Why Does Link Cry In Majora's Mask? It's...Pretty Dark

Why Does Link Cry In Majora's Mask? It's...Pretty Dark

OK, so every time Link puts on a mask in Majora's Mask, he makes a kinda screaming sound. If you ever wondered why — maybe he's just really excited! — well, a Nintendo employee has an answer.

Chatting with fans on Miiverse, a Nintendo rep/developer posing as the Happy Mask Shop guy from Majora's Mask says (via @mnemosynekurai) "It's very simple! The boundless sorrow surrounding each mask comes rushing inside the wearer when they put it on, so the urge to scream is quite understandable, really."

Oh. OK.


    Or that his physical form transforms into a completely different species in about 3 seconds.

    But yeah, sorrow.

    Makes sense when you think of the masks as a manifestation of the sorrow/grief/regret that you took away from the original when you healed them, allowing them to move on. Link's gaining the power to transform into another being through an object that's existence is entirely based on negative emotions.
    That said I always thought the process of suddenly transforming from a 13 year old kid into an entirely different species was probably pretty painful too.

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