Watch The First Kill Of One Of The Hardest Bosses In WoW History

Watch The First Kill Of One Of The Hardest Bosses In WoW History

Blackhand, the final boss of Blackrock Foundry, Warlords of Draenor's second raid, is a tough guy. The raid's hardest Mythic difficulty has been open for 27 days, yet only a couple of guilds managed to kill its endboss. And now, the three guilds on top of the leaderboards finally released their kill videos.

Blackrock Foundry's Mythic difficulty is way harder compared to the previous Mythic dungeon, Highmaul. Something similar to the hard mode version of the Lich King or some other bosses back in the Wrath or Burning Crusade era.

The European guild Method was the first guild to kill Blackhand after 5 days of constant trying (and after spending 2 days on the boss before him).

Finnish top guild Paragon came in second, and they apparently wiped 667 times before a successful kill. Their video with the music and the boss quotes is just the best one of the three.

The third successful party, the US-based Midwinter, released their kill video as well after Method and Paragon uploaded theirs. They also agree that it was one of the hardest bosses in WoW history:

Re: wipe count, people have different numbers in their bigwigs counters etc but according to our logs it was 605 wipes.

Not sure if it's the hardest boss I've ever done exactly but it's definitely very, very tightly tuned in p1 and p3. The sort of fight that will get a lot easier with gear, though p2 will still be somewhat hard even with the best gear.

Huge props to Method who just had an amazing tier. Can't really imagine killing this boss last week.

And even though the videos and the mechanics are out, according to Wowprogress there are still only seven guilds out there with a Mythic Blackhand kill:

Watch The First Kill Of One Of The Hardest Bosses In WoW History


    Watching that is the visual equivolent of someone speaking gibberish to me.

    However, congrats to those guilds. Impressive stuff, I think. :P

    @jocon @distantdrop And we're still stuck on normal Iron Maidens *throws hands in air in defeat*

      Yup. Way behind the curve ect. But we knew that, we didn't start with progression in mind.
      For that to change we'd probably have to wait till next xpac and get the team sorted early >.<
      Also not have lives...

      Also, that looks flipping intense. I'd be happy if our little rag-tag team can beat him on normal.

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        Jo completely off the record here; what are the chances of you rolling a healer?

          Haha, I did offer way back when.
          Seriously tho, hmm.
          Here is my problem: even if I or you or both roll healers, no matter how much we powergear it will be weeks/month(s) before they are on par with our current toons. That's weeks further behind. Add to that: I have never healed before. I would be starting at ground zero of skill and experience, which is not what we need.

          So I ask you this: will it really fix things? Really. Cause I don't think it will. It might be good in the long run but it won't help us catch up on this round of content. Maybe not even this xpack, depending on timing of content releases. In my uneducated opinion.

          If you can convince me otherwise then sure. But I enjoy my hunter and would rather just cruise through this content with him than try and switch and make it all fall apart.

          edit: also keeping in mind we have 2/3 weeks of probable non raiding coming due to people being away, myself included.

          Last edited 10/03/15 12:50 pm

            Lol all valid points now let me give you where I'm coming from.

            I've seen 3 fights over the past 6 weeks where we hit a wall because our healers lacked cohesion and general mechanical competence. This includes imperator where the pug healer who was 3 item levels below don was pulling 5k more hps and was using completely different rotations. This also leaves out the fact that Sat has been punching below her weight class for quite a while (even accounting for the fact that Holy is the weaker spec).

            I also don't know if you noticed but we pushed imperator to 26% with the extra healer even though our speed on pushing through each phase was relatively unchanged. I.e. our dps to a hp scaling ratio was where it was without pugs; however the extra survivability afforded us by proper heals made the difference.

            My concern is a mechanical one and it first came to light when we did iron maidens with the pug lurayon who joined us and she was calling out people fucking shit up. Don and sat both had trouble handling the bomb mechanics of that phase as well as the sniping mechanic. The same happened with the branded mechanic in imperator; don goes off book too often and he missed stampeding roar on at least half our attempts.

            I would like to have back up healers to move into if this can't be resolved; alternatively it would be nice to have backup healers when 2/3 healers have a social event.

