What's Your Favourite World Of Warcraft Moment?

What's Your Favourite World of Warcraft Moment?

Don't say Leroy Jenkins. Personally? The first time I picked up World of Warcraft about six or so years ago, I ended up spending hours with two friends levelling our characters up to 10 in one sitting. We were stuck — addicted to the grind and to seeing what new abilities we could learn and what new weapons we might get. It was possibly the most fun I had with the game, just sharing in new experiences with good friends and excited for future possibilities.

But my story isn't too exciting. Do you have a favourite moment playing World of Warcraft? A near-death experience, maybe, or a lucky drop? Share your memories below.


    Mine is that I have never ever ever gone near it.

    I mean, the Warcraft 2 fan-service they did recently seemed like a direct assault on my nostalgia-lizard-brain (I lurrrved that game) but yeah no thank you.

      Same. One of my mates had it and I watched him play a bit and I thought: "Nah, not for me."

      Looks like I saved probably 10000 hours of my life.

      But why not?

        Hey I'll cop right to it, perhaps a little bit of precious-fan-crybaby-syndrome, maybe?

        "That's not my Warcraft!"

        I never thought of it like that but it probably has a little bit to do with it.

        See also:

        "That's not my Devil May Cry!"

        "That's not my Legend of Zelda!"

        "That's not my Metal Gear Solid!"

        It's different to say, Halo, where things have remained the same thematically, aesthetically and "mechanically" but now even the game's biggest supporters are like "um!" Actually that is like Sonic fans as well.

          Fair enough. I just wasn't sure if was a "I don't like MMOs" thing.

          For those of us who do enjoy MMOs, it's pretty damn good ... even after all these years.

      Welcome to the normal club

        Implying people who play WoW aren't normal?

          Apparently "normal" are people who have consoles. Who'da thunk it. ;-)

        That's a bit rude to those who choose to play WoW, implying they're some how different to those who abstain from playing.

    I haven't played since 2006 but my favourite moment happened the first day I played. I was completely blown away by my first griffon ride, it felt like a roller coaster, I was dodging trees and getting sky high.

    Moonkin dance. Extra fun if done behind another druid's bear form...

    Going through the dark portal when Burning Crusade came out and seeing Hellfire Peninsula for the first time. Loved Outland.

    Honorable mentions: First Ragnaros kill in vanilla and getting Benediction on my priest (also in vanilla)

      You know, this basically sums up my top moments too, I would probably put benediction up top though due to somehow being online at 3am and managing to gathe a group and kite a kazzak kill away from an afterlife farm group and winning the roll on EoS

    vanilla WoW - When Strath was still 10/15 man. Trying like hell to get my tier 0.5 might plate legs from Rivendare and then killing the Aboms and the Cloudkeeper Legplates dropped.
    Rolled a 100 the win and then equipped them suckers. Was my first epic.
    Still remember not being able to breathe properly i was that excited.
    Best part was after getting those we killed Rivendare only to have the tier leg plates drop lol.

    Having never played it, Leroy is the only positive thing I know about it :P

    There are so many.

    The original quest for Pamela Redpath.
    Killing Ragnaros and Onyxia (the first time).
    The Burning Legion invading through the Dark Portal.
    Going through the Dark Portal to see what was going down in Outland.
    Northrend and Icecrown Citadel.
    The current expansion with its revival of legendary characters like Grom Hellscream and the whole Draenor experience is pretty damn awesome as well.

    But likely the best experience is all the friendships I've formed over the years playing the game that continue to this day.

    Most of my memories are from tanking, so my favourite moments tend to revolve around surviving when I shouldn't. Seeing the off-tank fall, getting over to the adds it's meant to be handling, picking them up before they can latch onto the healers or scatter too far, and then making it back to the now free running boss just in time to catch their attack (then survive getting pummeled just long enough for the DPS to shave off the final few percent). Those risky, unreliable things that you couldn't factor in as part of a strategy but coupled with a little luck and skill manage to bail you out of a bad situation.
    Also pretty much anything that made my healers freak out. I had a regular healer assigned to me so he understood my stupidity enough to just go with the dumb stuff I'd do like it was totally normal, but I still managed to catch him off guard from time to time. If you stun a group of adds then quickly curve around just right to put a healer between you and them you can create the illusion that the adds have somehow locked onto the healer instead of you. If the healer is focusing on their health bars and you yell out a warning in voice chat they'll panic when they look over and see a bunch of stuff coming at them.

