Valve Rejects DOTA 2 Character, Player Makes It Anyway

Valve Rejects DOTA 2 Character, Player Makes It Anyway

I'm not sure Valve was serious about their rejected redesigns for DOTA 2 hero Faceless Void, but that hasn't stopped a fan from painstakingly modelling one for use in the game.

Of course they went with Faceful Void. Of course they did. Easily the goofiest-looking of Valve's somewhat, shall we say, out of character remakes of the hero voted "most likely to continue not having a face" in high school, this one really doesn't fit with DOTA 2's overall aesthetic at all. In short, I love it.

So Steam user MaxOfS2D did The Right Thing and put him in the game:

Is he pretty? No, not really. Is he poised, determined, and an inspiration to us all? You bet.

However, as PCGamesN points out, Valve has modding guidelines for matching DOTA 2's style, lore, and theme, so I doubt this one will be seen outside local game clients. Still, we can hope, right? And given all the unexpected attention Faceful Void has received, maybe Valve will have a change of heart and add him to the game themselves. Possibly. Hopefully. Please?


    Probably as a courier if anything

    Wait, you mean Assassin's Creed: Unity wasn't a trial run of the new Faceless Void design?

    Can we please just hurry up and get Faceless Rex into the game. Please!?

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