This VR Game Will Make You Barf And Smile At The Same Time

As anyone who has used any kind of VR technology will tell you, motion sickness is most definitely an issue. It's an issue that's improving rapidly, but sustained play does often result in mild nausea. Sublevel Zero, a VR-enabled game set for release in 2015 seems to forget that fact. Imagine playing Descent on the Oculus Rift/HTC Re Vive? Yeah, it's like that.

And just thinking about playing Descent using VR is making my stomach feel weird.

But counter-argument: Sublevel Zero looks super cool, and it seems to have that 'I'm seated in a machine' feeling that works so well on the Rift. It also has some pretty swell pixel art. It's been a while since we've had a weird, confusing, twisting first-person video game ruining everyone's sense of perception. So I'm on board.


    I remember in the early 90s I sat my Dad down to play Doom - He spewed everywhere.

    He said it was the most horrible motion sickness he had ever had.

    Have to get him on this.

    It's true, I felt sick after 20 minutes. It might just be the perfect game to get you used to VR sickness though.

    Descent on the old VR glasses gave me a killer headache :P i was lucky never got any motion sickness, but 5 minutes was enough to turn one of my friends white as a sheet :P
    Definitely going to grab this thing based on that trailer ^^

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