This LEGO Jurassic World Trailer Finds A Way

The world has received its first look at the LEGO Jurassic World game, and while it seems they were so busy thinking if they could make it, they didn't think about if they should. It's okay — they should.

We won't be seeing the physical LEGO set, but I think I will be happy if the LEGO video game treatment is given to just about anything. It's not the actual LEGO pieces themselves — it's the style of humour that the games have become known for. It's funny enough to make grown adults play a "kids" game with no kids in the house.

Here's our first peak at LEGO: Jeff Goldblum:

Ironically, while the new movie will be committing sacrilege by including an "altered" T-Rex, LEGO is one of the few arenas in which altering a T-Rex would actually be kind of cool. With the above trailer to go by, this T-Rex seems tradish.



    That Jurassic Park theme song gives me so much feels... So so much feels...

        I just pissed myself laughing in my office and got really funny looks from colleagues... You live up to your name Evil Monkey. That was great thank you

    I have never picked up a lego game before. But this will most definitely be the first.
    I love the Jurassic Park Movies (second one ends as they are flying off the island incidentally....there is no mainland bit). and would just love to play a wonderful game based off of the IP.
    The last game of the Jurassic Park IP i played was the SNES version.
    It's been a long time coming.

    Could not be more keen for this. The lego games are A-mazing

    Loved the Lego games since the first one (Star Wars), super keen for this, as is my son, because he loves Lego and Dinosaurs.

    I've owned and played a handful of Lego titles in the past, and while I really enjoyed them, I had decided that I wasn't going to bother with any new ones as it was all a bit same-same. Then this happened.....

    Day one purchase for me. Just like every Lego game ever. I love these games!

    There's going to be Jurassic World Lego bricksets, but not Jurassic Park sets. I feel like that's an important point to make clear.

    "Spans across" is a grating tautology but the game looks neat. :)

    "Spans across 4 movies"
    Well I'm out. Who am I kidding, I'd still lap this up. From the trailer I'm hoping they are mostly sourcing from the first one. Fingers crossed.

    Very excited for this! Love Jurassic Park so much! DINO DINO DINO! #Isla Nublar

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