What's Your Favourite Chrono Trigger Memory?

What's Your Favourite Chrono Trigger Memory?

Chrono Trigger, a video game about a guy with spiky hair who refuses to talk to any of his friends, officially turns 20 today, because we are all old as hell.

Yep, Chrono Trigger was originally released for the Super Nintendo on March 11, 1995, forever changing the way we look at frogs. To celebrate, share your favourite Chrono Trigger anecdotes and memories below.


    Finally getting an Aussie release on DS

    I would have to say saving the forest and having the chance to save Lucca's mom. it was just such a touching reward for forcing your robot friend (slave) to work for hundreds of years.

      Yeah, this, including the discovery that the apparently too-absorbed and distant father of Lucca had made the name of his wife the system-wide password of his inventions.

    Getting 100% not guilty verdict for the first time :D

    Reforging the Masamune and splitting the rock to Magus' lair, with or without the animated cutscene, both are fine.

    My favorite Chrono Trigger moment...can I just say the whole game? It's a masterpiece and deserves to be in everyones collection!

      is it worth buying the DS version?

        yes, and the PSN, and the PS1, and the SNES and any other version you can find.

          I've had a look an I can't find it in the AU PSN store... or am I just blind?

            i don't know, I am an American living over here and I am still using my U.S. PSN. if it is not on the AU store then I apologize for getting your hopes up :(

            oh on the PSN store it will probably be listed under Final Fantasy Chronicles. it was originaly released as a PS1 2 dis set with FFIV and Chrono Trigger

            Last edited 12/03/15 7:00 pm

              It's all good. Alas, Chronicles isn't there either.

              This thread did remind me that I still have some credit on my US account, so I'll keep an eye out there and wait for a special. Thanks!

    completing a set of these:

    My favorite moment must be laying back in my old parents sofa, closing my eyes and enjoying those soundtracks that survive the test of time and still lives in my mobile... MASTER-BLOODY-PIECE!!!

    I played the snes version of it for the first time a couple of years ago. What a great rpg, it still holds up unbelievably well. Besides the pixel art/music my favorite part is seeing how the world changes over the different timeframes.

    The first time you transition out the world map in 1000AD and you here that 16-bit piano.

    When Pat didn't heal or save after being sent back to the stone age by Magus and got 1 hit by a random encounter.

      oh the sting of not saving in old school RPGs. I was playing FF6 recently and didn't save after escaping the island after the world got destroyed, I just realized this about 50 mins later when a random encounter turned me to stone and forced me to go back. old school rage quit

        I've quit more RPGs out of losing save progress than I have out of boredom or disliking or finishing them.

      When Pat beat Johnny, despite Johnny being so cool.

    * The lemonade mini-game.
    * Finding out it didn't have random encounters.
    * Thinking that you had to save the roundillo being kicked around by the saibamen (imps) near the start of the game and ending up in a fight with all three of them.
    * Hanging out in the End of Time because of the awesome music.

    trying to craft half decent mithril weapons for bowie, slade, sarah, chester, Jaha and the gang. oh thats right, wrong childhood rpg....

      Man, the amount of time spent reloading saves to get the Gisarme for Slade...

        HAHAHA. Yup! (although, i have to say i did use an emulator and roms to do quick loads, made it a little less painful, but only just)
        and also the giant knuckles for sarah as a Master Monk.

    Getting the ending that sends that little kid to fight Magus.

    Getting to Zeal and hearing Corridors of Time for the first time...Mitsuda you son of a b****!

    The best thing about Chrono is having its release share both mine and Douglas Adams birthday.



    I'm not sure if I can even pick one!

    The first appearance of Frog. That bad ass motherfucker speaking Shakespearean, and he turns out to be a FROG WHO CARVES A MOUNTAIN IN HALF.

    Repairing Robo. Oh man, you save this poor robot guy that got beaten to death by his friends. Then he volunteers to stay for 400 years with a seed to grow a fucking forest for you.

    The scene where they all gather on the Epoch and they have that little speech. The whole game you have a sense that the world is fucked, no matter what time period you are in. But here and now you get a feeling that you CAN stop Lavos and fix everything. The first time I played that scene actually made my heart skip it was so amazing.

    Is it only just me but I don't consider Chrono Trigger to be one of the greatest games ever?
    It was a good game, with good graphics, sound and story but I can't recall anything really "memorable".
    Maybe it was because I finished Final Fantasy VI just before I played it?

    The swelling Spanish guitar, as a path of flames lights up an arcane circle, crazy vampire with a scythe appears!

    That jawdropping moment when you realise the story was bold enough to kill its protagonist off.

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