The World Of Dark Souls Made Beautiful

You could make the argument that the world of Dark Souls is already beautiful: a spiraling, honey-combed universe that folds into itself in multiple different ways. But this massive, massive image is perhaps my favourite piece of Dark Souls related art ever. It's glorious.

I mean look at it. I want this framed on my wall somewhere.

And conveniently, that is actually possible. You can buy a print of this glorious image here. I'm seriously considering it.


    But I can't see Marks crippling soul in the image.

    WOW - that is amazing. Also, I need to play that game again cos CLEARLY I MISSED A BUNCH OF COOL SHIT

      You do because you did.

      This picture still doesn't show everything, Dark Souls just has an amazing world.

      I agree with @trjn. This game is well worth your time, and is made only better by experiencing the whole of it.

      I'm currently committing to finishing the game after all these years. I'm finally at the point where invaders turn and run when they see me (sometimes). Hah.

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    I want a poster of this so much.

      I'm holding off for now, saving money for my wedding. QQ

    @markserrels Beautiful! But you might want to thumbnail that sucker. It's hurting my desktop browser, hate to think what it would do to someone on a phone.

    When you go to buy a print, the size options are "shard", "chunk", and "slab".

    So this is a finished one that was posted earlier if I remember

      He says he still needs to complete Lost Izalith, and then maybe Kiln of the First Flame.

      Updated reddit thread since the last Kotaku article:

    Any Souls fanatics care to breakdown the names of each of the areas represented on the print??

    Amazing work btw. I'm very tempted.....

      From the top, Duke's Archives/Anor Londo.

      Next person to reply can follow on, and then the next person, and so on....

        Pretty sure the next two are: Sen's Fortress/ Dark Root (The greater Dark Root area as it's had to make it out on this map).

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          below that and to the left is Sen's fortress and the undead parish

            Well, Undead Parish is below Sen's Fortress, because you ascend Sen's Fortress. (You can see the bridge that the Hellkite Dragon sits on, leading up to the 'Church'.)

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      It's hard to tell without some of the land marks/ areas I haven't explored yet. For instance, there are several layers to Dark Root Garden that I can't make out and Oolacile etc. After all, it is an 'interpretation'. (And a bit of guesswork in terms of lore)

      If the list below stops, I'll post a list later. Don't want to spoil peoples fun.

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      Ok here goes:

      I'm not 100%, but pretty sure it's:
      (in levels, as in the picture)

      - Dukes Archive> Anor Londo
      - Sen's Fortress> Greater Dark Root Garden area (incl Oolacile, where you fight the wolf Sif.)
      - Undead Parish> Upper Undead Berg
      - Lower Undead Berg
      - Firelink Shrine> The Depths
      - The Catacombs> Gaping Dragon Boss Area (Inside the depths)
      - Tomb of the Giants> Blight Town
      - Demonic Ruins
      - New Londo Ruins
      - Firelink Alter?
      - Kiln of the First Flame?

      And a map I found later, having some discrepancies to what I thought etc:

        The entire bottom area is just the New Londo Ruins, although I guess you could count the spiral staircase at the very bottom as The Abyss. The tree next to Blighttown is the Great Hollow, which should lead to Ash Lake. Crystal Caves is shown hanging off of the side of Duke's Archives.

        I don't think Firelink Altar, Kiln of the First Flame, Painted World, Oolacile or Undead Asylum are shown.

        Probably the biggest mistake is that Valley of Drakes (in the background down the centre) does not connect New Londo Ruins to Darkroot and Blighttown. It's a pretty forgivable mistake though because it's very hard to pull off with this vertical layout.

          Yeah, I'm not 100% sure of much below the New Londo Ruins tbh, I'm still busy with that part. (Just really got into the game recently).

          IMHO, the key to success in Dark Souls lies in consulting the Wiki... hence you learn this stuff pretty fast lol.

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