This Week In Games: Hold The (Battlefield Hard)Line

Hey everyone — there's a Battlefield games coming out this week! I know. It's March right? What is this? Tipsy topsy world? Are we in an alternate dimension where it rains donuts and hamburgers eat people?

Sadly no. This is real life. But still: there's a Battlefied game that isn't about shooting people in the Middle East. This is about cops and robbers and motorbikes. Good times.

Also, Mario is having another party. Dude likes to get plastered. Everyone is invited. If they have a Wii U. So yeah... might not be as 'populated' as his other parties. Also — not much on Steam this week. Except a big pile of weird garbage.

Battlefield Hardline (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? It's Cops and Robbers! Only with guns. And in the Battlefield style. Should you care? I really commend Visceral for doing something bold with the Battlefield series. Worth checking out for that alone.

Bladestorm: Nightmare (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? It's a new game in the Bladestorm series. Not too sure about this one. Should you care? Previous games in the series weren't really up to scatch. Not too invested in this new one.

Mario Party 10 (Wii U)

What is it? Mario is having a party and everyone with a Wii U is invited. It's um... an exclusive party. Should you care? These games are rarely bad, but never seem to set the house on fire. Does have amiibo functionality. Finally a reason to own all those toys currently making you broke.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (PC)

What is it? An interesting looking zelda-wonderboy effort, set in a 3D environment. Looks gorgeous. Should you care? I'm a sucker for games like these. It doesn't look perfect, but might be a bit of a sleeper. Check it out if you're a big Zelda fan.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? An episodic horror game set in the Resident Evil Universe. Should you care? I honestly haven't been keeping track of this. I'm hearing it's not that great.

Ride (360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? A proper motorcycle simulator. To be honest I don't think we have a game like that right now. Good gap to plug. Should you care? That being said, I haven't heard too much about this, which is usually a bad sign. Perhaps for motorcycle enthusiasts only.

Tokyo Twilight: Ghost Hunters (PS3/PS Vita)

What is it? I feel like this game should really be a shit show on the Discovery Channel. It's not. It's a Japanese visual novel style thing. Should you care? Nah. It's not very good.


    Is Final Fantasy Type-0 also this week?

    Also wow! Bladestorm! That kinda snuck up on me there. Had no idea this was coming.

      Buy me Bladestorm or go to hell!

        Up voted based solely on how old that reference is!

        How about a copy of Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge instead?

          Ball is in.... Parking lot. Would you like to play again?


            Because someone beat me to the comment by two minutes........

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      Yup FF-0 is this week. Thursday for us.

      Don't you mean the Final Fantasy XV demo that comes with a free game?

        For me it's honestly a 60/40 cost for Type 0 and XV demo. I remember watching Versus XIII trailers back in the day and to see something real finally come from it is amazing. Also, the FF series needs a serious rejuvenation, and I hope that XV is the one to do it.

    I was really impressed by the Hardline beta, even on 360. Unlike say, Battlefield 4 where you bought access to the beta, this beta seemed more like a finished product. Could it be that EA is finally noticing their own problems?

    ...the answer is no.

    It is a shame though hearing about the developers being forced to de-humanize the villians so that it will be easier for players to shoot them.


    TYPE-O HYPE!!!!!!!!!!

    Also I tried the Bladestorm demo on the PS4. Wow is that terrible. I was surprised you could stuff up a button masher that badly.

    I've been loving Revelations 2 on PC the past three weeks. Looking forward to ep 4 this week. Raid made is so much fun.

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    I'm going to hold off on Hardline for a week or two until I can get some idea of how the servers are performing. I love BF4 when it's working, but too often it's crippled by lag to the point of being unplayable (I suspect mainly due to foreign players on the Australian servers).

    If Hardline is better in that regard then I might get it. If not then I won't. There's Bloodborne next week (I think?) anyway, so might struggle to find time for both of those at the same time anyway.

    Nine days until Bloodborne. No new games required this week.

    Although the next ep of Tales From the Borderlands is dropping this week, I believe. That'll keep me going!

      Amazing chest ahead.

    wow. Oceanhorn. hadn't heard of it before & now I'm extremely interested.

    always been a fan of Zelda-esque games, & I've been wanting one on PC for a while.
    definitely gonna keen an eye on this one.

    If I had a Wii-U, I'd get Mario Party. Love the Mario Party series. Don't have a Wii-U though. Guess I'll sit this party out for now.

