This Is What F-Zero Would Have Looked Like On The SEGA Mega Drive

And surprise surprise — it looks a lot like F-Zero.

Some background for the youngsters in the house: when F-Zero first came out on the Super Nintendo it was considered the poster child for 'Mode 7', a graphics technique that allowed rotation and scaling. It made for some seriously mind-blowing visuals at the time. It was a major selling point for the Super Nintendo back then.

Therefore a game like F-Zero, which made full use of Mode 7, would normally have been considered impossible to recreate on the SEGA Mega Drive.


[pause for effect]

Above is a video of what F-Zero may have looked like had it been running on SEGA Mega Drive hardware. Put together by gasega68k, you can play it right now using Mega Drive/Genesis emulators. I'm actually amazed at how smoothly the game runs.

For reference, here is the game running on the SNES.

So yeah, it still looks a lot better on the Super Nintendo, but that doesn't take away from how cool this project is.

Maybe in 20 years time we can get a Metal Gear Solid 4 port on the Xbox 360?

You can read more about the project here.

Via NeoGAF


    Aw, was hoping for some awful Mega Drive music to go with it :P

    That's pretty rad. The world can always use more F-Zero.

    The Pause For Effect should come before the big announcement of "Until Now!"

    It's beautiful. It looks nice chunky - very similar to the GBA versions!

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