    I used to love flying up high over enemy players, dismounting, then Heroic Leaping right before I hit the ground to catch them by surprise. Even when they weren't flagged for PvP that would crack me up.

    I loved the Blood Plague. It was the biggest, funniest bug event I have ever experienced and for the time it was around it turned the game on its head. I remember fleeing the major cities and setting up 'camp' with a number of other uninfected players out in the wilderness. We kept watch and fled from any class that could summon pets, since they could carry the plague out of sight.

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      I logged in a couple hours after it all burned out. I remember walking into the Ironforge Auction House, looked at all the skeletons and thought to myself .... "WTF happened here!??!?"

    Probably being a warlock in early BC was an interesting experience for me since the class roles were probably at its strongest than, SoC for Illhoof, Shadowfury on tidewalker, fire resist gear for leotheras and Illidan tanking, affliction for elemental management on Vashj, enslave demon for Maulgar, I just felt so vital.

    Of coarse this was a much argued thing in Wow, people complaining about class stacking and class dependencies, so Bliizzard obviously cut down on this over its future expansions.

    I only played for a couple years but the first time I was ever in the the dwarf city (Ironforge?) and there was a mass invasion by Horde players. Then every Alliance player on the server came across to help. It nearly broke my computer at the time but that was absolute chaos. I leveled up heaps spamming AOE and to this this day I still have no idea what was going on. Fun as hell though.

    Being a fresh nub at the age of 14 and diving into vanilla shortly after it was released. Game was fucking magical back then.

    spending hours getting my wife her warlock mount, only for her to say the next day "i don't feel like playing a warlock any more" and deleting her lvl 40 character. 4 months later she says "I kind of miss my warlock, I think I will play one now."

    Anything with my old late BC/Wrath guild.

    Drunken Kara runs, un-equipped suicide charges at World Bosses, main-tanking Arthas and hearing everyone go nuts in Vent when the vignette took over... the game itself I could always take or leave, but I still miss those crazy people.

    Too many experiences to really distil down to favourites, the game is 10 years old. But the one that does come to mind right now is going through the Marshall Windsor quest line for the first time, and watching him walk through Stormwind to confront Lady Prestor. One of the best quest lines of vanilla.

    Other stand-out moments include the Orkus quest line in the new Hillsbrad Foothills, and The Day Deathwing Came in the Badlands.

    I'll always remember my first battleground, I was so god dam bad it wasn't funny but I was so excited I just remember my heart pumping like crazy.

    but more recently its just been raiding and killing bosses in general, I'm really enjoying myself this expansion.

    WRAITH GATE. Death to the scourge and death to the living!

    Funnily enough - I am the gamer and my partner is not.

    Yet she loves WoW - I enjoy it for what it offers and never even touched the game until this year but feel like haha I have done this all before... 10 Years ago.

    You can feel the age of the background game engine overlayed with what is now in my humble opinion bearable graphics (in the land of Ultra settings it's quite pleasant). To those who say it's lost it's nostalgic I say the skin graphics were so horribly low res it's not until they upgraded some I could even tolerate it and it's because the game is so large and old - If I had the option to play final fantasy 7 again with the same kind of graphics lift I would be forever grateful too.

    I play Hearthstone and Diablo 3 - so it's only due to that i've always had WoW pop up in my face when opening the Battle.net launcher and my partners love for the game that got me to join in.

    - My best experiences have been doing the complete opposite of what most people do and thats Relate the cards from HS to the monsters and heroes of WoW.

    - I feel like the better funner parts of WoW are yet to come as we're only level 50's but I have had so many better mmorpg opening gameplay (all which I ended up with max level chars etc..)

