What's Your Most Memorable Video Game Victory?

What's Your Most Memorable Video Game Victory?

Your whole team's dead. The clock is ticking and the pressure is on. It's up to you to secure the win, and maybe you're even hobbling along on minimal life. Did you make it?

Surely you all have memorable victories or comeback stories. Maybe they were unlikely. Maybe you made it by the skin of your teeth. I've certainly pulled off amazing feats rampaging across Halo matches demolishing the opposition. I've carried teammates through the toughest boss battles in Borderlands and hopped my way successfully across platforms not meant to be crossed after multiple failed attempts.

What's your story? Set us up.

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    Playing a game of HEroes of newerth. Every raxes are gone and enemy mega creep. My team survived the last battle and pushed all the way victory

    First Colossus Kill in Shadow of the Colossus

    I have two really memorable ones.
    First one was recently in CS.

    Tied up 14-14 in a scrim match, last one left alive, CT side dust2, three Ts. Two pushing from short, one from long onto A site. I was hiding behind some boxes with a pistol while they all had rifles and other scary contraptions. I heard them running onto site, so, I popped a flashbang just above me on top of the boxes, sprung out and headshotted all three consecutively to the raucous applause of my teammates. GG.

    Second one was in my early days playing The Old Republic, had only just gotten into raiding. Killed the final boss of Hardmode Karagga's Palace with the Smuggler stun, which so happens to be a kick to the nuts.

    I won the first (non import) super Nintendo in New Zealand.

    KCC fm held a comp for northland high schools, and I won at dargaville high school. A few months later I went to play the other winners at Deka (I think?) In Whangarei. We had one minute to get our best score on super Mario world. I basically did a speed run (that term didn't exist back then) of the first level over and over and won by 7,000 points.

    Got street fighter 2 and super Mario world about six months before any one else (the NZ release got delayed) and made lots of 'friends' that year.

    Uncharted 2 online multiplayer... Elimination... my team mates all died in the final round and i was the last man standing.... grabbed the magnum... killed 3 enemies with it.... saw another one camping behind the barrier... stealth killed him then... magnumed scrathed/melee'd the last enemy FTW!

    Getting the high score on survival mode on TetrisFriends

    Not so much a victory in a game, but a victory over another player. I played in Tekken Tag Tournament competition in the Pitt St Mall Myer centre at the release of the PS2, way back. I won the final, scored a couple of free games from it, but the best thing was that the final was a close match that came down to the final round and both of us on low health. Looked around after the victory and hadn't even noticed that we had drawn a rather large crowd who were cheering, was pretty cool.

    Finishing the original X-Wing when I was 13. That last level trench run was epic and I needed my brother to operate my shields and system power levels while I focused on flying and shooting. We went absolutely bonkers when we finished it. Great memories.

    Beating the gargoyles in original darks souls. I spent days trying, but finally conquered the beasts. I was shaking and cheering from the adrenaline.

    There are two for me.
    One was from Mass Effect 1. The end fight against Saren's ... exoskeleton? .. I guess...
    Anyway ... Not important.
    What happened was... It was on Hard, both my party members had fallen and here I was backing away with a shotgun. My shield depleted, and my health bar blinking at me. It sounds cliche, but the pumping of my heart was furious as I hit that trigger just as he was about to attack me. It was literally, one hit or be killed. At least, that's what it felt like. I was sure that one more hit would have killed me.

    Anyway ... The second one was in Star Wars: Battlefront II.
    My cousin and I were on Naboo, and it got to the point where it was just us two versus 80 Imperial reinforcements.

    I tell you, backed into a corner with a health droid and a pulse rifle each .... it was the greatest battle that galaxy had ever seen!!!!

    Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory ladder match.
    Our mates family owned and operated an Aus Post shop, him and some other mates lived above it as renters. This made for some awesome LAN events... Anyway, one ET ladder match we were down to just our mate left going to defuse the TNT and get us the win - except he was off his head stoned and in the other room.
    Commence chaos.
    Everyone was watching him through his eyes on our monitors via the death cam and screaming, and I mean SCREAMING at him down the hall to defuse the bloody TNT, we're watching away and all we see is jerky sideways movement, pause, another jerky sideways movement then a crazy mouse spin before the TNT is located and he makes it just in time.
    We laughed until we cried.
    So the memorable gaming moment goes to my mate Lucas and his weed. They turned a simple victory into a heart-in-mouth, time slow event that we'll remember forever.

    Playing World of Warcraft many years ago a few of the guild I was in were called upon to help make up numbers to take down some dragon. Some big dragon in the main world, near the Elves forest. (Sorry, this is almost ten years ago now, I cant remember what things were called. I haven't played for about eight years).
    A bunch of guild members from the servers top guild were there, all decked out in full legendary gear, looking impressive.
    About 30 level 60's (the highest level at the time) were waiting around for the last few people to arrive.

