Wait, Crossy Road Has A Drop Bear?

Crossy Road is the quintessential Australian mobile success story. It's the latest in a long-ish line of mega-successful iOS games like Fruit Ninja and Flight Control. It's also one of my favourite mobile games of 2014. Here's something I didn't realise: it has a goddamn Drop Bear in it.

This is technically old news, but I'm only just stumbling across it now and, unless you happen to be a hardcore Crossy Road fan, it's possible you may have missed it.

The Drop Bear is an unlockable characters, but it's a secret one, and unlocking it requires a fairly precise set of circumstances all of which are detailed in the video above.

I for one really appreciate the efforts of Hipster Whale. It's important to spread awareness of the Drop Bear. It is a dangerous creature and too many tourists have fallen prey to its wiles.

Stay safe people. Stay safe.


    It was fairly easy for me first play through with a Koala i scored about 20 or something small and it just attacked me, didn't do anything different to normal. However the crab i am yet to unlock and that annoys me greatly.

    Path of Exile had drop bears added to it not that long ago.

    What about the drop's bears lesser known cousin, the hoop snake?

    Flight Control, Fruit Ninja, Crossy Road.

    One of those games re-made a 30 year old game for the modern marketplace.

    Two of them involved original ideas executed so well they spawned dozens of knock-offs.

    It's. Fucking. Frogger.

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