We Debate Whether Virtual Reality Really Is Gaming’s Next Big Thing

We Debate Whether Virtual Reality Really Is Gaming’s Next Big Thing

Video: Why is one of these guys not wearing a black shirt and jeans? Who knows! But if you watch that latest episode of GameTrailers’ Bonus Round (embedded below), you’ll at least find out what Kinda Funny Games‘ Greg Miller, GameSpot‘s Danny O’Dwyer, Bonus Round host Geoff Keighley and I think about what virtual reality means for gamers.


  • If it were nintendo leading the way I could almost see it working and sticking around longer than that of a fad. Anyone else though and I remain unconvinced.

  • I do not think that VR in it’s current form is right for gaming. There could be a few niche games where it works.
    I think the 2 areas where VR will do very well is in the Entertainment Industry, and without a doubt, the Adult Entertainment Industry. As history has shown, whatever the Adult Industry embraces, wins.

  • I think it will become a must for certain types of games. Racing, flying, games that are done in first person like the obvious shooters but also rpgs like Skyrim, myst like puzzle games etc. For others it would just not be needed at all.

    • 3rd Person actually works better than 1st Person for most demos I have played that aren’t simulators.

  • I’m going to throw this in with the other “innovations” like movement controlled games, 3d gaming, etc. All pointless gimmicks.

    • I don’t know about pointless, I play a lot of games to enjoy being immersed in the environment/world the game presents, and I can’t imagine a game being more immersive than to actually be able to place me “inside” such a world where I can look around and view the environment in proper 3D as if I’m actually standing there. I think it might be premature to label that merely a gimmick.

      Not that every game will be suited to it, of course, but those that are I think it will be fantastic and I personally can’t wait.

      • Yeah, Elite dangerous is amazing to play in the rift, once there is a higher resolution version, space games, racing and flying games will be an absolute must. I still don’t think FPS is going to be a thing long-term, unless they make a FPD, I reckon you could create a FPS type thing, but with everyone in some style of vehicle that would work in VR.
        Valve’s walkabout thing is neat, but no one has enough space in there home for anything other than ‘experiences’ if you are walking around. I think VR will mostly be for seated experiences in the home, and perhaps walkaround ones in arcades or places like the powerhouse.

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