This Oculus Rift Game Is NOPE NOPE NOPE

Ever wanted to indulge in the feeling of being buried alive? Yeah, nope. NOPE. But that's precisely what Tabhopos is: it's an Oculus Rift game that simulates being in a coffin, that is actually played in a coffin.

Just to reaffirm: that's a big fat nope.

The timing couldn't be more awkward. Today I'm flying down to Melbourne to help the winner of our Bloodborne competition 'Face His Fear'. Meaning that I will watch a man, for all intents and purposes, be buried alive. I didn't mention this when we started the competition, but being buried alive is also a personal fear of mine, as I suffer from pretty bad claustrophobia. It actually freaks me out to wear a full-face helmet. That's how bad it is.

Anyway — point being — there's a pretty good chance I'll also be getting inside an actual coffin today.

Tabhobos looks like the real deal. It was the result of a two-day hackathon at Nottingham and Lincoln Universities and it's designed deliberately as an 'uncomfortable' game. RPS has a really cool hands-on preview of the game here. Apparently writer Phillipa Warr could easily have fallen asleep in there. I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of the experience I would have. She found the coffin "roomy".

Apparently this game, and player response to the game, is making up the research for co-creator James Brown's Master's thesis, so I'm guessing a wide-spectrum of reaction is part of that research.

I'd last two seconds in there.


    Saw pic, thought you'd buried the Bloodborne winner alive already lol. Hey question, are you gonna put a camera in with @Swedishspecs ?

    Also... yeah, screw this game lol. Definitely would not be able to handle that O_O

    Wouldn't the inside of a coffin be pitch black? I think even I could code that game. :P

    The occulus rift in the first picture looks a lot like cardboard vr, did I miss something?

      Looks like the google cardboard thing which is a way to transform you smart phone into a vr type experience

    To add another layer of realism, play it under your bed.

    What exactly is the point? How is it a game? It sounds like you could achieve the same result by just lying in a real coffin.

    Wait... why do you need the headset for this? Wouldn't it be a more realistic simulation to just shut the coffin, slowly reduce the amount of oxygen being pumped in (while keeping it at a safe level) and start throwing shovels full of dirt on it? I mean it's a fun idea as pure VR, but if you're bringing in the coffin as a prop all you're really doing is adding a brief pre-game show of a VR funeral.

    Last edited 17/03/15 7:30 pm

      Seems rather pointless. I am not sure which is more redundant, the coffin or the VR headset. Either way there are companies that offer services shutting you in a coffin out there.

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