There's A Sale On The Australian PlayStation Store

It's tough being Australian. Particularly when it comes to sales and releases on the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Store. Sometimes we get good things, sometimes we don't.

Today we get good things.

Sony is running an Easter Sale on the PlayStation Store and Australia is part of the action. You can find all the details, including all the games on sale, here.

But just a few highlights from me...

— Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4): Was $24.95, now $10.45 — Demon's Souls (PS3): Was $24.95, now $7.55 — Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3): Was $24.95, now $7.55 — Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3): Was $109.95, now $22.95

Those are the deals I think seem like the best value, your mileage may vary. I actually never got round to playing Demon's Souls. I may need to rectify that.


    Holy shit, that Mass Effect deal is ludicrous.

      if only it was on ps4

        Yeah, i've always said developers need to focus more on remakes and less on making new games that take advantage of the new consoles' hardware.

        ...oh wait.

      It is and it isn't, the Trilogy shouldn't be RRP$109 in the first place...

        The full price really isn't that bad - it's equal to less than $37 each for some really, really good games.

      It is great, but it also is missing most of the DLC, some of which are considered canon (LotSB, Citadel, Leviathan, etc.) so those need to be purchased separately.

        Oooh yeah, that is a bummer. The Lair of the Shadow Broker is some of my favourite DLC ever, and Citadel is the best fan service DLC.

    Under $8 for Demon Souls?? What a bargain.

    Demon's Souls actually needs your dollars. The servers are STILL being maintained and one might think that with the release of you-know-what this original Souls-er might get put out to pasture.

    Keep supporting Demon's Souls!

    If you end up grabbing Mass Effect Trilogy instead, you are pretty silly. Hefty discount isn't so enticing when you look at the original price. That's not a typo is it? Those games are not worth that price altogether.....

      Not sure how you come to this conclusion, the ME trilogy is one of the most critically acclaimed and widely loved trilogies in existence, if it was a PS4 bundle for that price i'd be sure to jump on it!

        Maybe, and while I do think that $22 is a pretty good price, I have to admit that the games could have been had for around that price any day on PC for a while now.

        On Steam and Origin it's about $24-32 for the collection and they have been at the $5 mark individually a number of times. So it's a great price for console, but competitively similar to what they/ other 'old' (2+ years old) games go for any day on PC.

        (That's also why $109.95 is, IMO, ridiculous even if they re-release them on PS4.)

        On the plus side, online console game pricing, especially in a sale, is definitely taking a step forward and I am ridiculously thankful for that. I recently picked up Thief for $17 and Metro Redux for $20 something on PS4. That would be almost unheard of a few years ago for 'new-ish' PSN game prices, and so I hope this trend continues.

      The mass effect trilogy were way under priced when first released. They are worth ten times that price.

    Ni No Kuni deserves your money! Really wish it worked on the PS4...

    If you like the genre but you're not a massive whore who brought it on day one like me, that's definitely the price to pick up MGSV Ground Zeroes.

      Was thinking about it, but I still need to play MGS4.

    Bloodborne, no time for other games.

      I can't hear you. too busy Bloodborne to Bloodborne, blood.. borne.

        Every time I see the word Bloodborne I hear the rhythm of my threaded cane swishing back and forth across the oncoming mob. Blood... borne... Blood... borne...

          And now that is all I hear too. But with the swishing the words "blood... borne..." are sung like Monorail in that old Simpsons episode.

    That Metal Gear Solid game is also on special on Steam (9.99 Australian)

    If you don't try Demon's Souls for only $8 you are a bad person. Better than Dark Souls in some ways thematically. If you really get into the mechanics and lore rather than treating it feature for feature in a tick box comparison way it is wonderful.

      I tried it when it was free with PS+. It was good, but IMHO not quite as gripping as Dark Souls.

      Plus I didn't like the separate 'hub and levels' as opposed to a more open approach. Still good to grab for $8 or people who want to try a Souls game before Bloodborne though haha.

        You are not wrong it what you are saying. I actually preferred the Hub as the NPCs built up over time and had stories to share.
        But I totally get why it can suck.

          Pardon me for asking, I haven't gotten that far in Demon's Souls (I didn't like it at the time, but after recently 'understanding' Dark Souls I've been wanting to give it another try), but NPC's also build up with stories at Firelink, or is that different? Legitimate question.

          Also, is Demon's Souls hard to go back to after playing Dark Souls 'first'?

            Yeah like Firelink but there are heaps more and even some characters you rescue go along and kill people or beg for forgiveness for tricking you earlier in the actual levels. I don't want to spoil but it one of those things you need to look for as only 3 or 4 are heaps obvious.

            It is not harder to go back to. I suggest looking up Epic Name Bro on youtube and watching some of his old videos with lore as he does a playthrough. You will get off to a more efficient start and maybe the game will click better. As for harder to go back too. Nah, looks a little more dated but has a solid (more often) frame rate and the hit detection and input lag is much better. Oh and once you have heaps of Souls you can buy a mega tonne of items and cake walk the end if you know what you are doing.

            You have nothing to loose except time giving it a decent shot. Yeah, you need to get a few bosses in for it to groove. Though as I said, check out ENB on YT. The story sells it.

    Buying MGS:V i wasn't going to buy it for $40 so this is a great deal!

    Anyone who hasn't played Demon's Souls, do yourself a serious favour. I picked this up when the price was $25 after first playing Dark Souls and I remember thinking I would have payed over $100 for the experience. Epic game.

    Tower of Latria is still the most atmospheric area in any of the Souls games (although I have only just started Bloodborne)

      You do know that the inspiration for the tone of Bloodborne is the Tower Of Latria don't you.
      Miyazaki san wanted to base a whole world off that, tbh I thin he succeeded.

        Nope had no idea, but having learnt this has made me all the more excited to finish work and play Bloodborne all night.


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