This Story About Piracy And Shovel Knight Is Surprisingly Heart-Warming

Piracy is a drag, and you shouldn't pirate video games, but if you happen to pirate a video game? This is a super cool way to apologise.

Yacht Club Games, the creators of the critically acclaimed Shovel Knight, were at PAX East when a stranger came up to their booth and literally handed them a $20 bill as an apology for pirating Shovel Knight.

That's unreal. Such a super cool thing to do.

Pirates have hearts too.


    I didn't pirate the game in the first place, isn't that more super cool?

      NO! Like people who get over a drug addiction. They're brave! If you never did drugs in the first place then no one cares.

        Not falling down a hole takes wisdom, but climbing out of a hole takes strength.
        You get no points for running across an empty stage to reach the flag.

          Yes you do, I do it all the time and I get achievements for it :D

      Maybe they posted it not to pat this guy on the back but as gentle encouragement to others who pirated their game.

      I bought it when it was on special for half price! yay?

        Maybe if you're ever at a show where they've got a stand then you should go and give them some cash to make up the difference between the sale price and regular price? Or something.

    Lol only comments are people looking for excuses to engage in their superiority complex.

      Good thing you're more superior than them...

        more superior


          Heh, its funny you singled that out because I did agonise over the grammar there. Regardless, language is fluid and if you understood the statement it is correct by definition.

            That is really not true. Language is fluid but it changes over years and decades. Being able to decipher butchered language doesn't un-butcher it.

            me am think you make a wrongness.

            That said, forum pedantry should not be encouraged.

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              There's obviously some latitude here and you've used an extreme example which shows that, but language is memetic and tends to go "viral" if there is consensus. Thanks to the internet language is changing rapidly now.

              Stephen Fry's views on this are required listening imo:

                Oh, I don't disagree. I spent half a decade as an English teacher to teenagers. Anyone who doesn't believe in the memetic nature of language only needs to spend 3 months in a highschool to see the light.
                I'm just not convinced that the whole "If it can be understood, it's correct" school of thought holds a lot of water. I've heard people earnestly say that having a single "its" or "there" for all situations wouldn't cause confusion, cognitive load on learners, or make the language any less nuanced.

                  That's the great thing about it though; because language is by consensus its automatically geared against burdening users, and part of what makes language so memetic is the nuance! So what I'm getting at is that my broad rule of "If it can be understood, it's correct" is acceptable because it has other dependencies that prevents it from diluting common lexicon into dribble. :)

          well you're clearly more smarter - here have an internet point to make you feel more specialer

    I guess I should pirate every game and then buy the game on sale then send an email to them with a screenshot of purchase saying sorry for pirating your game.

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    they should have folded the note so it looked like he was frowning

    I'll be pirating Hotline Miami 2 and I'd like to give the dev some money. Why can't it be both?

      Its not pirating if the developer says its ok for Australians. I too would like to give them a donation, maybe a "donate now!" button on their website. Donations from Australian IP addresses may get a mysterious random 25-digit code that may or may not work in Steam..............

        its still piracy, just you don't need to feel guilty about it.

        Fact is that if your determined enough to give the developer money for the game there are still ways to do so

      If you're looking to play on PC there are multiple legit resellers out there that don't know and/or haven't put any restrictions on Australians buying from them ;)

        This +1, there will be places to get it from... Nuuvem will sell it to us without too much hassle (if you don't mind feeling your way around a non-english site lol).
        Amazon or D2D I'm sure won't knock back our CC's with a bit of DNS trickery... or yeah gray market.

        I picked up uncut saints row 4 from the AU Ubisoft store last week, so even some local storefronts slip up sometimes ;-)

    Would be classic if the 20 dollar note was a fake.

    How much of that $20 do they have to give to their publisher?

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