    In the mean time this top guild, legendary equipped hunter was doing duels with everyone. Smashing people. Flexing his ego.
    Then he called for a duel with me and, holy shit, my hands started shaking. . .

    A small back story. When I played WoW I only ever played one character, ever. Tauren Hunter. Its the only character and class that appealed to me and its all I was interested in playing.
    My gear at the time was almost all purples and blues. A couple of old greens too. Nothing fantastic. Certainly not on par with Mr Legendary Hunter.
    But I had fine tuned my Hunter so precisely.

    So, then he called for a duel with me and, holy shit, my hands started shaking. . . because Id only dueled a few times before. But, in front of all these server big name players, I knew I could take him.

    Without going into how the duel played out my secret was my choice of bow.
    Hurricane, level 53. Low for a level 60, but heres the trick. It has a relatively low dps, but a speed of 1.6, by far the fastest bow.
    Id put a bunch of stats into agility and crit percentage increases. So even though its low damage, the high speed greatly increases the number of crits.
    Then, at the right time I hit Rapid Fire, increasing my shot speed by a further 40%!

    My bow was firing like a machine gun, his health was being shredded.
    Dont get me wrong, he was hitting me hard and my health was falling fast and it looked like he was going to clean me up, but the instant I hit Rapid Fire I destroyed him.

    He kneeled in front of me in defeat.
    The in game chat was filled with OMG's and WTF's. Id seemingly pulled off the impossible.
    From that very moment my status and reputation in the game changed. I instantly went from small time dungeon raid ring in, to lead hunter/puller in 40 man Molten Core raids.

      Sorry its a bit long, but I did try to cut it back.

    Playing Homeworld Cataclysm many years ago. Left 2 squadrons of super acolytes to defend my mothership (Actually just forgot I had them built...) Got pincered by a imperial destroyer, a couple of frigates and fighters popping up behind my mother ship. Ordered my 2 squadrons to fight while my fleet slowly makes its way back.

    5 minutes later, (after forgetting all about that battle...) turned back to my mothership, saw 2 squadrons limping with a fighter left in each....but the smoldering remains of an imperial fleet and my fighter squadrons all got maxed in their experience. So I sent them back to the mothership for repair and let them rest out the battle in dock (They went through hell and survived, they earned a little break...)

    My most memorable victory had no input from me, except a smile and nod of admiration for the pilots of battle group 0...

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    By the way, I noticed everyone's quoting games from at least several years back....surely someone had something recent.

      Scripted on rails shooters don't really lend much to achievements.

    Beating the heart of the island in Cave Story (back on its first, PC freeware edition. Jumping between the platforms, avoiding a hell of projectiles and ramming attacks while trying to score a few hits, I achieved a state of flow. I literally could see my fingers pressing the right keys in the precise moments without me consciously choosing it. I just started laughing and enjoying the spectacle as I let my body do the work. Never has happened to me with any other game.

    Another achievement that felt incredible was completing that level in Mario Galaxy with disappearing platforms in the shape of an 8-bit Mario.

    Getting 100% completion on Red Dead Redemption - still remains the only game I've done that in...

      Nice. Sometimes I think about that game and get real emotional;

      That scene where it's snowy and it says "Go home to your family", and then Compass starts to play, oof.

    The world is divided between those who have beaten 'Ornstein and Smough' from Dark Souls, and those who haven't [yet] D:

    Not quite along the lines of the given examples, but I would say beating the last songs in Guitar Hero 1 on expert difficulty. I mean, beating Jordan on expert is a much better feat, but I felt something much more when I finally, FINALLY beat Bark At The Moon or Cowboys From Hell.

    Portal; the final chapter. Because of autosave, I basically had less than a minute on the clock in GLaDOS' final chamber with the neurotoxin serving as the countdown. It took me like, an hour to just keep doing it over and over again, but I got my timing perfect and knocked it out of the ballpark.

    I had bought a PS3 and The Orange Box while I was living in a shitty apartment in Toronto; I was depressed and this game lifted me out of it and that ending really was a triumph.

    World of Warcraft, before any expansions - was in a 40 man raid in Blasted Lands wanting to kill the world boss Kazzak who had spawned. At the same time, there was a Horde raid who also intended to kill him - they wiped us during our attempt & then grouped up to begin their own try.

    I was a hunter & managed to get back to my corpse & immediately feign death just outside his agro range while the rest of my raid got back to their corpses. As I saw the Horde group run down into the crater to engage him, I saw my moment & sprinted my hunter in & at the last possible moment I was able to get the first hit on Kazzak the very second before the horde tank had pulled agro. My raid now had first tag & as such the ownership of all loot -- it was indeed a moment I'll remember fondly

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