What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Me? I'll give you all one guess.

Yeah I'll be playing Bloodborne. That's pretty obvious. How about you guys and girls? I know there must be folks out there who hate Dark Souls, hate From Software, hate the fact that Bloodborne exists, hate the fact we're writing about it so much (sorry-not-sorry about that)!

I guess there are other games out there right now. I guess. You might be playing Ori and the Blind Forest, Battlefield Hardline or that pretty swell looking Borderlands collection that just came out.

It's like all the good games just swopped in at once. Isn't it always the way?

Anyway — what are you all playing? Let us know in the comments below!


    Netflixxxxxxxx. And probably like my 34th game of 80 Days on my iPad at the same time.

      You wimins & yer mutlitarskin

        It's terrible. I really struggle to not do two or more things at once. Had I world and time enough.

          I have trouble keeping awake!

    Still plugging away at Type 0.
    In chapter 7 so
    hoping to unlock the airship

      I actually had little idea of what to expect from this game. But I'm actually really enjoying it!

        I had some, but it's even better than I imagined.
        The dodge & timed strikes mechanic is fun, the world is great & the story is mature.

        My only complaints are the forgettable, bloated cast & some of the visuals.

        Great, great game.

          Agreed, I wish there was a bit more backstory for everyone in Class zero, but even so, I really like the fact that each one does feel very unique and cool :)

            Actually, I'd rather they just picked one & Made them the main protagonist & just had the others as supporting cast.

            I feel like it's spread too thin trying to accommodate them all.

            Maybe near the end Machina's tale will pick up, but atm he's annoying me.

            The main narrative about the war & it's documentary style presentation is fantastic.

    Well it won't be Bloodborne seeing as my copy hasn't arrived yet. So it looks like it'll be Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 and when I can't play those because my son's around probably some Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

    Probably continue with Orphan Black on Netflix too.

      You've still got one more day, have faith

        Nah, postie's already come today, and they don't deliver tomorrow.


          Poor soul. I'm only 5 hours in (Still the first area as well) and it's smooth and brilliant.

          You can always read all of @markserrels posts about it and pretend you've played it.

          I honestly feel disappointment for you. Most games at my age I can wait and am not fussed but this game. Man, this game oh my.

      Where on earth did you order from??

    I'll be playing Bloodborne vicariously seeing as I can't justify a PS4 just yet. Non-vicariously I'm halfway through DMC 3 in my DMC marathon so more of that. I'm also nearly done with Megaman 3 in my NES Megamanathon so I'll be mostly playing 4 along with trying to finish off Oreshika.

    Probably start with Episode 3 of Game of Thrones, then a bit of Battlefield Hardline as there's a 2x XP weekend on, then probably some Borderlands if some friends are online

    Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean for GameCube.

    It arrived in the post today, I grabbed a Wave Bird last weekend, I'm all set.

    ... or, I'll capitulate, and buy Bloodborne to see what all the fuss is about, then play it exclusively... or hate it. Who knows?

      I loved Baten Kitos, always wanted to play the prequel but never got around to importing

        Is the voice acting really as bad as I've heard?

        I hope so.

          I play in Japanese so I couldn't say.

    Late to the party I know but XCOM... Finished it for the first time this week and just started a marathon ironman classic difficulty with all second wave mods... There will be a lot of rookie deaths

      Update: just lost Loco, my assault lieutenant after he bravely threw himself into 6 aliens to save my sniper - Stalker

    Um, the headline should be, "How much Bloodborne are you playing this weekend?".

    For me it would be a lot. We're switching D&D to all day Sunday, but I start school holidays so I'll have too much time for Bloodborne.

      Don't worry, Bloodborne, your Bloodborne is all that Bloodborne :-)


        I bloodborned a bloodborne like this on another bloodborne, bloodborne.

    Dragon Age Inquisition, a touch of raiding on Destiny, hopefully I'll get some time on the PC as well and get on with Fallout 3 and maybe Wasteland 2.

    In reality, I'll get half an hour of gaming in for various reasons

      That's a lot of "End Of The World" you got going there, buddy ;-)

        you think I should add Borderlands in on that as well?

    Borderlands and more Borderlands! Maybe a quick GTA heist.


    Got it yesterday. Played a couple of hours. Died 10000 times. I love it!

      Me too! I was up til 2 am last night dying for the billionth time....

      Yeah, me too... But tonight I'm prepared. I upgraded everything already so I'm not too fussed about losing souls. Tonight will be the night I finally reach that third lantern!!!

        I still have to find the first boss, but I've unlocked the shortcut gate from the 2nd lantern so that saves me some headaches.

