Unreal Engine 4 Is Awfully Good At Rendering Kites, Emotions

Unreal Engine 4 Is Awfully Good At Rendering Kites, Emotions

Unreal Engine 4 is now free for anyone to tinker with, so at the Game Developers Conference today, Epic Games debuted an impressive real-time demo to show it off. Hold onto your kites…

The company says this is running in real-time at 30 frames-per-second, a way to demonstrate the worlds developers can dream up and build for players with Unreal Engine 4. Specifically, it’s to show off “large world features, photo reconstruction and procedural asset placement.”

Unreal Engine 4 Is Awfully Good At Rendering Kites, Emotions

It will be some time before we see a game this impressive in real-time, but hey, the demo’s pretty!


  • Sooo, is that like a video of what else was happening in Kyrat during Far Cry 4?

  • It looks nice but… idk, flat? I feel that Unreal 4, while looking great, is a little late to the ‘next gen’ party. Seeing this last year would have been amazing. Now it’s just… ‘Oh another next gen engine, so what can it do in-game that we haven’t seen before?’

    Edit: Side note: This gen some games look good enough (for me) that I don’t know if I really care as much about the visuals from title to title any more. For me, I think they have now reached a point where they are ‘good enough’. There isn’t anything distractingly ugly I guess.

    That’s not to say I don’t appreciate pretty. I just feel that we are at a point where the experience should be the focus and not the graphics. like Shangrila in FarCry 4. It’s not the most advanced looking level I’ve ever seen, but it was good enough and the experience was great.

    • Epic is in a weird spot this gen.
      Most of their business from last generation has decided to develop their own engine tech this time around instead of leasing it.
      I think only Warner (Batman (MK is on a modified version of UE3)), Microsoft, and Capcom (Street Fighter) are using UE at the moment.
      Tencent bought an engine business… but seem to have lost most of their customers.

      As an engine business they’re now competing against CryTek (though probably not for long), ID Tech, Unity, and Source.

        • Is Frostbite actually being licensed outside of EA though? If not, then it isn’t really competition in the same sense as Cryengine, Unity and Source.

      • Well I’m not a fan of ID Tech due to the texture popping due to their aim for performance. It runs like butter but you will notice the texture when you turn really fast, something that you will notice on PC only.

        Unity is catching up, not to the point of AAA titles yet but in a year or so, it should be good.

        Source 2, gotta wait and see. Games built with source 1 have a common feature that is easily distinguishable.

        Not to mention Square Enix is trying to enter the market with their luminous engine as well, but I think Luminous will be in house projects only. KH3 dropped luminous and currently using UE4.

        I think UE4 can still be viable. Gotta see more UE4 games first.

      • Yeah, I have to agree. I think they got a lot of business last gen because of the different console architecture. Developers didn’t have the time, money and sometimes know how to build their own engines. Unreal (and other engines) was a package that did em all for you (to an extent).

        But this gen, with the consoles being so similar, and so similar to PC, everyone is moving back to creating their own engines. It’s not like we are seeing anyone moving over to CryEngine or the likes really, just away from Unreal.

        It’s pretty exciting because now we don’t have to look at the same visuals over and over. That and, I do feel that they are ‘behind’. Not by much, but they are playing catch up atm. Unreal 4 should have, IMHO, launched with the new consoles to keep their ‘cutting edge’.

        • I’d suspect they got a little bit screwed by the price of middleware last generation… with profit margins getting ever smaller, and because development costs more each cycle, it probably makes some level of sense to go in-house.

          • Oh yeah, for sure. I just meant that last gen we saw developers using more middleware than ever before, for whatever reasons. It’s interesting to see that that wasn’t a permanent change.

    • I’d love to get a hold of this UDK project to see how it would look/ run in game.

  • I so wanna see more prehistoric like games with these kinds of graphics! caveman survival, caveman skyrim, caveman farcry, caveman rpg, caveman caveman!

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