Want To Make Money In Elite: Dangerous?

Briefly: Want to make some money in Elite: Dangerous? The feisty space-pirates over at Rock, Paper Shotgun have put together a useful guide to Elite's many career paths. Give it a read and that Lakon Type-6 will be yours in no time.


    If the T9 is the cow, then the T6 must be the pig. Dunno what you'd want that for :P

    Sidewinder 4lyf.

    I don't know how to make money IN elite but I know how they can make money FROM elite. Release it on bloody steam already. I already have enough trouble keeping track of the account info for battlenet, uplay and all those mmos that have their own bs login systems. I want this game but I don't need more goddamn distribution platforms to keep track of.

      AMEN BROTHER!! It almost gets to the point where each new game is accompanied by the requirement to set up a new gaming browser! (K, that's just a tad hyperbolic). But compared to the mid-2000s when I was bitching about having to set up an account for every new goddamn game, they seem like dream days compared to now. I think I've got between 4-6 gaming browsers installed and I only ever use one with any frequency (Steam).

      ^^^ Agreed. Steam release would be the motivator for me to get this one.

      Unlikely to happen.


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