        I am just loving having a brand new world to explore where I am terrified of what's around the corner, but excited at the same time.

          I assume you guys have slayed that big fat, hooded ogre guy closed off behind the destructible boxes etc.? Or is that the boss? I having a feeling it's not.....

            The one with the axe? I don't think that's a boss. I assume that a boss has a boss life meter on the bottom of the screen and ominous music.

    Bloodborne hasn't arrived yet, so I'll probably polish off my platinum trophy of Beyond Two Souls and then cry for two days. Maybe the new Telltale GoT if I want to push myself into full-blown depression.

    Last edited 27/03/15 11:38 am

    I'll probably do my Limbo single session achievement, then continue with my Wind Waker hero run. Takes a bit to get used to not having health drops but I'm really enjoying it.

    Without a doubt Bloodborne. No work tomorrow and the missus is out until the early hours of the morning.

    Looks like it's going to be a long, infuriating session.

    Dragon Age Inquisition. All I'll be playing for the foreseeable future with the speed I'm playing it at.

      I hear you threre, been playing since mid January and am 72 hours in with a decent chunk left. Might just finish the main quest and dragon hunt later.

    Borderlands 2, time to play as the psycho.

    Bloodborne, Destiny, and Rocksmith. And if I get time, I'd like to sink a bit more into Elite. Need to find a shield genny for my type-6, dammit.

    Last edited 27/03/15 11:57 am

    Getting my FFXIV Legacy 1.0 BLM up to speed with current ARR content continues. Just unlocked CT2 (Syrcus Tower) and will probably farm that for gear and Soldiery to get my gear up. Debating dipping my toes into Guild Wars 2 again because a friend is looking at starting, but not sure if I have the time or the energy.

    Any time not MMOing myself into a stupor will be spent on Elite Dangerous with another friend. Just got my first hauler, and trying to find a system with good courier missions. Most systems seem to either have a vast shortage of them, or none at all. Not interested in combat missions as yet. Just want to play space trucker and get some money and navigation experience up.

    Last edited 27/03/15 11:54 am

    I'll be playing the 'get drunk watching the World Cup final' game followed by the 'should I even bother trying to go to work on Monday?' DLC.

    This isn't really even a question. Bloodborne.

    I'm...a little sick of Bloodborne.

    Hear me out. I wish you well if you a) have it b) will be getting it c) want it but can't, for whatever reason.

    I've played and loved all the Souls games, almost back to back (Dark/Demon's/Dark 2).

    It's like seeing a band or something that only you/a small group know and love hit the big time and all that goes with that.

    I don't see Bloodborne as the sort of game to go through the wringer like this, I just don't. Dark Souls 2, great example. Great game, but only a good Souls game? Or something? Each their own. These games have their own deep dark little secret that's actually been around since twitch-movement games on the NES. YOU are the one who gets improved through practise and repetition and challenging yourself. Not your avatar. It's only as hard as you want it to be.

    Actually, maybe the current gaming landscape doesn't know what to do with these anointed 'killer apps.'

    This week I've seen aggro at reviews, numerous people clearly out of their depth prostituting themselves with clumsy 'WATCH ME DIE IN THIS GAME' posts/tweets/ads, plus general gaming intelligentsia giving their own hot takes on What It All Means.

    I'll suppose I'll play Bloodborne once "Gaming" is done with it and on to the next chew toy. I just don't know when that will be.

      It's moments like this you need Bloodborne. Life's pretty straight without Bloodborne.


      I'm still trying to decipher what it actually is you don't like about Bloodborne, apart from the fact that everyone else likes it.

        Pretty much.

        I think what he is saying is that the special magic of Demon's Souls is lost because people have got Bloodborne on the hype train and think dying alot and finding the game hard is what it is about.
        They are posers trying to be part of the magic missing the special aura that the game actually has when it comes to unstated lore, balance of mechanics and mind set etc.

        Think of how people think they are nerds or hackers now cause they see comic book 'movies' or buy a lot of tech when it means shit and has taken away from us dorks of the 80's and 90's.

          I think if what other people do affects anyone's choice of hobby or past time that much, they really need to reassess their priorities.

            I do agree completely. If everyone just took things at their own and tried to find positives rather than look for negatives the world would truley by a much better place.

      The problem I have with Bloodborne is that it's now taken over from Demon Souls/Dark Souls/Dark Souls 2 as the latest edition in the "zomg I love this game it is the best ever" that is a never-ending stream of praise and general group circlejerk.

      It seems like whenever kotaku thinks "hrm, don't have any articles to write... screw it, let's just publish another dark souls post."

      Basically if you don't like these games you apparently don't like "real games".

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