What A Lucky Diablo III Encounter Looks Like

What A Lucky Diablo III Encounter Looks Like

What’s better than bumping into a rare pack of Treasure Goblins in Diablo III? Bumping into two packs, around two dozen goblins right next to each other, all carrying lots of loot and legendaries.

Riuku‘s Season 2 Barbarian was lucky enough using that Ancient Furnace axe to one-shot all of them on Torment VI difficulty. Things would have been much more difficult without that, since Treasure Goblins open portals and escape almost instantly.

It’s just so comforting to see them melt so quickly.


  • And until 2.2 hits it will take him what feels like 10 minutes to pick all those materials and gems up.

  • Man, I both love and hate treasure goblin packs. I find myself chasing them around in a panic trying not to let any of them escape.

    Some always do, and it always bugs me, not knowing what I might have missed out on haha.

    • Greed’s domain portal… Every Goblin that gets away was going to drop the portal…

      • packs only happen rifts and rift goblins dont leave portals to greeds realm, only gobs in adventure mode do

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