This Week In Games: The Real Dark Souls II Starts Here

Bloodborne hit stores last week and now Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is being released. Lord have mercy. There's only so much mental anguish I can take.

What are you picking up this week?

A Pixel Story (PC)

What is is? A puzzle-platformer with an 8-bit aesthetic. Wait... where are you going? Should you care? Apparently this a really special game. Sort of a must play.

Attack of the Labyrinth (PC)

What is is? A top down RPG looking thing. Sort of like Gauntlet with stats. Should you care? I like the look of it. Seems like a lot of fun. Hardly essential, but perhaps a nice little diversion.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4)

What is is? Dark Souls fans may all be a little big distracted with Bloodborne right now, but Scholars of the First Sin is here! Should you care? I think so. I skipped the DLC for Dark Souls II so I think I'll probably play through this, since the DLC is contained in it.

gravilon (PC)

What is is? It's a platformer without a jump button. Yep. This is minimalist. Should you care? I love the way this looks. People will compare it to Thomas Was Alone.

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure (PC)

What is is? It's a 3D platformer, remember those? Should you care? This looks actually quite good. Was surprised to see this on Steam.

Paperbound (PC)

What is is? A local 4-player battle game that plays with gravity. Should you care? Early buzz for this game is strong.

Ride (360/PS3/PS4)

What is is? It's a motorcycle simulator. Aren't too many of those any more. Should you care? In its own way it's sort of unique, and certainly valuable to gamers who love motorcycles. Fills a good niche.

Shutter (PC)

What is is? A horror game in which you relive a spooky night of happenings through security cameras. Should you care? I love the concept. Looks great.

The Spatials (PC)

What is is? A game about building a Space Station. Sort of like Theme Park. Should you care? I think this looks interesting. Certainly a very unique concept.

Xenoblade Chronicles (3DS)

What is is? It's the New 3DS game in that series that all JRPG fans lose their minds over. Should you care? Might be worth checking this one out. The last game in the Xenoblade series was pretty amazing by all accounts.

Did we miss anything? What are you picking up this weekend? Let us know!


    Can you play Xenoblade Chronicles without a "New" 3DS? If so it might be worth checking out...

      Nope. The only game to be released thus far that is n3DS only.

    Does Dark Souls II come out on PC as well?

    Touikden Kiwami for Vita & PS4 for me this week. Get hype! Xenoblade on 3DS as well. Life destroying games ahoy!

    DARK SOULS! \o/
    Ordered from Ozgameshop. That'll give me time to sink my teeth into Bloodborne first.

    I have the DLC for Dark Souls II so won't bother with the new version just for slightly prettier graphics.

    Besides, I have Bloodborne.

      I skipped Dark Souls II in anticipation of this version's inevitable release. I'm super keen.

      Though, I have Bloodborne.

        I did this too, but I can't see the new version on Steam - when is it due?

          April 3rd from 3am AEDT, I believe.

          Last edited 30/03/15 11:58 pm

      I am going to buy this version of Dark Souls II when the price comes down since I just bought Demon Souls.

      Also, I have Bloodborne.

      Last edited 30/03/15 12:57 pm


    Joking aside, I suggest you do give it a chance. Brilliant game. And no you're not above buying a new device just to play one game, hasn't stopped you before now has it :)

    Scholar* not 'Scholars'

    Also Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is the same game as the Xenoblade you are referring to in the release notes, not a new addition to the series.

    Dark Souls II on Xbox One, just to explain I am hooked on Dark Souls (I still haven't finished it) most of my gaming time is swallowed up by the original on 360, that's why I'm excited about this - I have a lot of great games for the Xbox One, but nothing like Dark Souls to keep me literally wedded to the device, and the 360 - it's an old Jasper model - it's getting old, it needs a rest!

    Big W has the best price ATM for $69

    Waiting for Pillars of Eternity to finish d/ling for me :D
    Should be done tonight

    I'm going to check out Neverwinter on X1 (if it becomes available here). The beta sounded promising, from what I read about it.

    If Neverwinter is a no-go, then it's back to Helldivers and Dragon Age

    Last edited 30/03/15 11:15 am

    Hadn't bought the DLC yet for Dark Souls 2. So happy to start a fresh playthrough (assuming no cross-save).

    Also, quite astounding. We get the game released several days before anyone else? With US and Europe at April 07 and April 10 respectively.

    So yeah... hurray!

    Waiting for the PC release of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.

    Eh, I'll buy dark souls 2 eventually. No matter how much I say I won't ... christ I can see my housemate's smug face when he notices I've bought it again.

    But I want to see if the frame rate=weapon degradation issue is still there first, so I'll probably get it a week or so afterwards.

    Last edited 30/03/15 5:50 pm

    Is Axiom Verge out this week? I thought it looked quite interesting. Metroidvania style game.

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