What's Your Monster Hunter Weapon Of Choice?

What's Your Monster Hunter Weapon Of Choice?

OK, it happened. I'm hooked on Monster Hunter. I've held off diving into the series for years now, but the latest game, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS, has got me. We just added it to our list of The Best Games for 3DS, and it earned its spot. This game is great.

I've been messing around with all the weapons in the game. It's a lot to try to digest, since the weapons are all very different and your weapon choice more or less defines your "class" as you'd know it in any other action-RPG.

Yesterday, Patricia showed me the training videos by Monster Hunter whiz gaijin hunter:

I've got a long way to go, but that video upped my Sword & Shield game substantially. (X+R)XXAAA(Back + Hold A)! I'm gonna dedicate myself to SNS, at least for now.

I know a fair number of our readers are big MH fans, so I thought I'd ask what your weapon(s) of choice might be, and why that's your preference. Gunlance? Charge blade? Insect Glaive? Let's hear it!



      Sometimes i like to hit it with a sword as well
      2 weapons for the price of one

        Y'know, it took me about 2 years to start using the sword part in tri. I just like axes. Didn't even care that I was 'doing it wrong' and took longer.
        I learned ... eventually.

          elitists are the ones who say people play wrong if they dont do something, I just wanna murder large monsters and take their skin

    Charge Blade, its like SNS on steroids, and probably a little OP.

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      Very OP if you can use guard points effectively

        Guard points?

          There are frames during the move set of the charge blade that block attacks. Look it up on google or reddit, there are much better descriptions than I can give as I don't use the CB

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            Sounds too complicated for me, I can barely even remember to use the shield most of the time :P

              It's definitely a very advanced move and probably was initially put in for getting lucky but people have learned to use it as part of their move set. It's pretty cool to watch videos of someone using it effectively, but I guess that's the go for most weapons in MH

    It used to be lance in tri, then long sword and lance in 3U, 4U has been dual blades exclusively

    I haven't played 4 Ultimate, but in MH Tri (the Wii one) my weapon of choice was the Switch Axe.

    In 3U it was Switch Axe, Hammer and Gunlance.

    I had been doing the early quests in 4U with the Insect Glaive, but the bug aspect looked a bit fiddly so I've swapped it for the Charge Blade.

      Yeah I was interested in the insect glaive, but it just seemed overly complicated in the end, and mounting is fairly easy with any of the mobile weapons so it didn't seem worth it

    Haven't played the new one, but Dual Swords was my shit in tri

    I was switch axe/Gun Lance in 3U but I've been using the new Insect Glaive almost exclusively in 4U. But now that I've cleared low-rank, I feel myself wanting my gun lance again. IG is horrendously overpowered when you have 'red juice' extracted from the monster, but if you can't get them to sit still long enough to get it (I'm not great at aiming the kinsect), your damage is below par by a fair bit I feel. It's still more than a viable weapon at HR, it's just... the honeymoon is over :(

    The gun lance on the other hand is as good as it always has been with the added bonus of the buffs to the artillery skill capcom gave in 4U. But switching between gunlance and IG is really jarring. IG is IMO the most mobile weapon in the game. You run around, you dodge roll and you pole vault / pole vault "cancel" (the air-pheromone shot) to get unprecedented mobility. On the other hand, the GL is a tank. Slow crawling death with a super emphasis on slow. No dodge, reasonable block and very poor mobility overall. It's super jarring but I enjoy shelling mobs so that makes up for it.

    Hammer fo' realsies. Used one all the way through MH3U, and kept going on MH4U. So far I've upgraded mine into the heavy bone bludgeon. Infinite combos ahoy!

      I've always wanted to use the hammers, because they are so under used online, but I just can make them work, their play style is the exact opposite of mine it seems

    Great Sword. Positioning and timing is super important, you're slow as molasses with it unsheathed, but the burst damage from a full Level 3 charge combo is amazing. It also makes a great wake up call. And you can block in a pinch too.

    Switch Axe and Long Sword. Loving it.

    Insect Glaive, like a champ. Polevaulting around the place and smacking the hell out of people would my buggy buddy.

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    for me its insect glaive for single player for those easy mounts, and longsword in multiplayer because its my favorite weapon.

    I have also crafted a few sword and shields and dual swords to use if I'm feeling adventurous.

    Used to use long sword in tri/3u, but in 4u I use a bow.

      Do you also have a cool naming thing going on again? :D

      Fairy, Master, Megaton!

    Greatsword mainly. Flinch resistance against small attacks means more time swinging and damage is good. Plus Up-swing is like the Golf swing for the Hammer.

    Once I stopped using the charge blade like a switch axe I started to really enjoy it.

    I am a little on the fence about it all, right now I got four of choice; Charged Blade, Heavy Bow Gun, Hunting Horn and Lance (24/7 mounts).

    I'm just blasting my way through with a Dios Blade at the moment, but i've always been a sucker of doing massive damage with great swords from MH3U, which is continuing in MH4U. Otherwise that switch axe would be exciting to use, or the charge blade.

    I'm still to try them all out.

    So far I feel like the Sword and Shield is a safe choice and may keep a hold of it for a while.
    I'm pretty certain dual blades is going to be my main weapon(s) of choice; just love slashing away building up that demon bar and then unleashing extra damage in demon mode.
    I also quite liked the Insect Glaive for it mobility; it just feels a whole lot different to the above 2 while still feeling like something that suits my play style.

    I hated the greatsword, I just don't like feeling so immobile. And yes I was sheathing it after each swing and re-positioning, but I just don't dig that playstyle.
    I'm a bit on the fence with the longsword; I think I'll try it out a little more to decide.

    I'm yet to try the rest (basically the second page of the training missions). I feel like the charge blade or switch axe might be good, and it might be a good idea to have a ranged weapon (probably bow by the sounds of it) as a back up.

    What is the go though, I'm new to this game; do you generally focus on one weapon, or is it the norm to have 2,3,4+ different weapons to switch out as situation demands it?

    Insect Glaive, vaulting works great offensively and defensively, plus bouncing around everywhere is awesome.

    Heavy Bow Gun. I tend to be the one that's sniping the monsters. But I can do Dual Blades and Long Sword if needed. But my group needs a gunner which is what I'm stuck with... :(

    I've only used Hammer in MH4U. Used everything but HBG and GL in MH3U. I'm going to try out the CB soon as things are getting painful in G2, those critters hit hard!

    Gun lance! But I'm really liking the charge blade as well.

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