Vomit: First-Person Video Of One Of The World's Biggest Rollercoasters

Vomit: First-Person Video Of One Of The World's Biggest Rollercoasters

The Fury 325 is a rollercoaster, but it sounds like a virus, which might not be too far from the truth of it. It still seems engineered specifically to make you sick.

Built at the Carowinds amusement part in North Carolina, it's got an 81-degree drop that's over 90m long.

Just the thing to get that new Rollercoaster Tycoon game out of your system.

(via Laughing Squid)


    Holy guacamole! That looks freaking awesome! if only it was in Australia :/

    I have the strangest feeling they have a very specific height requirement for that rollercoaster (the bridge and a few other things had me a little worried).

    "You can not be this tall to ride on this ride."

      Hahaha, while watching it i was going,
      "That beam would kill me. That beam would kill me. That bridge would definitely kill me. That beam would kill me."
      I'm about 6'5, if not a bit taller.

    Looks pretty tame. No upside down bits or really fast direction changes. The only scary bit is the drop at the start. Luke most really dislike rollercoaster, half the stuff on the gold coast would probably rank as "more extreme" than this.

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      Nah, this thing would be brutaly awesome and exhilerating as hell. YouTube vids really don't convey the sense of speed well, neither can you get a sense of the g-forces or airtime.
      I actually really dislike coasters with a lot of inversions - they're one trick ponys. For me, an unexpected switchback or nice, rolling humpback is more enjoyable than being twisted upside down as many times as the park can afford to let the designers put in.

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