The Witcher 3 Has Some Seriously Spectacular Sunsets

I was lucky enough to spend three hours with The Witcher 3 a while back. It was my first time playing a game in the series. I'm not ashamed to say that those three hours took me from 'meh' to 'hype' far quicker than I expected. Since then I've been scouring for every gameplay clip I can find.

This game looks good.

Being that it's an open world RPG, The Witcher 3 gets the Skyrim comparison a lot. I don't agree with that. The Witcher 3 felt more like Red Dead Redemption to me.

So it makes sense that, like Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher 3 has some ridiculously good looking sunsets.

This is footage from PAX East, and it's the most recent look we've had at how The Witcher 3 is tracking. It seems to be tracking well. I cannot wait for this one.


    Everyone's getting hyped for FFXV, I'm infinitely more excited for this

    Plus the developers aren't going to scam people with rip off DLC

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      I'm excited for both, but I've been waiting longer for XV.

    Was this played on an XBONE or a PC with a controller? If on Xbone, MY GOD! "This isn't even my final form!"

    Also, look how swishy Geralt's hair and man-dress is, it's just beautiful.

    They like telling us the same stuff we already know.

    What's with that frame rate? It looks like sub-30fps!

      YouTube compression reduces the frame rate.

        Its an IE thing. Watch the video via Google Chrome and you have the option for 720p and 1080p at 60FPS. Looks awesome.

      I also think this is being demo'd on an xbox one - hence the washed out textures.

    Even the first Witcher had great sunsets, especially over that field of flowers in chapter IV. I need to get a move on an read all the books before this releases.

      Can you only get them online? Or are they available through bookstores yet?

        4 are published in English & should be at sci-fi/large bookshops, or yes, online.

        The others have been translated by fans as they won't be published in English for another few years.

        As ad said, got them online, and the others were translated, everything in ebooks. I do know someone who bought them as physical books, but he lives in Canada. And I'm not from Australia. So, online's your best bet. Book Depository delivers books worldwide. Link to the first Witcher book(

        PS: I've only read the first chapter of the first one and it's pretty engrossing

          Thanks heaps, guys! Been wondering about these since Witcher 1.

    Since then I’ve been scouring for every gameplay clip I can find.

    Scouring for every gameplay clip?? YOU PLAYED THE ACTUAL GAME, MAN! Nothing you watch can compare to you playing the actual game!

    I envy you... I am so hyped for this game. I felt that TW2 was a bit, um, compact? But another reviewer said that TW3 reminded them of Red Dead Redemption in scope and world. Dragon Age Inquisition plus Red Dead Redemption...

    I don't believe in pre-ordering, but yeesh! I'm coming close with this title!

    The game looks very pretty but a little boring, really hope there's more to it then this

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