            Edit: With regards to the non-raiding I was going to use this down time to gear my alt up

            Last edited 10/03/15 1:28 pm

              Actually Don has been real helpful with the Branded on Imp. Sometimes when it gets bounced to me it's off on the count and I need someone else to grab it at 4/7 and run - Don has been stepping in and doing that. The problem with branded is everyone else not bouncing it to me correctly.

              And Lurayon had cleared Maidens several times before: course she would know more about what was being done wrong than us on out first ever attempts.

              But as to your main points - I don't think me rolling a healer will fix that. No way can I, who has never healed, can come in and have better mechanical cohesion and HPS than our current crop. They may be not perfect but they are still better than I would be.

              But even so, what would you do? Scrap half our current healers and start from scratch?

              (ps, I am bad at tone, don't feel I am being hard on you)

                Why are they passing you the brand at 4/7? are they incapable of moving 13 yards in 4 seconds? not to mention that strategy sorta screws you over for replication, pretty sure its impossible to pass two brands to the same person, you simple have to have them split in opposite directions. so no matter what eventually everyone's going to have to learn to kite out brand am I wrong?

                It doesn't matter if it goes to 5/8; heck 5/8 is the recommended number to handle however we downscale it for 4/7 for a 10man. If two people are running the branded around it makes it harder for the group to adjust as opposed to a single designated target. The only thing don accomplishes by jumping in randomly to help out with the mechanic is cover for people who need to learn it properly and at the same time not maintain consistency on mechanics he needs to be focussed on. Without stampeding roar on that third wave more heals needs to go out to compensate. Helping a mechanic outside the agreed strategy does nothing but compound confusion; half the time I wasn't sure if we should move away from you or don during phase 2 attempts.

                In Iron maidens both don/sat could not handle the bombs at all; when I was down there on the ground in that fight one of them was all over the shop at any given attempt. It's why I tried to schedule a practice run that no one showed up for.

                The answer to the problem isn't you rolling a healer as you've said but I know your skillset; you're one of those raiders that can pick up the class they play with proficiency hence me asking if you would consider it. I also want the group to move away from the current dependance we have on don's crowd; if they have a social event it's effectively a raid weekend cancelled. This effectively translates into a lack of freedom to criticize a healer at risk of losing all my healers, and if I can't criticize my raiders then we'll just end up carrying bads.

                To date I've pulled up boggle, seed, wind and even yourself on mechanics; I've pulled myself up when I'm not up to scratch. Heck even called out musashi on his stupid tiger thing during imp fights; I haven't called out don/sat because of the fallout I see there.

                You weren't here on sunday for BRF Normal but I told don I'm capping the number of drops at 2 he can get on his alt if he brings it to a run that everyone else is running mains on. That turned into a damn debate in officer chat as to why he should have free rolls on gear if no one else needs it. He knows he has leverage because of the dependance the group has on his healers; I can tell you now there's an expiry date on this raid group if we continue as is.

                  Bleh. Messy all round. Hard to be flexible with such a small group and depending on a clique for crucial roles.
                  I really don't want to start from scratch again but I like guild raiding. And I guess if it's gonna implode I would rather be left standing with a healer than a dps.

                  What's your take man? Are you getting burned out by all this? If shit does hit the fan, are you willing to pick up the pieces and soldier on?
                  If so I'll boost a drood and follow along but if you'd rather throw in the towel I can totally understand that.

                  Last edited 10/03/15 3:36 pm

                  Semi related - what's the official go with loot no-one else wants? I think there is some confusion about it.

    @jocon @windwaker New post. Ok with raid loot as long as there is gear from a raid which provides upgrades for raiders the loot system applies. With Highmaul it was quite clear cut when most raiders didn't need loot from that raid anymore so we moved away from Normal and only ran the loot priority for Heroic. While I wasn't entirely certain with how we would approach BRF normal now that we're a few weeks in I've decided that it applies. Almost all of my BiS gear from the raid bosses we currently clear comes from BRF even if its a hit to my ilvl; mainly because they have the right strat priorities. I can only assume this applies across to other classes using HM gear as well given the stat spread for HM drops weren't exactly ideal.

