This Game Boy Camera Gun Prints When You Pull The Trigger

Okay, so let me get this straight. It's a Game Boy Camera — that peripheral you forgot about. It's attached to a goddamn gun. The gun/camera takes a picture when you fire the gun. This thing was made in Russia, but it feels like the most American toy ever made.

I have no real idea of how this thing works, and the photographs it takes are pretty terrible, but it genuinely looks like something you'd see in a straight-to-video sci-fi movie made in 1989. It's like the Power Glove of portable cameras.

This is usually the point in the post where I'm all like, "I WANT ONE". But really, I don't think I do. What would I use this for? I just think it's a kinda cool that makes absolute zero sense.

Via Engadget


    So I buys this Game boy Camera from a Game traders, right?

    I get it home, I'm really excited to print up some shitty stickers of me shirtless in a mirror, even though the prints will fade after about an hour.

    I boot it up and immediately go to gallery and it seems someone's already beaten me to it. This thing is just chockers with pics of two people fucking.

    It starts with the lady having a pose in some nice undies transitioning into them going at it, I'm talking real explicit close up ply by play stuff, and finishing in the usual manner you'd assume a well documented sexcapade would.

    Which means two things, someone made the decision to bust out the Game Boy as a marital aid and neither party thought "Oh, this is a bit weird." or even "Lemme just grab the disposable camera we've got left over from the wedding."

    And two, there's a pair of bigger Nintendo fans out there than me.

    EDIT - Spelling and bad writing.

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      Hahaha, how long ago was this?

      I don't think either of the cameras I bought had photos still on them. Kinda disappointing :P

        Aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago.

        I've seriously told that story in almost every Game Boy Camera article. I'm surprised you've never heard it.

          every Game Boy Camera articleProbably the problem right there :P

          Ok I just searched for other articles about it on here and couldn't find any comments by you at all! :o

            My web of lies has come undone!

            But it also shows that you're clearly not listening to enough Zeitgeist as that's my go to story to fill dead air.

              This is true, I haven't listened to any. I don't listen to things much.

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