    - Grand Fantasia - Seeing the look alike Chocobo's and even the early dungeons are riddled with fun.
    - Ragnarok Online - Collecting maps full of GrassHoppers to the point where they all turn into 1 messy looking sprite following you around and killing them all at once
    - Ragnarok Online 2 - Just some massively scaled areas that seem to put lots more intricacies then WoW fun and enduring raids but less reliant on others for absolute survival.
    - Secret of the Solstice - Tonnes of Fun had with this game from AoE'ing entire maps of monsters to the 2 different labrynths that give you sheep hats no map and hours of exploring sewers full of deadly mobs - or a quest that gives you Pinocchio's nose
    - Atlantica - Loved the complexity of the battling it brang a definite uniqueness to the game - stand out was it's PvP
    + many more fun times had gaming that I wont go on about today...

    When my Troll Shaman glitched.

    It had this power that let it hit again and it was wielding two weapons.
    We were in Shadow Lab fighting Murmur and I was fairly new to the game.
    Using my friends lvl 70 toon.
    We had him down to about 50% health when I glitched and then the numbers just started rolling like mad the bonus hits didn't stop coming.
    There was just a blur of yellow above my head where the numbers were and within about 30 seconds he was dead.

    I remember everyone laughing so much and asking wtf happened.

    That was the last time I played but it was still an awesome time.

      Windfury proccing off Windfury proccing off Windfury proccing off...

        YES!!!!! It was hilarious. Please tell me you saw that happen before they hotfixed it?

          Saw it multi proc a few times. Heard plenty of stories of it just chain proccing to infinity though. =P

    Breezing through vanilla-tbc content with 40-25 in-real-life friends. Huge LAN parties and usually 2-3 net cafes "captured" by my guild mates. All the experience was epic.

    Cue the mandatory 'I have never played WoW!' or 'I don't play WoW anymore!' contests. Relax Timmy, we already think you're cool.

    I'm an old WoW veteran who's still playing today. Although our guild is struggling with numbers and the game has lost much of it's luster over time, I've made friends through World of Warcraft and fondly remember years gone by when our group was larger, and our raiding achievements were grand.

    But my fondest memory thus far is not one of guild mates or raiding, nor one from the days long past when everything was new. No, the moment I recall most fondly, is one where I was simply levelling one of my many alts through lower level instance. My pandaren monk tanking for a group of random strangers, through the underwater caverns of Blackfathom Deeps.

    It's not uncommon to come across impatient individuals who want easy pulls and quick results. It's also not uncommon to come across the occasional new player, who perhaps doesn't quite understand the game very well, and hasn't mastered the controls or their abilities. I can roll with either, but it's when the two collide that devastation can occur. This run through Blackfathom Deeps was set to see such an occurrence.

    I don't recall the impatient members in our group of five, they are for the most part forgettable. The new player however I recall clearly. A small gnome warlock who didn't speak, didn't type a word, and who seemed to enjoy nothing more than running up to the nearest enemy and pushing buttons in their face. (In my head I suspect this was a very young player, new to gaming in general, but who can tell).

    Now I like to play with a little flare to lighten the mood whenever possible. Adding in the odd piece of advice in character as much as out, and I'm very forgiving of new players who are just trying to have fun. So when this warlock started spamming his long green lines of life drain on every enemy he saw, it was as challenging to tank the waves of enemies with this warlock standing right beside me, as it was to continually praise his bravado.

    While the less tolerant players in our group moaned and complained about this warlock clearly not knowing what to do, as he started hitting creatures with his staff, I did my best to commend his spirit of adventure, and ask that they excuse my little friend's enthusiasm for a life lived on the edge. Clearly this was not some inexperienced player who didn't know how to type a word into chat, this was a mighty gnome warlock, as silent as he was dangerous and deadly!

    Eventually I somehow managed to placate the whining of my less patient companions, and with a competent healer at our side, who was as up to the challenge as I was, we proceeded through the dungeon instance, with a crazy gnome warlock, pulling everything in sight and then some.

    We wiped far less than I expected, and often had to guide our wayward warlock back toward us, yet in the end, I think, even the most frustrated member of our group had a good time.

    For me it was finally getting my flying mount at 70. Even now I still love nothing more than soaring high over the world and discovering places between zones.

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