This Is What Happens When You Take The Red Pill In Bloodborne

For me this qualifies as a 'whoa' moment. It's sort of like taking the red pill in The Matrix. In Bloodborne form.

Warning: For some this might qualify as spoilers. I think it's just cool.

So The Hunter's Dream operates as your base of operations in Bloodborne. It is a place removed from Bloodborne's world of darkness, grime and grit. As such it feels like a glorious looking place from another dimension — but how real is it?

The above video shows the location of a secret area that looks exactly like The Hunter's Dream — within Bloodborne's actual game world. But it's like a strange alternate version: the light is replaced with an ominous darkness. It's dark, broken down and ruined. Is this the real location of The Hunter's Dream? Is The Hunter's Dream a figment of your imagination? Does it exist in an alternate dimension.

It's all very strange. And mysterious. Can't wait for VaatiVidya to get on the case.


    Trying so very hard to avoid spoilers while I wait for my copy to arrive.

    Let's just hope it's not like taking the MRA 'red pill'.

    The Ogres that wanna thump you with humongous bricks still scare me! lol

    Is this Where did Kotaku go?

      Yeah for those who have no interest in Bloodborne it's frustrating times.

      No different to when Destiny released, or Dragon Age, they already said that this will be a big part of how they handle big releases.

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