old, do we really still need to be so concerned about spoiling it?

      No she doesnt. If you get her to lvl 99 in the Temple of the Ancients and you fill the Ultima Sword with Maxed KotR materia before the end of disk 2 she lives!

        This only works if you moved the Playstation memory card from Slot 1 to Slot 2 when you reached level 25, 50 and 75. I forgot to do that once and had to restart it all over to get her to live!

        I hate you and everything you stand for.

          I miss the time when everything wasnt just instantly debunked by some little shit on the internet. I will admit to wasting hundreds of hours trying to revive Aeris.

            Dammit, why does this Phoenix Down not work?

            (A problem common to many RPGs with an easy fix for death during combat...)

              Because they only get "knocked out" in battle.

                There are quite a few games where you actually get killed in battle, but have equivalent items.

                Most Western RPGs have you dead rather than KO.

    Was this video supposed to be funny? It was painful to watch.

      I thought it was hilarious, especially the frogs... those damned frogs.... *shudder*

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