“Why Am I Missing An Arm?” Is An Important Question To Answer

“Why Am I Missing An Arm?” Is An Important Question To Answer

It’s even worse when you’re missing an arm, your family’s been slaughtered and your home torn apart. Find out what happens next in our live demo of Drinkbox Studios’ Severed.

In the video below you’ll see our own Evan Narcisse, who managed to catch up with Guacamelee creators Drinkbox at PAX East last weekend to see how their latest title was coming together (sorry) since its announcement last year.

It looks like a wonderfully stylised take on the of first-person dungeon crawlers, which sounds perfect thing to play on the Vita when it arrives this summer.


  • Don’t you need serious medical attention, in order to survive, if your arm is severed?

    Realism in games is so BS these days.

    • Damn I’m glad people like you have no input in these things. Hospital Waiting Room and it’s spin off game Private Health Insurance would be terrible games.

  • Looks really great, but I’m not loving the combat system. Prefer a good ol’ fashioned turn based RPG over repeatedly swiping my Vita screen.

  • I’m still keen on this, I would have loved if the Combat was more like Okami in that you have to draw specific actions to perform various attacks, rather than a flurry of swipes… still, game looks very interesting and Drinkbox have had a good run of late.

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