    The reasoning behind applying the loot priority is basically that I am not going to pick and choose what items have loot priority and what don't. It brings into a play a degree of preference by a person which basically brings into play prejudice. So the question then becomes do we apply loot priority or not? Given that tier pieces drop from BRF and that some people still get upgrades from that raid (i.e. weapons and trinks) it applies across the board. If Don comes on an alt and walks away with 5-6 pieces of loot (or even 0 loot) that don't count towards his loot priority each weekend he's effectively coasting the system by keeping his loot priority low while everyone else who rolls even on a small upgrade has theirs go up. The thing is though people should be rolling on small upgrades as we need every little bit of min/maxing for our progression fights and to avoid doing it to maintain loot priority is stupid.

    The other way to coast past loot priotity was to not show up for raid for a few weeks let everyone else catch up and then be on equal priority; I've closed that loophole by averaging that persons priority as at the day they stopped coming and adding or subtracting their existing loot priority from the average of the groups. I.e. seed is on 12 while the group's average is 9; this means 3 weeks from now I'll re-calc the groups average and add 3 drops his toon.

    Any gear that people don't need will be disenchanted into temporal crystals and go the G bank; raiders are free to dip into this stash to upgrade their weapons as long as the weapon is 665 or higher and is relatively the BiS. The reasoning being each enchant for DPS/Heals costs about 15 crystals each and we only have a stash of about 47 now (effectively 3 enchants).

      @jocon @distantdrop With regards to my take and feeling burnt out; I actually had fun on Saturday, peeps were joking and not taking the fights too seriously; even our practice on imp was fun. However what did burn me out was dealing with don; he's been grumpy and moody and adversarial and to be honest I've had it with dealing with his issues on how I run things. I want to have the option to tell him to shut up or get out if it comes to that.

      So, if Don brings Kabal in, do you treat Kabal as having a separate dkp to Don or the same?
      And yeah, is that not how dkp works with attendance? Don't rock up, loose a point?

      Thing is I just feel that DE'd loot is wasted loot. I mean a Temporal Crystal is worth like 200g maybe? on the AH these days. and you rarely get a whole crystal out of a DE.
      Better for it to be used, even by an alt or OS.
      edit: get people to get their own damn enchant mats? put a enchanters study in your garrison, use spare Garrison resources to buy dust at the trading post and bam: free Crystal every day.

      An idea? Have separate dkp for set items. That way people won't worry about "wasting" loot priority on minor upgrades.
      Maybe even a 3rd dkp table for os rolls, so it is never "free" but people can still feel ok about gearing up os if no-one otherwise needs it.
      Mad complicated tho.

      Last edited 10/03/15 4:30 pm

        Yeah but why do I need to implement a complicated system for fucking alts and OS rolls?

        At best I'm willing to implement one for OS and thats it; alts shouldnt even be getting brought into guild runs. Do what everyone else does and pug the damn alt raids; or even better organize one yourself outside of guild raid times. Don benefits bringing an alt in but the guild doesnt and it ends up being more work for me? How does that work exactly?

        The crystals are there as a by product of loot we don't need; not as an objective. If we have loot we don't need we have crystals; aside from that people should be doing their own enchants.

      I don't mind people bringing their alts in, however I think the priority should be MS>OS>ALT, bringing your alts in is fine, I just don't believe they should grab priority over someones main getting OS gear.

      We also need to stop shady shit like what happened with Saatynes cape, using OS rolls on minor upgrades, I wanted to roll on that but I knew I would of got contested. not to mention its circumventing the priority system purposely keeping yourself low.

      Last edited 10/03/15 4:40 pm


      Have you also considered doing a clean slate? sit down with yourself and decide what you want the loot rules to be, think about all possible variables and think of a way to accommodate or hopefully solve the variable issues.

      After you defined your loot rules. Reset everyones priority to 0 - whoever in the group doesn't desperately need gear up their priority to 3-4 whoever does need the upgrades keep them at 0.

      After that just sit back and stick to your guns, and don't let anyone perverse it this time.

      Whenever new content hits, do this again! don't let the past cause you future problems.

      Last edited 10/03/15 5:08 pm

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