      Yeah I will be dusting off the Wii U for the weekend.
      Love Mario Party family days.
      Hopefully half the game isn't locked down with the amiibo shit.

    Was very impressed with the hardline beta. The most fun Battlefield has been since Bad Company 2. Will probably pick that up this week. Hopefully I can get in enough play time before Bloodborne steals my life.

    Benn playing Battlefield: hardline for a few days now, its a bit of a mess atm. TDM is 64 players for some reason its chaos and there are no active Australian servers hopefully this will be fixed at official launch

      There was lots of active australian servers, but they were all empty because no aussies were able to find these servers and went and played on the US servers instead. they need to make it so even the empty servers are shown in the server browser so then aussies can see them

    That guy is going to come right off his bike leaning like that, with his body off the seat. What an idiot.

    In other news, Ride's customization and licensing actually looks pretty sweet. Being said 'motorcycle enthusiast', allow me to take one for the team and look into this.

      Have you seen moto GP racers? Not saying that the hardline villains are professional riders, but that angle is nothing in comparison to some of the sharp turns perfectly achievable in this here real world.

        Oh yeah, I get the leaning, but it's his body being up off the bike that troubles me. They lean, but they keep their bodies tight to the bikes; there's a really nice square shape about their form.

          I'm surprised there's bikes in the game at all, really. I'm not fussed with the models, just wonder about the handling. Nothing can quite simulate the control you have over a bike in a game.
          Was a bit awkward in bf4 and kinda pointless considering the speed isn't a good trade off for how vulnerable you are. In GTA I liked it a lot more when they added first person mode, though when playing online you become fodder for people in cars :P

            I played a little of the Beta and gotta say the bikes felt OK. Much better than the quad bikes in BF4, and there is a first person view when driving. Good for suiciding into enemy vehicles with a teammates' C4.

      Also an enthusiast, will likely be picking up Ride but heard there was going to be a free demo coming out at the same time so would like to try the bike physics before I buy. Don't want to end up with another motorcycle club :-/ you ride?

        Me? Yes.

          Okay, well shifting your weight off the seat to the side like that (okay he's a little high in the pic, but it's a game) allows you to keep the bike more upright while turning. They didn't have you practice that when you got licensed?

          That really is a crappy pic though, if he had a lower right leg (he doesn't appear to) it'd be either on the left side of the bike or planted straight through the seat.

          Last edited 17/03/15 8:50 pm

      I agree the angle in this pic is silly, the only way to replicate this on your own bike would be to stand up on the foot pegs and lean over far enough that much like old mate up in the pic, your right arse cheek is completely off the seat. You can't stand up on the pegs and lean that far off the bike without falling off, even Marquez is still sitting on the edge of his arse cheek and he's scraping elbows on the ground. But then I don't think BF:H is attemping to be MotoGP 15 so i can forgive it.

      In other News, the RIDE demo is really good, the physics feel great, I'm running all rider assists OFF, but there is enough that it would be accessable to first time Bike racers or people who struggle a little. The upgrade system is really good and the range of bikes is Huge. Closest thing to a Motorbike verson of Forza/Gran Turismo that we're likely to get. Last time I spend any significant time on a demo, it was back in the playstation 1 days, Reckon I dumped nealy 6 hours on this demo over 3 nights. Needless to say, game as been pre ordered :)

    Missed tales from borderlands episode 2! Woo!!

    Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4/PC)
    What is it? An episodic horror game set in the Resident Evil Universe.
    Should you care? I honestly haven’t been keeping track of this. I’m hearing it’s not that great.

    I've been playing this $37 episodic co-op game with my partner over the weekend and it's a lot of fun. Most of the negatives i've found to be entirely irrelevant to the experience whilst playing co-op. It has bland, blocky environments (in the first chapter) but it's completely irrelevant when it makes navigation and combat in 2 player Resident Evil much more manageable. It also has a really simple, more arcade-like combat, which also makes co-op super-intuitive considering one player can barely fight at all (in the beginning). Since you keep changing characters every hour or so, the simplified controls only serve to enable a quicker learning experience. All of the criticisms I've read would totally be reasonable in a full-priced, single player RE experience but this isn't that. It's a budget, digital, episodic co-op game where you constantly switch characters with different traits and abilities and it brings a lot of fun if you let it.

    I played Oceanhorn on my iPad a while back, I hope they take advantage if it being on PC and not just do a lame port.

    EDIT: I really enjoyed it!

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