This Week In Games: BLOODBORNE!

Welcome to Bloodborne week. Happy Bloodborne. Let's chant together in a way that is totally not creepy in any way.

Bloodborne. Bloodborne. Bloodborne. Bloodborne. Bloodborne.

Bloodborne (PS4)

What is it? It's the new game from Miyazaki, the creator of Dark Souls which was, for my money, the best game of the last generation. Should you care? This game. I can't say too much. But this game... damn. If you like Dark Souls you're gonna have a good time.

Borderlands The Handsome Collection (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? It's an actually-quite-phenomenal Borderlands package for Xbox One/PS4 featuring Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Should you care? Yeah, absolutely. Great package.

Dyscourse (PC)

What is it? It's a really cool looking choose-your-own-adventure type thing. You play as an art-school grad barista stuck on a Lost-style desert island. Should you care? This looks really really cool. If it wasn't Bloodborne week/month/year I might give it a bash.

Etherium (PC)

What is it? An RTS game set in a science-fiction universe. Should you care? This looks clean and sexy. I don't know too much about it outside of that.

Infinite Crisis (PC)

What is it? It's a MOBA. Wait! Where are you going? It's set in the DC Universe! Oh you're coming back now... Should you care? You might already be set in your MOBA ways, but this looks interesting.

Keebles (PC)

What is it? A physics driven puzzler centred around building stuff. Should you care? It looks alright actually. Too many other games like this out there though. That's my gut feeling.

Pillars of Eternity (PC)

What is it? Wait this is coming out this week? Man, I had forgotten about this. It's the crowd-funded Obsidian RPG everyone got excited about! It's here. Should you care? Absolutely. This could be spectacular.


What is it? It's a game about remote controlled cars. I didn't know this was a thing. Should you care? It actually looks pretty cool. Sort of like those old top down racers you played in the early 90s.

What are you picking up this week? Let us know in the comments below.



      I'm surprised you didn't guest-author this article.

        Because of my eloquence?

        I'm glad I didn't. Because I wouldn't have even bothered mentioning any other game. :P

          And you would have called everyone wastes of skin, or skinbags or jerkskins.

      You know, aside with wrangling against Japanese keyboards/browsers/IP detection, I'm having a lot of trouble finding any information about the Japanese launch event. The most I can find is a release date and the Fextralife preview event back on the 12th. You had the when/where of it, right?

        Actually, all I found were images of stores with Bloodborne paraphernalia. I have no idea if there's an actual launch event for the game or not.

        Make your tour guide find out, though.

    So keen, if anyone finds it has broken street date, let us know!

      +1 to this, surprised it didn't over the weekend honestly

      The store I work at didn't get their copies in last week. It'll probably be something that happens today in preparation for Wednesday. So if it's going to break embargo, now's the time!

      I expect that I will get my copy tomorrow morning from EB

        I expect that i will begrudge you for this :)

    Not interested in Bloodborne. I actually unplugged the PS4 from the telly to plug my new Wii U in. Doubt it'll be swappedcback any time soon.

      While I personally can't wait for Bloodborne, have fun with the Wii U (this isn't sarcastic, though it probably sounds it). There are some goddamn stellar games on that system.

    Bloodborne. Bought a PS4 just for this so all systems are set to hype.

      one of us. one of us.

        All I can see you saying is

        Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne. Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne.

        Try jumping.

      My PS4 has been in hibernation since the release of Destiny for this day!

      Last edited 23/03/15 11:13 am

        Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne!

        Everyone seems to be repeating themselves around here at the moment.


            Well said.

    There's an error in the title. Instead of week it should be month.

    Maybe even year.



    Gah, Pillars is going to end me.

    Watching how much Wasteland, Divinity and Shadowrun: Director's Cut have benefitted from post-launch patches makes me want to wait it out for awhile before I start up PoE... but as a backer I've been waiting to play this for aggess!

    Thankfully I'll use to time to run through some backlog, playing through the surprisingly okay Lichdom: Battlemans at the mo'

    Bloodborne does what theorderdon't.

      I believe a webcomic covers that...

    So if i'm to understand correctly, Bloodborne is out this week?

    Pillars of Eternity kinda really snuck up this week. I didn't back it but I'm going to hold off for a moment. Obsidian, please make it so that at least one of your game isn't riddled with bugs.


    TOTALLY GONNA DOWNLOAD THIS THE SECOND ITS OUT & THEN ...spend the weekend doing uni work like a responsible (& disappointed) adult.

      Have they sent out backer keys and stuff. This has really snuck up on me and I haven't even looked at it

        as far as I know, they're sending out the keys on the 26th.

        but then again, this was their plan about 3 months ago. may have changed.

      I totally forgot about it.
      Keep getting those backer emails, and totally ignoring them haha.
      Looking forward to it, and I know almost nothing about it ^_^

    Eternity for me woohoo, even have a few days off to enjoy it.


    I didnt realise Pillars of Eternity was releasing this week too. I have my eyes on that one too.

    Might have to remind my wife about Borderlands. She invested a LOT of time into BL2 and would love to transfer her 360 save across. Plus we haven't played the Pre-Sequel yet.

      Pre-Sequel is great, but not quite as good as BL2. The Claptrap Pre-Sequel DLC looks amazing though.



    (i haven't been this hyped for a game since Banjo Tooie!)

    Second episode of Life is Strange this week!!!!!!

    Also getting my copy of FF Type-0 this week. Woo!

    Can not wait to get Borderlands on PS4. I haven't bought much of the DLC for either games apart from Tiny Tina's DLC, so there is so much new stuff in there for me. Only a few sleeps to go :o)

    Have fun folks with Bloodborne (jealous but overall PS4 is not a value prop at this stage), but as an XB1 owner I'll be waiting that extra week for Dark Souls II (and still struggling through Lordran during the wait)

    Cmon cmon cmon cmon Serrels send it to me I wanna play it so bad!!!!!

      What's the bet it's one of those competitions you win... and then have to wait 6 months for the prize to arrive.

        My immediate reaction to that thought...

      You find it in your mailbox tomorrow morning. You go to play it only to realise one thing.

      You don't own a PS4.

        It comes with a ps4 :D

          You don't have any electricity

            We've got a generator!

              you've got an answer for everything

                No seriously, we've got a generator LOL. Last time Qld had that cyclone, our power went out for 2 days at Forest Lake, we were the only house on the block to consistently have power lol (more or less). Had our fridge and phones charged the whole time. Barely knew the damn power was out :P

    Looks like a lot of people will be breaking their Destiny addiction.

    Bloooooddddddboooorrrrnnnnnnne.... Come out to play-yayyyyyy !!!!

    Borderlands 2 was one of those games that I never got sick of. I must have played through it about six-and-a-half times, twice by myself and the other times with friends and family. The only reason I stopped is because I accidentally stepped on the CD...

    Nonetheless, looking forward to Handsome Collection this week.

      Just received a new GPU that was bought specifically so I could play BL2. Pretty hyped!

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