This Week In The Business: A Young Man's Game

This Week In The Business: A Young Man's Game

"It has become harder and harder for me to find jobs, and particularly after I got past 50 years old." — 59-year-old designer David Mullich, talking with other game industry veterans about the pervasive age prejudice in the game industry.

Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Anyone working on VR content on PC using Oculus is prototyping for Morpheus games. So I'm like thank you Oculus for providing so many kits at affordable price." — Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, talking about Sony's VR headset Project Morpheus.

QUOTE | "How on Earth do you a) actually get people to realise your game exists, and b) get a critical mass of people to play your game so you actually make money, when literally, every five seconds a new game gets released?" — Gunfire Games founder David Adams, talking about the difficulties of developing games today.

QUOTE | "We never expect everyone to buy everything. I would be horrified actually if anyone did buy everything. That would not be a good use of people's money." — Dovetail's Jon Rissik, talking about the company's DLC for its game Train Simulator.

QUOTE | "I won't do anything unless I'm going to get super passionate about it. Results vary, but if you don't start with that, you have no hope." — Gearbox's Randy Pitchford, talking about surviving as an independent studio doing AAA games.

QUOTE | "There are a lot of big indies that don't use contracts because what they rely on is trust and faith." — Dutch indie developer Adriaan de Jongh talking about why he created a free, do-it-yourself contract creator for indies.

QUOTE | "I don't think we've locked ourselves out." — Xbox head Phil Spencer, explaining that while HoloLens is an AR device, the company still may be a player in VR at some point.

STAT | 7 per cent — Amount total video game hardware and software retail sales increased in February over February 2014, according to NPD; while console sales overall were down 5 per cent, the 3DS led all console sales for the month with 395,000 units sold (mostly New 3DS XL units).

QUOTE | "We've had an incredibly successful commercial launch with Evolve." — Take-Two president Karl Slatoff, talking about sales of Evolve, which was the #2 selling title in game stores for February.

QUOTE | "We are always always working against these attacks. Actually, an attack happens every day. Literally every day." — Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida, explaining how his studio is playing a cat-and-mouse game with hackers.

QUOTE | "The commonly used terms of casual, mid-core and core are at best vague, but perhaps they make some developers feel better." — Graham McAllister, founder of Player Research, talking about how too many devs don't know who they're designing for.

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    How is Gearbox an independent?
    I thought the were owned, at least partially, by Take2?

    On the topic of ageism, one would think, with the growth of indie development, that there should be a greater chance for older veterans to lend their expertise and experience to smaller teams. And that there would be indie studios more willing to hire older people...

    A question I always have with the ageism issue is (and one where the issue maybe just misunderstanding and biased perception), are these "veterans" commanding too high a salary and contract expectation for indie teams (given, with age comes other burdens such as family...), which are often hanging on by a knife edge until a game is released...

    Last edited 16/03/15 8:42 am

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