What The Most-Requested Destiny Changes Might Look Like

What The Most-Requested Destiny Changes Might Look Like

Everyone has a wishlist for changes they'd like to see in Destiny. But at least one group of fans actually took the time to show people what their wishlist would look like in action, and it's neat to watch.

The changes requested here by Micah Bell all make sense. You've got shaders for guns, which would be awesome. You've also got things like killcams, being able to skip cutscenes, better vaults, automatically being asked if you want to use heavy ammo synthesis, being able to automatically dismantle certain gear and more:

I'd particularly love the stuff about factions. I'd be more likely to pick a side if the game kept track of how factions fare against each other in multiplayer. So hopefully we get to see some of these suggestions implemented in the game at some point!


    You know, meaningful customisations (Heck, anything beyond just clothing colour) may have kept me playing for more than a month.

    Why do I get the feeling my wishlist (1. an actual story) isn't going to be patched in?

    That is the game I want to play. That game in the video. With the stuff.

    as if stuff that will actually be "fun" will get added in. I havetn even played my xbox in 2 months, main reason being, only current game i have is destiny, and i dont have enough friends i can do raids with, making the game fairly pointless...no wait...sorry, Bungee corrected me... it means i am not playing the game right.

    I'm really tired of the common comments from people saying "I haven't played this game since a week after launch" or "I stopped playing this game after a week".

    Like, you're here, reading a Destiny article, like you are probably on ALL of the Destiny articles. If you are bothering to comment on a Destiny article at all then you are interested in the game. Just STFU and let those of us who enjoy it to play in peace.

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