'This Is What I Think Wind Waker Would Look Like On The SNES'

"This is what I think Wind Waker would look like on the SNES," writes gilamasan, the guy behind this piece of Zelda fanart. "I imagined the sailing would be done with Mode 7 graphics like in Super Mario Kart and F-Zero." Looks about right to me.

Head over here to see more of gilamasan's artwork.

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    Doesn't feel right to me. And not just because the image is perfectly square. The water looks about right, but the boat... that looks more "Kind of Red Lions as pixel art" than "King of Red Lions on the SNES".

    I got inspired by this and made a demake of the sailing music from WW using all samples from Link to the Past! Made in OpenMPT using only 8 channels to get as close to the actual SNES sound as I could.


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